The People We Hate at the Wedding

Lists: Comedy

Brief Synopsis: "A dysfunctional family that can't seem to get along and get it together reluctantly reunites for a family wedding. As their many skeletons are wrenched from the closet, it turns out to be just what this singular family needs to reconnect."

Overall Ranking: 3121 (Rank from 2022: # 125)

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People Involved

  • Allison Janney (Donna)
  • Ben Platt (Paul)
  • Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Eloise)
  • Kristen Bell (Alice)
  • Adam Godley (Narrator (voice))
  • Isaach De BankolĂ© (Henrique)
  • Andrew Daly (Bill)
  • Brandon Johnston (Elf Photo Clerk)
  • Lexi Janicek (Young Alice)
  • Milakale Kember (Young Eloise)
  • Jaxon Goldenberg (Young Paul)
  • Emma Davies (Helen)
  • Evelyn Mok (Dressing Room Attendant)
  • Jorma Taccone (Jonathan)
  • Judith Amsenga (Lisbet)
  • Karan Soni (Dominic)
  • Jesus Revers Ortiz (Crosby)
  • Greg Barnett (Preston)
  • Randall Park (Russell)
  • Lizzy Caplan (Marissa)
  • Tony Goldwyn (Dr. Goulding)
  • Julian Ovenden (Alcott)
  • Janine Harouni (Young Woman at Airport)
  • Nerissa Bradley (Juliet (Gate Agent))
  • Dustin Milligan (Dennis)
  • John Macmillan (Ollie)
  • Marc Small (Alcotts Driver)
  • Alice Brittain (Charlotte (Concierge))
  • Lawrence Russell (Nicholas (Room Service))
  • Davina Moon (Daniella)
  • Rufus Jones (Tom)
  • Emily Lloyd-Saini (Moffy)
  • Jemima Rooper (Mimzy)
  • Annie McGrath (Bits)
  • Benedict Wolf (Captain)
  • Moray Treadwell (Farmer)
  • Sandra James-Young (Marjory)
  • Mark Kitto (Frederic Destry-Courtenay)
  • Jonny Weldon (Will (Caterer))
  • Lloyd Griffith (PC Fox)
  • Rich Keeble (Rich Setting Candles)
  • Mary Roscoe (Martha)
  • April Rock (Photo Clerk #2)
  • Pedro Minas (Dallas)
  • Suzy Kohane (Queen Lear)
  • Nas Ganev (Club Guy)
  • Omar Alboukharey (Shopper (uncredited))
  • Pierre Bergman (Boat Passenger (uncredited))
  • Doug Berry (Driver Greeting Airport Arrival (uncredited))
  • Louise Susan Burke (Wedding Vicar (uncredited))
  • DArcy Carden (Martha (uncredited))
  • Liam Edwards (Concierge (uncredited))
  • Miriam Engelbert (Tully (uncredited))
  • Lesley Ewen (Barbara (uncredited))
  • Sheila Glass (V (uncredited))
  • Gracella Green (British kid (uncredited))
  • Juliet Guiness (Clown Phobic (uncredited))
  • Mara Huf (Billie (uncredited))
  • Adnan Kundi (Board Meeting Member (uncredited))
  • Philip Labey (Giles (uncredited))
  • Johnny Li Gotti (Boat Passenger (uncredited))
  • Marvin Montoute (Wedding Guest (uncredited))
  • Richa Prakash (Restaurant guest (uncredited))
  • Michelle Thomas (Airport Customs officer (uncredited))
  • Jon Wennington (Taxi driver at Airport (uncredited))
  • Stuart Whelan (Airport passenger (uncredited))
  • Nathan Wiley (Bill (uncredited))
  • Joanna Zwierzynska (Waitress (uncredited))