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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Aladdin (1992 Disney)19921001
American History X19981001
Dark Knight, The20081001
Edward Scissorhands19901001
Exorcist, The19731001
Fight Club19991001
Ghost In The Shell19951001
Imposter, The20121001(full review) - It'll surely be in my top 5 this year. Left me speechless, a riveting work from start to finish. One of the best documentaries I've seen.
Interview with the Vampire19941001 - I loved the book and this is an excellent adaptation. If you expect a classic vampire story you will be disappointed though. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are perfect together.
Kiki's Delivery Service19891001
Kill Bill vol 120031001
Lion King, The 19941001
Matrix, The19991001
Ninja Scroll19931001
Princess Mononoke19971001
Shame20111001(full review) - One of my favourite films from last year. Mulligan and Fassbender are terrific together in this controversial and dark drama. It is a must!
Terminator 2: Judgment Day19911001
War Of The Roses19891001
Whisper Of The Heart19951001
An Education20099925
Amour20129826(full review) - One of the most honest, emotional and moving films I've ever seen. A genuine, well-crafted drama that deserved to be a winner in Cannes.
American Beauty19999527
Argo20129527(full review) - I don't think there is anything I didn't like about this political thriller. Smart, engaging, funny and with top-notch performances.
Basic Instinct19929527
Batman (Keaton)19899527 - Childhood favourite. It is not as serious and epic as Nolan's adaptation but it is still great fun to watch.
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm19939527
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 220139527(full review)
Before Midnight20139527(full review)
Before Sunset20049527
Black Swan20109527
Blue Is the Warmest Color20139527(full review)
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan20069527
Dangerous Liaisons (1988)19889527
Django Unchained20129527(full review) - This is what I call badass! Profane, brutal, eccentric and highly entertaining. It's Tarantino's best work for years, an instant classic.
Dumb And Dumber19949527
Erin Brockovich20009527
Fly, The19869527
Gone with the Wind19399527
Goonies, The19859527
Gravity20139527(full review)
Impossible, The20129527(full review) - I am not the crying type but my vision got blurred several times throughout the film. Simple and deeply moving with towering performances.
Invisible War, The20129527(full review)
Killer Joe20119527(full review) - A twisted and gruesome thriller. Some really violent and sick scenes here with a blood-chilling performance by McConaughey. Great stuff!!
Lethal Weapon 319929527
My Neighbor Totoro19889527
Nightmare Before Christmas19939527
No Country for Old Men20079527
Pulp Fiction19949527
Pump Up the Volume19909527
Raid: Redemption, The (Serbuan maut)20119527(full review) - It mops the floor with all the action films i have seen in the recent years. Ultra violent, fast and entertaining with superb soundtrack.
Reservoir Dogs19929527
Romancing the Stone19849527 - One of my favourite adventure movies. Turner and Douglas make an excellent couple.
Rust and Bone20129527(full review) - This film is a work of art. Tender, raw and compelling with top notch leading performances, a real unique romantic drama from France.
Scott Pilgrim vs The World20109527
Shawshank Redemption, The19949527
Silence of the Lambs, The19919527
Sixth Sense, The19999527
Spirited Away20019527
Sunset Blvd19509527
The Omen19769527
Toy Story19959527
Weekend20119527 - Indie gay love story that's far more than the usual clichés. Intelligent dialogues and solid performances. A masterpiece of British cinema.
Zero Dark Thirty20129527(full review) - I didn't expect anything less from Kathryn Bigelow. It's a spot on thriller again that kept me on the edge of my seat. Excellent filmmaking.
Beasts of the Southern Wild20129376(full review) - This is a remarkable indie drama with Quvenzhane Wallis' mesmerising performance. Dreamlike and beautiful, an imaginative little story.
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)19849077
A Separation20119077
A Single Man20099077
Afro Samurai20079077
Animatrix, The20039077
Artist, The20119077
As Good as It Gets19979077
Batman Begins20059077
Batman: Under the Red Hood20109077
Before Sunrise19959077
Big Lebowski, The19989077
Blue Valentine20109077
Brokeback Mountain20059077
Captain Phillips20139077(full review)
Carancho20109077 - Brutal Argentinian drama about a rather dysfunctional relationship blended with car crashes and insurance scams. No pink clouds here.
Chronicle20129077(full review) - Excellent sci-fi/superhero movie not just for fans of found-footage movies about 3 friends with super powers. America's answer for Akira?
Cocktail19889077 - I know it is cheesy as hell but I have been a big fan of this film for over 15 years now. One of my guilty pleasures.
Compliance20129077(full review) - One of the most disturbing thriller/drama I've ever seen. Shocking story based on true events with a fantastic cast. It's a real rarity.
Crazy, Stupid, Love20119077
Cruel Intentions19999077
Dark Knight Rises, The20129077(full review) - An epic and apocalyptic conclusion for the trilogy but Bane and Catwoman get lost in the slightly long build-up for the grand finale.
Die Hard19889077
Dirty Dancing19879077 - It is sexy, romantic and the soundtrack is excellent. A true classic not just for women.
District 920099077
Dreams of a Life20119077 - British documentary about a woman who lay dead in her flat for 3 years before being found. Shocking and moving story about loneliness.
Easy A20109077
End of Watch20129077(full review) - It felt like watching some reality TV show. Peña and Gyllenhaal form the perfect team in this raw, violent and realistic cop drama/action.
Exit Through the Gift Shop20109077
Frankenweenie20129077(full review) - Tim Burton's very best in years. It is wonderfully creepy and funny with its characters and story not to mention the excellent references!
