The Kid Detective

Lists: Comedy, Drama, Mystery

Brief Synopsis: "A once-celebrated kid detective, now 31, continues to solve the same trivial mysteries between hangovers and bouts of self-pity. Until a naive client brings him his first 'adult' case, to find out who brutally murdered her boyfriend."

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People Involved

  • Adam Brody (Abe Applebaum)
  • Sophie Nélisse (Caroline)
  • Tzi Ma (Mr. Chang)
  • Peter MacNeill (Principal Erwin)
  • Maurice Dean Wint (Constable Cleary)
  • Jonathan Whittaker (Mr. Applebaum)
  • Wendy Crewson (Mrs. Applebaum)
  • Sarah Sutherland (Lucy)
  • Kaitlyn Chalmers-Rizzato (Gracie Gulliver)
  • Kaleb Horn (Corey)
  • Brent Skagford (Barkeep)
  • Steve Gagne (Rory Beans)
  • Giovanna Moore (Barmaid)
  • Jesse Noah Gruman (Young Abe)
  • Talyssa Therrien (Tracy)
  • Olivia Williams (Danny)
  • Carter Kowal (Nathan)
  • Griffin Wardle (Jake)
  • Jake Bell-Webster (Striped Shirt)
  • Barbara Rajnovich (Elderly Woman)
  • Alan Catlin (Mr. Hepburn)
  • Kira Gelineau (Gracies Friend)
  • David Rosser (News Anchor)
  • Madalyn Martin (Mindy Martingrove)
  • Bruce McFee (Mr. Ackerman)
  • Deborah Tennant (Widow Gulliver)
  • Avery Esteves (Bobby)
  • Marlaina Andre (Abes Aunt)
  • Kevin Hoffman (Abes Uncle)
  • Isaac Kragten (Billy)
  • Dallas Edwards (Calvin)
  • Marcus Zane (Jace)
  • Oakley Foers (Stoop 2)
  • Gabriel Campoverde (Stoop 3)
  • Wayne St-George (Burly Thug)
  • Tyler Duke (Clive Cunningham)
  • Sharon Crandall (Mrs. Chang)
  • Amanda Westington (Mrs. Miller)
  • Amalia Williamson (Melody)
  • Audrey Dymond (Penelope)
  • Marcia Bennett (Secretary)
  • Tracy Rowland (Calvins Mom)
  • Sophia Webster (Jackie)
  • Alicia Brand (Older Gracie Gulliver)
  • Lian McLean-Smits (Patrick)
  • Bethanie Ho (Vicky (uncredited))
  • Devin Myler (Abes Dealer (uncredited))
  • Vanessa Tignanelli (Hipster Chick (uncredited))
  • Lisa Truong (Lisa (uncredited))
  • magbo system