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Brief Synopsis: "Beth Raymer is a beautiful girl with a big heart who leaves her dancing job at a Florida strip club to become a Las Vegas cocktail waitress. Not exactly an ideal career choice, but her borderline-ditzy personality doesn’t give her many options. In walks Dink, a professional sports bettor who sees through her bubbly exterior and offers her a job placing wagers all over town to gain an advantage over the casinos. Her surprisingly impeccable mind for numbers soon cements her status as Dink’s good-luck charm, until his gorgeous-but-frigid wife, Tulip, starts to get jealous. Faced with no other choice but to fire Beth, Dink’s luck runs out when she heads to New York to work for a smarmy bookie, a turn of events that lands her squarely on the wrong side of the law."

Overall Ranking: 2644 (Rank from 2012: # 172)

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Jordan K61
David Baruffi61(full review)
Dave Examines Movies47(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik10 - I can't believe I sat this through. One of the most dreadful films I have seen for a very long time. It is nether funny nor interesting.
(full review)

People Involved

  • Bruce Willis (Dink Heimowitz)
  • Rebecca Hall (Beth Raymer)
  • Frank Grillo (Frankie)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones (Tulip Heimowitz)
  • Joshua Jackson (Jeremy)
  • Vince Vaughn (Rosie)
  • Laura Prepon (Holly)
  • John Carroll Lynch (Dave Greenberg)
  • Corbin Bernsen (Jerry)
  • Stephen Frears (Director)