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish - Män som hatar kvinnor)20099077
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief20159077
Gone Girl20149077
Graduate, The19679077
Gran Torino20089077
Great Escape, The19639077
Home Alone19909077
Hunger Games, The20129077 - This fantasy/adventure adaptation is an ultimate entertainment. Exciting, emiotional with Jennifer Lawrence's superb performance.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The20139077(full review)
Hunt, The (2013)20139077
Hurt Locker, The20089077
Idiots and Angels20089077 - A creepy, hand-drawn, silent animation about the fight between good and evil. Dark and stylish for those who want something different.
Il viaggio verso Agartha20119077(full review) - A magical and beautiful tale about grief and love. It is a unique and refreshing take on the idea of the other side.
Inglourious Basterds20099077
Jackie Brown19979077
Kill Bill vol 220049077
Kings Speech, The20109077
Lethal Weapon 219899077
Liberal Arts20129077(full review)
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression20109077
Martha Marcy May Marlene20119077(full review) - Schizophrenic thriller/drama about the difficulties of finding yourself. It is a thrilling debut by Elizabeth Olsen as a lost individual.
Master, The20129077(full review) - Brilliant performances in this thought-provoking, well-directed drama but somehow it didn't reach me. It deserves recognition nonetheless.
Michael (Schleinzer)20119077(full review) - This German drama touches on a delicate matter with great care. Tense and shocking in which the emphasis is not on the dialogues.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19759077
Paranormal Activity20079077
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129077(full review) - What a surprisingly wonderful little film it is. Witty, sad, bitter, sweet, dark and feel-good, it is a delightful watch for everybody.
Revolutionary Road20089077
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The19759077 - A classic/cult movie that everybody should watch.
Shining, The19809077
Short Term 1220139077
Sightseers20129077(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20129077(full review) - Jennifer Lawrence shines again in this heartfelt, funny and strange rom-com. I fell in love with the story and characters immediately.
Skyfall20129077(full review) - Traditional but modern at the same time, it fits to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond. The best 007 film I've seen in a long time.
Sunshine Cleaning20089077
Talented Mr. Ripley19999077
The Tale of Princess Kaguya20139077
There Will Be Blood20079077
To aru hikoushi e no tsuioku20119077(full review) - However not groundbreaking, it is a pleasant love story in Japanese style. A bit of romance and action with important moral messages.
Tomboy20119077(full review) - Beautiful French drama about childhood and sexual identity without being biased or judgemental. Shame that the running time is short.
Toy Story 219999077
Toy Story 320109077
Trollhunter (Trolljegeren)20109077
V for Vendetta20059077
Way Way Back, The20139077(full review)
We Need to Talk About Kevin20119077
What Maisie Knew20139077
White Christmas19549077
Wolf of Wall Street, The20139077
Your Sisters Sister20119077(full review) - Intelligent, witty and mainly improvised comedy/drama that is a delightful and compelling watch for everybody with outstanding performances.
12 Years a Slave201385169
21 Jump Street201285169(full review) - Absolute fun with great jokes and profanities mixed with the right amount of action. So far the best comedy this year.
A Clockwork Orange197185169
Alien 3199285169
American Psycho200085169
American Sniper201485169
August: Osage County201385169
AVENGERS, The201285169(full review) - The ultimate blockbuster! Fast, action-packed, breathtaking CGI and the right amount of humour. Might be silly but it does entertain.
Back to the Future198585169
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1201285169(full review) - Based on Frank Miller's graphic novel it is the darkest and most violent animated Batman film so far. A real treat for all the Batman fans.
Batman: Year One201185169
Behind the Candelabra201385169(full review)
Blair Witch Project, The199985169
Blood: The Last Vampire200085169
Café de Flore201185169(full review) - It is one of those films that you either love or hate. I loved it! A bit hard to follow sometimes but the two stories are powerful together.
Catch Me If You Can200285169
City Of God (Cidade de Deus)200285169
Coyote Ugly200085169
Dallas Buyers Club201385169
Demolition Man199385169
Departed, The200685169
Descendants, The201185169(full review) - Bittersweet family drama set in Hawaii. Shailene Woodley's presence makes it even better to watch, one of the highlights of 2011.
Devil Wears Prada, The200685169
Fantastic Mr. Fox200985169
Fast And The Furious (2001)200185169
From Up On Poppy Hill (Kokuriko-zaka kara)201185169(full review) - The new Studio Ghibli production is aimed at more mature audiences like Whisper of the Heart and such. Harmless and heartfelt family drama.
Fruitvale Station201385169(full review)
Furious 7201585169
Girl Who Played With Fire (Swedish - Flickan som lekte med elden)200985169
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)201185169(full review) - The American remake of the cult classic book is stylish with superb soundtrack and great cast. However I still prefer the Swedish version.
Girl, Interrupted199985169
Grand Budapest Hotel, The201485169
Holy Motors201285169(full review)
How To Train Your Dragon201085169
Howl's Moving Castle200485169
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade198985169
Jewel of the Nile, The198585169 - The sequel to Romancing the Stone might not be as good as the first one but it still has plenty of adventure and laughs.
John Wick201485169
Jurassic Park199385169
Justice League - The Flashpoint Paradox201385169
Kids Are All Right, The201085169
Kill the Messenger201485169
Killing Them Softly201285169(full review) - Filmed in New Orleans, it's a dark, violent crime thriller with a huge amount of black humour and Brad Pitt's superb, stylish performance.
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck201585169
Leon: The Professional199485169
Lethal Weapon198785169
Looper201285169(full review) - It gets a bit slow halfway through but it's a smart, original and creative time-travel sci-fi far from the mainstream action-packed flicks.
Love Actually200385169
Love Is Strange201485169
Man of Steel201385169(full review)
Margaret201185169(full review) - A compelling and affecting drama about guilt, justice and human relationships. Anna Paquin gives a fantastic performance as a shaken teen.
