Swing Time

Lists: Musicals, AFI 100 (2007)

Brief Synopsis: "Lucky is tricked into missing his wedding to Margaret by the other members of Pop's magic and dance act, and has to make $25000 to be allowed to marry her. He and Pop go to New York where they run into Penny, a dancing instructor. She and Lucky form a successful dance partnership, but romance is blighted (till the end of the film at least!) by his old attachment to Margaret and hers for Ricardo, the band leader who won't play for them to dance together."

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David Baruffi97(full review)

People Involved

  • Fred Astaire (John "Lucky" Garnett)
  • Ginger Rogers (Penelope "Penny" Carrol)
  • Victor Moore (Pop Cardetti)
  • Helen Broderick (Mabel Anderson)
  • Eric Blore (Gordon)
  • Betty Furness (Margaret Watson)
  • Georges Metaxa (Ricky Romero)
  • George Stevens (Director)