Tropic Thunder

Lists: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Action Comedy, War

Brief Synopsis: "Vietnam veteran "Four Leaf" Tayback's memoir, Tropic Thunder, is being made into a film. Director Damien Cockburn can’t control the cast of prima donnas. Behind schedule and over budget, Cockburn is ordered by a studio executive to get filming back on track, or risk its cancellation. On Tayback's advice, Cockburn drops the actors into the middle of the jungle to film the remaining scenes. Unbeknownst to the actors and production, the group have been dropped in the middle of the Golden Triangle, the home of heroin-producing gangs."

Overall Ranking: 1125 (Rank from 2008: # 20)

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Buttery 22.22%
Regular 66.67%
Half-Popped 11.11%
Stale 0%
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People Involved

  • Ben Stiller (Speedman)
  • Robert Downey Jr. (Kirk Lazarus)
  • Jack Black (Jeff "Fats" Portnoy)
  • Steve Coogan (Damian)
  • Jay Baruchel (Kevin Sandusky)
  • Bill Hader (Rob Slolom)
  • Rachel Avery (Speedmans Assistant)
  • Brandon T. Jackson (Alpa Chino)
  • Nick Nolte (Four Leaf Tayback)
  • Tom Cruise (Les Grossmann)
  • Matthew McConaughey (Rick Peck)
  • Danny McBride (Cody - Vietnam Crew)
  • Ben Stiller (Director)