Match Point200585169
Midnight in Paris201185169
Monsieur Lazhar201185169(full review) - Touching tale about losing loved ones and coping with grief from a point of view of a teacher and students. Simply beautiful.
Moonrise Kingdom201285169(full review) - Wes Anderson's comedy is one of the strangest, sweetest and most surreal films I've seen in a long time. Cast and directing are excellent!
Moulin Rouge!200185169
Nowhere Boy200985169
Perfect Blue199785169
Phone Booth200285169
Pretty Woman199085169
Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves199185169
Ruby Sparks201285169(full review)
Secret World of Arrietty, The201085169
Sessions, The201285169(full review) - Based on true events it is an unconventional and uplifting love story with a lot of tenderness, wit, charm and genuine performances.
Shadow Dancer201285169(full review) - It is good to see thrillers sometimes that are more performance driven than action orientated. It is slow and tense with a great script.
Slumdog Millionaire200885169
Sound City201385169(full review)
Star Trek Into Darkness201385169(full review)
Still Alice201485169
Tango & Cash198985169
Terry201185169(full review) - Low-budget, very well-acted drama about being different and the difficulties of teenage life with a surprisingly different approach.
The Imitation Game201485169
The Riot Club201485169
Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time201085169
Un amour de jeunesse201185169(full review) - Poignant French romantic drama about the beauty and sadness of the first love. The story and the performances are convincing and realistic.
Up in the Air200985169
Vampire Hunter D198585169
Vicky Cristina Barcelona200885169
Winters Bone201085169
Wrestler, The200885169
X-Men: Days of Future Past201485169
127 Hours201080262
28 Days Later200280262
500 Days of Summer200980262
A Beautiful Mind200180262
A Hijacking201280262(full review)
A Late Quartet201280262(full review)
A Place at the Table201380262(full review)
A Royal Affair201280262(full review)
About Time201380262
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective199480262
Ain't Them Bodies Saints201380262(full review)
All Is Lost201380262
Amazing Spider-Man, The201280262(full review) - Even though Andrew Garfield is a great Spiderman and the film is very much likeable this "reboot" doesn't bring much new to the franchise.
American Gangster200780262
American Hustle201380262
Arbitrage201280262(full review)
Attack the Block201180262
Batman Returns199280262
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The201180262(full review) - The best British cast together in an uplifting comedy/drama set in India. Despite of its mistakes it is my feel-good film of the year.
Big Eyes201480262
Blue Jasmine201380262
Blue Ruin201480262
Bodyguard, The199280262
Bombay Beach201180262
Bullhead201180262(full review)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes201480262
Deep Blue Sea, The (Rachel Weisz)201180262
Drag Me to Hell200980262
Dredd 3D201280262(full review) - The plot is simply a The Raid rip-off but it is brutal, violent, action - packed and visually stunning action flick, a real eye candy.
Drinking Buddies201380262(full review)
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial198280262
Emergo201180262(full review) - Follows the same formula as Paranormal Activity with a touch of science. Nothing new but the last 20 minutes scared the hell out of me!
Europa Report201380262(full review)
Evil Dead, The (1981)198180262
Ex Machina201580262
Fast Five201180262
Fifth Element, The199780262
Finding Nemo200380262
Five-Year Engagement, The201280262(full review) - Finally a decent rom-com in cinemas even if it is way too long (124 mins). It has good laughs and some romance without the cheesy bits.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall200880262
Forrest Gump199480262
Ginger And Rosa201280262(full review)
Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (Swedish - Luftslottet som sprängdes)200980262
Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006 Anime)200680262
Grave Of The Fireflies (1988 Anime)198880262
Guardians of the Galaxy201480262
Headhunters (Hodejegerne)201180262 - Superb Norwegian thriller based on Jo Nesbo's page turner crime fiction novel. Captivating, entertaining and sophisticated!
Help, The201180262
Hot Fuzz200780262
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The201480262
Ill Manors201280262(full review) - Plan B's terrific directorial debut is a raw and brutal portrayal of the dark side of London in perfect harmony with its soundtrack.
In Darkness201180262 - Oscar nominated Polish drama, based on true events about compassion and bravery, set during World War II. Tense, gripping and moving.
In the House201280262(full review)
Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)197880262
Jeff, Who Lives At Home201180262(full review) - Good hearted and well-acted comedy/drama about family, fate and destiny. The cast is excellent,it is charmingly bittersweet and warm.
Kid with a Bike, The201180262(full review)
Kings of Summer, The201380262
Kon-Tiki201280262(full review)
L.A. Confidential199780262
Lars and the Real Girl200780262
Les Miserables201280262(full review) - Good production and the performances by Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman are truly wonderful but I just felt exhausted by the end of it.
Lincoln201280262(full review)
Little Miss Sunshine200680262
Lore201280262(full review)
Mad Max: Fury Road201580262
Magic Mike201280262(full review) - I couldn't help but smile throughout the stripping scenes in this sexy, funny and highly entertaining summer flick. Boys and girls, go for it!
Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion201180262
Mask, The199480262
Matrix Reloaded, The200380262
Mud201380262(full review)
Never Let Me Go201080262
Paperboy, The201280262(full review)
Place Beyond the Pines, The201380262(full review)
Prestige, The200680262
Prisoners201380262(full review)
Reader, The200880262
Rise of the Guardians201280262(full review) - In a nutshell: Avengers for kids. Not as great and memorable as the Marvel superheros but entertaining, a good Christmas-y animation.
Rise of the Planet of the Apes201180262
Robot and Frank201280262(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed201280262(full review) - Lighthearted indie romantic drama with a bit of sci-fi. Stimulating plot, likeable characters and a good 90 mins are also guaranteed.
