Joe Dirt

Lists: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Slapstick comedy

Brief Synopsis: "Joe Dirt is a janitor with a mullet hairdo, acid-washed jeans and a dream to find the parents that he lost at the Grand Canyon when he was a belligerent, trailer park-raised eight-year-old. Now, blasting Van Halen in his jacked-up economy car, the irrepressibly optimistic Joe hits the road alone in search of his folks."

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People Involved

  • David Spade (Joe Dirt)
  • Brittany Daniel (Brandy)
  • Dennis Miller (Zander Kelly)
  • Adam Beach (Kicking Wing)
  • Jaime Pressly (Jill)
  • Fred Ward (Joes Dad)
  • Christopher Walken (Clem)
  • Kid Rock (Robby)
  • Erik Per Sullivan (Little Joe Dirt)
  • Caroline Aaron (Joes Mom)
  • Megan Taylor Harvey (Joes Little Sister)
  • John Farley (Security Guard)
  • Tyler Mane (Bondi)
  • Brian Thompson (Buffalo Bob)
  • Rosanna Arquette (Charlene the Gator Farmer)
  • Joe Don Baker (Don, Brandys Dad)
  • Kevin Nealon (Greasy Mechanic)
  • (Director)
  • magbo system