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Title Year Rating Rank Review
12 Years a Slave20131001(full review)
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl20151001(full review) - If Wes Anderson and John Hughes were to have collaborated on a film, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl would have been the wacky, entertaining byproduct of their efforts.
Black Swan2010983(full review)
Birdman2014974(full review) - One has to be very comfortable in their own skin to make a movie that, in a sense, makes a mockery of their life's work. It takes a certain artistic fortitude to do this, especially on the 25th anniversary of the individualís crowning achievement. With this in mind, I've got nothing but respect for Michael Keaton suiting up as Birdman.
Enough Said2013974(full review)
Tree of Life, The2011974(full review)
Way Way Back, The2013974(full review)
Descendants, The2011938(full review)
127 Hours2010889(full review)
Beasts of the Southern Wild2012889(full review)
Belle2014889(full review)
Martha Marcy May Marlene2011889(full review)
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20148413(full review)
Sessions, The20128413(full review)
Dom Hemingway20148015(full review)
Hitchcock20128015(full review)
I Origins20148015(full review) - I Origins is an intelligently crafted sci-fi drama that ultimately embraces my worldview by making the case for the merits of both scientific study and faith in a higher power. It's a fascinating film that taps into the wonders of science and the marvels of the human anatomy.
Ruby Sparks20128015(full review)
The Drop20148015(full review) - It's a damn good movie. More importantly, it's the right swan song for James Gandolfini. Don't get me wrong. His romantic comedy with Julia Louis-Dreyfus Enough Said was phenomenally sweet, but the crime genre is home for Gandolfini. If we've got to say goodbye to this treasured actor for the final time, there's no genre more fitting.
Trance20138015(full review)
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The20117521(full review)
Calvary20147521(full review) - There haven't been too many films that I would consider to be genuinely macabre this year, but Irish drama Calvary fits the bill. Itís a dark, dark whodunit that explores the inner savage within us all.
Shame20117521(full review)
East, The (2013)20137024(full review)
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The20157024(full review) - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is a film that can be characterized by its peaceful setting, its heartfelt narrative, and its impressive collection of veteran British thespians. Fortunately for us, the same can be said of its sugary sequel despite its predictable nature.
Wild20147024(full review) - When I'm out in nature getting some fresh air, great thoughts just come to me. That's why I get Cheryl Strayedís need to get out and smell the roses. I just don't agree with the idea of Strayed walking a thousand miles to clear her head. That's a bit excessive to say the least.
Sound of My Voice201265.627(full review)
Lola Versus20126128(full review)
Stoker20136128(full review)
True Story20154330(full review) - There's an intriguing story to be told about Mike Finkel and Christian Longo here in True Story. In the hands of director Rupert Goold, however, it's just not told.

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