Sapphires, The201280262(full review)
Shaun of the Dead200480262
Side Effects (2013)201380262(full review)
Sin City200580262
Skin I Live In, The (La piel que habito)201180262
Star Trek (2009)200980262
Take Shelter201180262
The Babadook201480262
The Normal Heart201480262
The Skeleton Twins201480262
The Suicide Shop201280262(full review)
The Theory of Everything201480262
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy201180262
Une vie de chat201080262 - Charming French crime animation with great jazz tunes. Sadly it is only 70 minutes but highly enjoyable. Well deserved Oscar nomination.
Upstream Color201380262(full review)
V/H/S/2201380262(full review)
World's End, The201380262(full review)
X-Men: First Class201180262
You're Next201180262(full review)
2 Days in New York201275378(full review) - Packed with crazy characters, it handles cultural differences between the French and the American with great humour without platitudes.
2 Days In Paris200775378
50 First Dates200475378
A Dangerous Method201175378
A Most Violent Year201475378
A Perfect World199375378
A Walk Among the Tombstones201475378
Adventures of Tintin, The201175378(full review)
Alice In Wonderland (2010 - Johnny Depp)201075378
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The201475378
Anna Karenina201275378(full review) - It is not the best adaptation of Tolstoj's classic but the theatrical background, costumes and style together makes it worthwhile to watch.
Appropriate Behavior201475378
Bernie201175378(full review)
Brave201275378(full review) - BRAVE (2012) After the disastrous Cars 2 Pixar is back with a very much enjoyable family animation, set in medieval Scotland. Pixar has earned its reputation mainly with the Toy Story trilogy, WALL-E and Up but it is worth mentioning that whatever they have created in the past they always managed to bring quality animations on to the screens not just for children but also for adults. I have always liked their films (apart from Cars and Cars 2) because they are not just beautifully animated but also funny, in some cases emotional and highly entertaining. Now, in 2012, they brought us Brave in which the leading character is a young Scottish princess who is trying to alter her fate by magic but somehow it backfires and it causes trouble for her and her family. The story centers on Merida (Kelly Mcdonald), the daughter of the Scottish king, Fergus, (Billy Connoli) and his wife, Queen Elinor (Emma Thomson). She is not a typical princess who wishes to do nothing but wait for her dream prince to marry her. Instead she spends most of her free time on the back of her horse looking for adventures with her bow the she loves and handles like a pro. There is slight resemblance between her and the heroine of The Hunger Games, Katniss, but I think it is mainly because of the fact that they are both very good at archery. Merida refuses to listen to her mother and learn the etiquette princesses should know, she doesn’t want to get married or be a queen and it creates tension between them. The day of the Highland Games arrives when the first-born sons of the leaders of three Scottish clans are all competing for her hand. In her desperation she seeks The Witch’s (Julie Walters) help to change her destiny but as it always happens things don’t turn out well. One of my main problems with the film is the title. I have never liked films that title is either misleading or doesn’t really reflect the film itself and that is what happened in the case of Brave. Apparently the film was titled The Bear and the Bow previously which I think was more appropriate for the film but for some reason they decided to change it. I suppose they wanted something short and catchy but for me it doesn’t work. I understand the idea behind it, to change your destiny you have to be brave but still… My other problem is the plot itself. It starts very well, we get to know a cool princess who is not the usual blond cutie but an adventurous red-head girl who wants more than that royal blood can afford but half-way through when to story kicks in it turns into a silly story that could have afforded so much more and could have been so much better. I understand that the target audience for this film is mainly children but a bit more real adventure and seriousness would have not hurt. The idea of Queen Elinor turning into a bear due to The Witch’s spell is rather funny but the execution is a bit dull and to be honest nothing much happens apart from the usual awkward situations that we are all accustomed to. Even though the plot is not perfect there some great things that Brave can offer you and make it worthwhile to watch. The animation is breathtaking, vivid colours make the Highland landscapes real, it just made me want to go back to Scotland, hike the mountains and discover the beauty of the country over and over again. I watched it in 3D and this was one of the first times that I felt that it actually added some extra to the visuals. I would also like to highlight the cast who provided the voices of the characters as they managed to handle the Scottish accent very well; it made me smile throughout the film. I am glad they did it; it adds an extra charm to the film. The characters are all loveable and cute, you just adore them while watching and as I said, their presentation might be a bit childish but I loved them regardless. Overall I really did enjoy Brave as it kept me smiling for 100 minutes and even though there are not many lough out loud moments or action in the film it will keep you smiling and entertained which, for me, was more than enough. If you don’t go in hoping for another Up or Toy Story you will come out as a satisfied person who spent a good hour and a half in cinema.
Bunny Game, The201075378 - One of the most disturbing and aberrational films I have ever seen BUT I liked it. However, I Don't think I will watch it again soon.
Captain America: The First Avenger201175378
Captain America: The Winter Soldier201475378
Cars (2006)200675378
Cat Returns, The200275378
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs200975378
Conjuring, The201375378(full review)
Corpse Bride200575378
Despicable Me201075378
Edge of Tomorrow201475378
Elysium201375378(full review)
Enough Said201375378
European Vacation, National Lampoon's198575378
Falling Down199375378
Final Analysis199275378
Final Destination (2000)200075378
Flight201275378(full review) - It's a pleasant drama that builds on Denzel Washington's splendid performance but it's just another story of an alcoholic we've seen before.
Frozen201375378(full review)
Get the Gringo201275378 - Mel Gibson almost never disappoints me. It is not his greatest work but good enough to remind us he is still good in action films.
