The Suicide Shop

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Brief Synopsis: "A city where suicide is the only growing business. A shop where you can get everything to cater this urge. In the hand of one family for centuries.. till they get a happy baby. And he has to power to make all around him happy as well."

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People Involved

  • Bernard Alane (Mishima)
  • Isabella Spade (Lucrèce)
  • Kacey Mottet Klein (Alan)
  • Isabelle Giami (Matilyn)
  • Laurent Gendron (Vincent)
  • Pierre-François Martin-Laval (Le joli garçon)
  • Eric Métayer (Le psy / Le SDF)
  • Jacques Mathou (M. Calmel / M. Dead-For-Two)
  • Urbain Cancelier (Le gynécologue / Le neurasthénique)
  • Pascal Parmentier (Loncle Dom / Le prof de gym)
  • Patrice Leconte (Director)