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La La Land20161001(full review) - Chazelle ultimately creates his own anachronistic world that will suck in just about any moviegoer with its unrelenting charm his own "la la land" of sorts that showcases several seasons of life.
Whiplash2014982(full review) - Paying homage to jazz greats like Charlie Parker, Jo Jones, and Buddy Rich. Chazelle pulls out all the stops to create this gripping yet comedic cinematic experience that will reel moviegoers in for the duration of its all too brief runtime.
Inside Llewyn Davis2013973(full review)
Danny Collins2014844(full review) - Danny Collins is a well written, intriguing comedy drama that packs equally comedic and dramatic punches.
Sapphires, The2012844(full review)
Sing Street2016844(full review) - I rarely recall occasions in the movies when I just want to get up and dance. I'm not talking about tapping my feet or bobbing my head. I'm talking about a genuine desire to just get up and move to the groove. Begin Again was one of these occasions nearly two years ago. Now, Sing Street is that movie this year.
Beyond the Lights2014807(full review) - Marked by raw and tender emotion, Beyond the Lights is a touching tale of two lovers who are dancing monkeys caged by their parents and professions alike. Despite offering a fairly predictable narrative, Gina Prince-Bythewood delivers a highly enjoyable film in Beyond the Lights.
Get On Up2014807(full review) - Chadwick Boseman doesn't miss a beat. He walks and talks like James Brown. He effortlessly slides across the dance floor with fancy footwork like James Brown. He's got soul and is superbad like James Brown.
A Late Quartet2012759(full review)
Begin Again2014759(full review) - As a guy in my twenties who has steered away from the subpar music landscape of today, I wholeheartedly believe that the industry has gone to hell. A film for music aficionados, the sugary Begin Again shows us the path to find the new pearls of this endangered art today.
Pitch Perfect2012759(full review)
Pitch Perfect 22015759(full review) - Between the Barden Bellas and Das Sound Machine, it may just be impossible to avoid the blissful melodic harmony this second Pitch Perfect offers time and time again.
All Is by My Side20134313(full review) - Every music legend knows that if you put on a show for your longtime adoring fans, you damn well better play the hits. The same principle applies to musical biopics.
Bodyguard, The19924313(full review)
Ricki and the Flash20154313(full review) - There's only one way I can articulate my thoughts on Ricki and the Flash, and that's by borrowing from Uncle Kracker. Free my soul. I wanna get lost from Ricki's rock and roll. I just wanna drift away.
Jersey Boys20142516(full review)

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