Green Mile, The199975378
Halloween (1978)197875378
Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, The (2013)201375378
Hugo201175378(full review) - Charming and sentimental about the desire for adventure and magic and more importantly the love of cinema. Engaging fun for everybody.
Human Centipede (First Sequence), The200975378
I Give It A Year201375378(full review)
Ides of March201175378
In a World...201375378
In the Land of Blood and Honey201175378 - A promising debut from Angelina Jolie as a director. Brutal, shocking and controversial.Shame that the love story doesn't get enough space.
Incredibles, The (Pixar)200475378
Iron Man 3201375378(full review)
Italian Job (2003)200375378
Kung Fu Panda200875378
Man in the Iron Mask, The199875378
McFarland USA201575378
Mission: Impossible199675378
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol201175378 - Impressive stunts by Tom Cruise, great gadgets and an action-packed storyline as it should be. The comedy elements however are not for me.
Mission: Impossible II200075378
Mission: Impossible III200675378
My Week with Marilyn201175378 - British biographical drama based on the books by Colin Clark. Great cast with convincing performance by Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.
Nine 1/2 Weeks198675378
North Sea Texas201175378(full review)
Notebook, The200475378
Nymphomaniac: Volume II201375378
Obvious Child201475378
Only Lovers Left Alive201475378
Paranormal Activity 2201075378
Prometheus201275378(full review) - Visually superb sci-fi with noteworthy and creepy performance by Fassbender, however as a comparison to Alien, it isn't enough to be a cult.
Raid 2: Berandal, The201475378
Rock of Ages201275378(full review) - It's camp, dull, cliched and over-the-top but hell, I had a great time. Tom Cruise is awesome but he doesn't get enough screen time sadly.
Sherlock Holmes200975378
Silent House201175378(full review) - Captured in "real time" it's tense and captivating mainly due to Elizabeth Olsen's great performance. Shame the ending spoils it a bit.
Social Network, The201075378
Spider-Man 2200475378
Spring Breakers201375378(full review)
Stoker201375378(full review)
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies200975378
Take This Waltz201175378(full review) - Bizarre and atmospheric indie romantic drama. The vivid colours that are present throughout the film give it an extra sweetness and warmth.
The Fault in Our Stars201475378
The Guest201475378
This Is 40201275378(full review)
This Must Be the Place201175378 - Bittersweet drama/comedy about a goth rocker trying to find himself.Very enjoyable and charming. Sean Penn gives an outstanding performance.
Top Five201475378
Trance201375378(full review)
Turbo201375378(full review)
We Are the Best!201375378
What If201475378
X-Men: The Last Stand200675378
Young Adult201175378(full review) - Bittersweet drama/comedy about a woman trying to find happiness in an old high-school boyfriend. Very likeable but more depressing than funny
2 Fast 2 Furious200370482
22 Jump Street201470482
A Million Ways to Die in the West201470482
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)201370482
Antiviral201270482(full review)
As Above, So Below201470482
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The200770482
Bad Teacher201170482
Bay, The201270482(full review)
Big Fish200370482
Blind Side, The200970482
Book of Eli201070482
Casino Royale200670482
Changeling (2008)200870482
Crow, The199470482
Dark Shadows201270482(full review) - Tim Burton is in good form again with this dark/gothic comedy. Won't be a classic like Edward Scissorhands but better than his recent works.
East, The (2013)201370482
Fast And Furious 6201370482(full review)
Get Shorty199570482
Hangover, The200970482
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York199270482
Horrible Bosses201170482
I Love You Phillip Morris200970482
Jack Reacher201270482(full review) - Old-school thriller with Tom Cruise's convincing performance as a kick-ass anti-hero. It is not thrilling or action packed but still fun!
Jack The Giant Slayer201370482(full review)
Justice League: War201470482
Keep the Lights On201270482(full review)
Last Action Hero199370482
Last Samurai, The200370482
Last Stand, The201370482(full review)
Lethal Weapon 4199870482
Life of Pi201270482(full review) - Visually it is absolutely stunning with its vivid colours and superb CGI creations but somehow the story didn't really touch me.
Monsters University201370482(full review)
Olympus Has Fallen201370482(full review)
Paper Planes201570482
Pitch Perfect201270482(full review) - It's not the most original film i've ever seen but the cast is wicked, the songs are catchy and it is very very funny. A pleasant surprise.
Pitch Perfect 2201570482
Room 237201370482(full review)
Shakespeare in Love199870482
Sleepwalk With Me201270482(full review)
Smashed201270482(full review)
St. Vincent201470482
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi 198370482
Ted201270482(full review) - It insults and takes the piss out of everybody and everything very funnily but the love sub-plot spoils it as it's cheesy and predictable.
The Congress201370482
The Judge201470482
They Came Together201470482
Under the Skin201470482
Untouchables, The198770482
Upside Down201270482(full review) - The story sucks but the visuals will blow you away.
We Are What We Are201370482
We're The Millers201370482(full review)
Wolverine, The201370482(full review)
Z for Zachariah201570482
48 Hours198265547
A Brilliant Young Mind201565547
Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls199565547
Age of Adaline, The201565547
Babycall201165547 - Norwegian psycho-thriller in which nothing what it seems. Solid performance by Noomi Rapace and interesting twist at the end. Recommended!
Bank Job, The200865547
Batman & Mr. Freeze: SubZero199865547
Book Thief, The201365547
Butler, The (2013 F Whitaker by Lee Daniels)201365547
Butter201165547(full review) - A lot of missed opportunities for more raunchiness and sick jokes but overall I quite enjoyed it, there are a few good laughs here.
Byzantium201265547(full review)
Celeste And Jesse Forever201265547(full review)
Croods, The201365547(full review)
Date Night201065547
Dictator, The201265547(full review) - He is rude, outrageous and politically incorrect as we like him. There're a few laugh out loud moments but Borat and Bruno are still better.
