Easter Bloody Easter

Lists: Comedy, Horror

Brief Synopsis: "A woman must protect her small town from the Jackalope (based on the mythical rabbit-antelope creature of North American folklore) and his army of devilish bunnies as they embark on a murder spree over the Easter weekend."

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MaddWolf George65 - When Easter Bloody Easter stays on its bloody bunny trail, though, it puts together a basket of over-the-top fun. Just be prepared to wade through some patches of grass to find all the treats.
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People Involved

  • Diane Foster (Jeanie Cooper)
  • Kelly Grant (Carol)
  • Allison Lobel (Mary Lou)
  • Zuri Starks (Megan)
  • DAndre Noiré (Lance Cooper)
  • Zach Kanner (Sam)
  • Miles Cooper (Eugene)
  • Gavin Lee (Jim)
  • Jamie B. Cline (Jackalope)
  • Adam Slemon (Mayor Lou)
  • Caitlin Oden (Sally)
  • Faye Viviana (Annie Sue)
  • Jackson Guitterrez (Sheriff)
  • Richard Rivera (Pastor)
  • Ronnie Prouty (Phil)
  • Liana Montemayor (Teenager)
  • Reed Foster (Teenager)
  • Reed Foster (Megan’s Dad)
  • Venice Wong (Carol and Jim’s Kid)
  • Alexander Wong (Carol and Jim’s Kid)
  • Harrison Wong (Carol and Jim’s Kid)
  • Mason Wong (Carol and Jim’s Kid)
  • Nathan Pratt (Easter Bunny)
  • Zach DuFault (Fiddler)
  • Levi Austin Morris (Beatrice Bunny)
  • Bam Hall (1872 Walburg Mayor)
  • Mark Vogel (Zeke)
  • Kayla Robinson (Church Lady)
  • Taryn Leggett (Church Lady)
  • Brenna Larsen (Church Lady)
  • Ariel Barber (Church Lady)
  • Mandie Hittleman (Church Lady)
  • Juno (Ducky)
  • William Morabito (Beau)
  • Dan Lesser (Walburgonian)
  • Emily Carpenter (Walburgonian)
  • Diana Lobel (Walburgonian)
  • Rachel Verbeek (Walburgonian)
  • Heather Shoemaker (Walburgonian)
  • Jacob Hyman (Walburgonian)
  • Anthony Mastrocola (Walburgonian)
  • Emily Browning (Walburgonian)
  • Justin Wotring (Walburgonian)
  • Lena Pham (Walburgonian)
  • Joel Coryell (Walburgonian)
  • Yana Nunn (Egg Hunt Kids)
  • Gregory Nunn Jr. (Egg Hunt Kids)
  • Luke Wotring (Egg Hunt Kids)
  • Emma Wotring (Egg Hunt Kids)
  • Stevie Notes (Carrot Cake Band)
  • Claire Cunningham (Carrot Cake Band)
  • Latavius Mulzac (Carrot Cake Band)