Door, The201265547(full review) - Decent adaptation of Magda Szabó's character drama with a great cast but it fails to deliver the depth of the book onto the screen.
Epic201365547(full review)
Gone In 60 Seconds200065547
Goon201165547 - Rather enjoyable comedy based on true events. Super violent, vulgar and quite funny at the same time.
Grey, The201165547 - Plane crash survivors' fight for life against wolves in the Alaskan wild. Only Liam Neeson can get away with this avarage thriller/action.
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)201265547(full review) - It is not as painful as I expected it to be. It is still very long and nothing much happens but visually it is jaw-dropping. Watchable!
How to Train Your Dragon 2201465547
Hunter, The201165547(full review) - Eerie Australian drama with a mesmerising performance by Dafoe and breathtaking Tasmanian landscapes but the sub-plot is totally needless.
I, Robot200465547
Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus201065547
Inside Llewyn Davis201365547
Intouchables201165547(full review)
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit201465547
Jackpot - Arme Riddere201165547(full review) - Easy on the brain Norwegian thriller/comedy. The thriller part doesn't really work but as a black comedy it is very much enjoyable.
Lawless201265547(full review) - It lacks real tension and drama but the great performances, style, production and gruesome scenes make this film rather enjoyable.
Legally Blonde200165547
Lovelace201365547(full review)
Man On A Ledge201265547(full review) - Apart from Sam Worthington's rather annoying presence it is a surprisingly satisfying action/thriller with a few thrilling moments.
Maniac201365547(full review)
Meet Joe Black199865547
Over the Top198765547
Safe201265547(full review) - In a nutshell: Everybody gets killed by Statham. It's violent, brainless but enjoyable. Only Statham can get away with this action/thriller.
Saving Mr. Banks201365547
Sex Tape201465547
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For201465547
Spider-Man 3200765547
Star Wars I: Phantom Menace 199965547
Star Wars IV: A New Hope197765547
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back198065547
Super 8201165547
The English Teacher201365547(full review)
The Purge: Anarchy201465547
Tiger Eyes201365547(full review)
Time Traveler's Wife200965547
V/H/S: Viral201465547
Veronica Mars201465547
Wanderlust201265547 - Very enjoyable comedy about looking for something different in life. Not the greatest fun on Earth but keeps you entertained on a Sunday eve.
We Bought a Zoo201165547 - It is a feel good family drama. Might be corny and clichéd but it is still a very enjoyable and likeable entertainment.
Woman in Black, The201265547
Wreck-It Ralph201265547(full review)
10 Things I Hate About You199960613
10 Years201160613
47 Ronin201360613
Adore201360613(full review)
American Pie199960613
At Any Price201260613(full review)
Bling Ring, The201360613(full review)
Bourne Legacy, The201260613(full review) - Jeremy Renner was an excellent choice to restart the series. Even though it isn't as great as the previous ones it is a decent action flick
Bram Stoker's Dracula199260613
Camp X-Ray201460613
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2201360613
Company You Keep, The201360613(full review)
Danny Collins201460613
Don Jon201360613(full review)
Earth to Echo201460613
Final Destination 5201160613
Frances Ha201360613
Great Gatsby, The (2013)201360613(full review)
Heat, The201360613(full review)
I Declare War201360613(full review)
jOBS201360613(full review)
Labor Day201460613
LEGO Movie, The201460613
Magic in the Moonlight201460613
Matrix Revolutions, The200360613
Mummy, The199960613
My Old Lady201460613
My Stepmother is an Alien198860613
Now You See Me201360613(full review)
Oldboy (2013 Spike Lee)201360613
Only God Forgives201360613(full review)
Out of the Furnace201360613
Out of the Furnace201360613
Paranormal Activity 3201160613
Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief201060613
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters201360613(full review)
Project Almanac201560613
Real Steel201160613
Reluctant Fundamentalist, The201360613
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The201360613
Snitch201360613(full review)
Song For Marion201360613(full review)
Stand Up Guys201360613(full review)
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones200260613
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith 200560613
Sucker Punch201160613
The Hundred-Foot Journey201460613
The Voices201560613
This Is Where I Leave You201460613
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft: (2001)200160613
Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, Lara Croft (2003)200360613
TRON: Legacy201060613
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The201260613(full review) - They managed to turn a dire book in which nothing happens into a film that is actually enjoyable.The best Twilight film since the first one.
V/H/S201260613(full review) - Basically five sick and freaky short films put together in one in found footage style. Pointless but pretty decent watch.
White House Down201360613(full review)
Alex of Venice201455672
Angels And Demons200955672
Before I Go To Sleep201455672
Cabin in the Woods, The201155672(full review) - I like the idea and the concept, it has a lot of potential. However the ending is a bit over the top for my taste.
Carrie (2013)201355672
Ender's Game201355672 - A dumbed-down adaptation of a brilliant book. Read the book and skip the movie.
Hitchcock201255672(full review)
Hyde Park On Hudson201255672(full review)
I Am Legend200755672
Insidious Chapter 3201555672
Into the Storm201455672
Jersey Boys201455672
Kick-Ass 2201355672(full review)
ParaNorman201255672(full review)
Promised Land201255672(full review)
Purge, The201355672(full review)
Run All Night201555672
Sinister201255672(full review) - It is not the best horror film I've ever seen but Ethan Hawk's solid performance and the creepy story make this film rather sick.
Thanks for Sharing201355672
That Awkward Moment201455672
The Interview201455672
The Rewrite201455672
Total Recall (2012)201255672(full review) - Visually attractive with some cool action sequences but at the end of the day it is just another unnecessary remake without new ideas.
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The201155672
Warm Bodies201355672(full review)
World War Z201355672(full review)
2 Guns201350700
A.I. Artificial Intelligence200150700
Admission201350700(full review)
Alien Resurrection199750700
All Star Superman201150700
Bachelorette201250700(full review) - It is fairly entertaining to watch this new rom-com but there is one problem with it: I've seen it all before in Bridesmaids and Bride Wars.
Beaver, The201150700
Big Miracle201250700(full review) - Based on true events, this family drama about saving whales is easy on the brain, sentimental and simple. Typical Sunday afternoon film.
Call, The201350700(full review)
Cloud Atlas201250700(full review) - Halfway through I stopped really caring about the story. It is long and a bit messy but if you don't take it seriously you might enjoy it.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The200850700
Damsels in Distress201150700(full review) - It's very bizarre and dreamy with sophisticated jokes and dialogues but somehow it doesn't come together and seems aimless as a whole for me.
Deliver Us from Evil201450700
Despicable Me 2201350700(full review)
Escape from Planet Earth201350700(full review)
Evil Dead (2013)201350700(full review)
Fast And Furious200950700
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The200650700
Good Day To Die Hard, A201350700(full review)
Hope Springs201250700(full review)
Host, The201350700(full review)
Hot Tub Time Machine201050700
Hotel Transylvania201250700(full review)
Iceman, The201250700(full review)
Illusionist, The (2006)200650700
In Time201150700
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The201350700(full review)
Iron Sky201250700(full review) - It has potential and made me smile a few times but it is just a typical strained parody. It should have been a straight to DVD film.
Jupiter Ascending201550700
Last Vegas201350700
Life After Beth201450700
Lorax, The201250700(full review) - A colourful attempt to try and teach kids that nature is important. Unfortunately it lacks humour and it feels a bit too patronising.
Love is All You Need201250700(full review)
Maps to the Stars201450700
Mr And Mrs Smith200550700
Oblivion201350700(full review)
On the Road201250700(full review) - They missed the whole point of Kerouac's book. Where is the jazz, where is the craziness, where is the chaos? Well..they remain in the book.
Other Boleyn Girl200850700
Oz: The Great and Powerful201350700(full review)
Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The201550700
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World201250700(full review) - Predictable and silly but I had a great time while watching it. If you are looking for an easy film that keeps you busy it is a good pick.
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse201050700 - It focuses on the story of Super Girl that I did't find interesting at all as I expected another cool Batman/Superman story.
Terminator Genisys201550700
The Boxtrolls201450700
The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart201450700
The Inbetweeners 2201450700
The Other Woman201450700
This Is The End201350700(full review)
Transformers: Age of Extinction201450700
X-Men Origins: Wolverine200950700
Batman Forever199545762
Bel Ami201245762(full review)
Big Game201445762
Breathe In201345762(full review)
Eagle Eye200845762
Friends with Benefits201145762
G.I. Joe: Retaliation201345762(full review)
Gone201245762(full review) - It doesn't contribute anything new to the genre and the ending is slightly rushed and simple. It is not terribly bad but lacks freshness.
Grassroots201245762(full review)
Grudge, The (2004)200445762
Haywire201145762(full review) - Slow paced with mediocre action scenes and big names wasted. Gina Carano is not the next Angelina Jolie as some claimed.
House at the End of the Street201245762(full review) - Mediocre thriller with nothing innovative and a lame title. Luckily it has Ms Lawrence but I hope she won't go down this way in the future.
Lifeguard, The201345762(full review)
Lords of Salem, The201345762(full review)
Man with the Iron Fists, The201245762(full review)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman201445762
Pacific Rim201345762(full review)
Pain And Gain201345762(full review)
Parker201345762(full review)
Quartet201245762(full review)
RED 2201345762(full review)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)201445762
The Maze Runner201445762
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The200945762
Broken City201340789(full review)
Clash of the Titans (2010)201040789
Deadfall201240789(full review)
Dumb and Dumber To201440789
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer200740789
Fifty Shades of Grey201540789
Gangster Squad201340789(full review) - A glittering and pointless "kill 'em all" action film that is only saved from sinking into nothingness by its excellent cast.
Horrible Bosses 2201440789
Incredible Hulk, The (Edward Norton)200840789
Into the Woods201440789
Lovely Bones, The200940789
Machete Kills201340789(full review)
Mama201340789(full review)
No One Lives201340789(full review)
Pact, The201240789(full review) - Another haunted house,another mystery to solve and another bland suspense thriller. It isn't terribly bad but seriously lacks originality.
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones201440789
Planes201340789(full review)
Project X201240789(full review) - I think I am too old for this flick. Silly, over the top and nothing really happens up until the last 20 minutes. Another good idea wasted!
Tekken: Blood Vengeance201140789(full review) - I would have stopped watching it halfway through if the animation and the fight scenes weren't breathtaking. Such disappointment.
This Means War201240789(full review) - Bride Wars and Day and Knight mixed together in one film. Absurd, silly and cliched but not worse than similar movies, it is watchable.
To Rome with Love201240789
War Horse201140789
Welcome to the Punch201340789 -
Wish You Were Here201240789(full review)
360201135814(full review) - There is a great idea somewhere behind this film but it's just a collection of underdeveloped stories with the subject of sex as connection.
Chernobyl Diaries201235814(full review)
Dead Man Down201335814(full review)
Hangover Part II, The201135814
Lovely Molly201135814(full review) - I expected more from the creator of The Blair Witch Project. The story is lame, more boring than scary however Gretchen Lodge shines in it.
Man of Tai Chi201335814
No Strings Attached201135814
Redemption201335814(full review)
Rum Diary, The201135814
Safe Haven201335814(full review)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon201135814
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The201035814
3 Days to Kill201430828
Accidental Love201530828
After Earth201330828(full review)
American Pie 2200130828
Big Wedding, The201330828(full review)
Boy Next Door, The201530828
Canyons, The201330828(full review)
Dark Skies201330828(full review)
Family, The201330828
Fantastic Four200530828
Girl Most Likely201330828
Guilt Trip, The201230828(full review)
Hansel and Gregel: Witch Hunters201330828(full review)
How I Live Now201330828
Identity Thief201330828(full review)
Lady in the Water200630828
Lost River201530828
Piggy201230828(full review) - After a promising start it turns into a predictable, boring thriller. For me it is nothing more than a very poor Fight Club rip off.
Syrup201330828(full review)
The Lazarus Effect201530828
Touchy Feely201330828(full review)
Tree of Life, The201130828
21 and Over201325850(full review)
A Perfect Man201325850
ABCs of Death, The201225850(full review)
As Cool as I Am201325850
Battle: Los Angeles201125850
Campaign, The201225850(full review) - It is one of those satires that tries hard to take the piss out of everything and ends up being ridiculous, tiring and boring. Skip it!
Free Birds201325850(full review)
God Bless America201125850(full review) - It starts as a funny black comedy on American mainstream culture but turns into a boring road movie with long,self-indulgent monologues.
I Am Number Four201125850
Insidious Chapter 2201325850(full review)
Internship, The201325850(full review)
Mummy Returns, The200125850
Night At The Museum200625850
Paranormal Activity 4201225850(full review) - The formula is the same as it was in the last 3 films. It has a few moderately scary moments but overall it's poor. Please no more of this.
Parental Guidance201225850(full review)
Pineapple Express200825850
Playing For Keeps201225850(full review)
Red Tails201225850(full review) - The awesome air fighting scenes get lost in an unnecessary love story and long cliched situations. It could have been so much better.
Runner Runner201325850
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen201125850(full review) - Silly and predictable drama/comedy. It is more annoying than funny, a great cast is wasted on this just about tolerable production.
Seven Psychopaths201225850(full review) - There are plenty of great ideas in this film that would be enough for six more. Together in one: it is a dull mess that doesn't work at all.
Taken 3201525850
Terminator: Salvation200925850
To Do List, The201325850
Tourist, The201025850
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen200925850
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps201025850
Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, The201525850
Basic Instinct 2200620883
Dinner for Schmucks201020883
Freddy vs. Jason200320883
Ghost Rider200720883
Hangover Part III, The201320883(full review)
Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, The201320883
Odd Life of Timothy Green, The201220883(full review)
R.I.P.D.201320883(full review)
Taken 2201220883(full review) - I'm a fan of Taken but this pathetic sequel is no more than a great letdown with an unexciting car chase and some shooting around.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines200320883
To the Wonder201320883(full review)
Alien vs Predator200415895
Apparition, The201215895(full review)
Beautiful Creatures (2013)201315895(full review)
Cosmopolis201215895(full review) - Stylish and surreal with a generally solid performance by Pattinson but overall it is just a long mental masturbation for me.
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close201115895
Last Exorcism Part II, The201315895(full review)
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels199815895
Red Dawn (2012)201215895(full review)
Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow200415895
Vow, The201215895 - Based on true events this romantic drama lacks the necessary emotional impact mainly because of bad acting. Easily forgettable.
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies201210906(full review) - The latest mockbuster from The Asylum is cheap, gory and ridiculous as usual but sadly not as entertaining as some of their previous films.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter201210906(full review) - An expensive visual mess with distracting slow-motion effects, topped with an outrageously underdeveloped script. What a disappointment!
American Reunion201210906 - Sitting through the same jokes without acceptable plot for the 4th time is weary. This film is as unnecessary as the rest were before.
Batman And Robin199710906 - The worst Batman movie ever made. Aweful screenplay, dire directing and George Clooney is the most disappointing Batman ever.
Battleship201210906 - Even though Transformers was bad the amazing CGI was worth paying for. This one doesn't even look good...
Devil Inside, The201210906 - Another pathetic attempt to create something at least remotely as good as The Exorcist. It didn't happen again after 39 years. Forget it!
Intruders201110906(full review) - This thriller is a total mess as well as boring. Halfway through you will stop caring about everything and will want it to be over.
Lay The Favorite201210906(full review) - I can't believe I sat this through. One of the most dreadful films I have seen for a very long time. It is nether funny nor interesting.
Lucky One, The201210906 - The cheesiest romantic drama I have seen in a long time. Everything in this film has been seen hundreds of times before.
Mirror Mirror201210906(full review) - Probably Julia Roberts is the only thing that saves this film from being totally unwatchable. It is neither funny nor charming.
Movie 43201310906(full review)
Night At The Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian200910906
Tower Heist201110906 - It lacks everything that is required for a good comedy/action film: humour, excitement and good script. Simply boring!
Valentine's Day201010906
Watch, The (2012)201210906(full review) - It is worse than I thought, Vaughn and Stiller are as bad as ever. Overused and lifeless jokes with with a lazy and dull plot. Terrible!
Babymakers, The20125922(full review) - If I see anything worse this year I'll be shocked. It's stupid, boring and fails to entertain on every single level. Skip it!
Bride Wars20095922
Friends with Kids20125922(full review) - Insultingly predictable, dull, unreal, cliched flick that should have never been made.The worst rom-com I haven seen in years.
Haunted House, A20135922(full review)
Piranha DD (2012)20125922(full review) - This is what i call 3D trash. This horror/comedy is neither funny nor scary, way beyond bad. I cannot believe it got financed.
Scary Movie 520134927(full review)

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