Matrix Revolutions, The

Lists: Sci-Fi, Action, Artificial intelligence

Brief Synopsis: "The human city of Zion defends itself against the massive invasion of the machines as Neo fights to end the war at another front while also opposing the rogue Agent Smith."

Overall Ranking: 1342 (Rank from 2003: # 21)

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Buttery 25%
Regular 25%
Half-Popped 50%
Stale 0%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Sober Film Critic James Brown97(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest83Scary: 2
Rewatch: 6
CinemaVisitor Erik60
David Baruffi52

People Involved

  • Keanu Reeves (Neo)
  • Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus)
  • Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity)
  • Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith)
  • Mary Alice (Oracle)
  • Helmut Bakaitis (The Architect)
  • Lambert Wilson (The Merovingian)
  • Roy Jones Jr. (Captain Ballard)
  • Randall Duk Kim (The Keymaker)
  • Harry Lennix (Commander Lock)
  • Matt McColm (Agent Thompson)
  • Harold Perrineau (Link)
  • Jada Pinkett Smith (Niobe)
  • Gina Torres (Cas)
  • Collin Chou (Seraph)
  • Cornel West (Councillor West)
  • Nona Gaye (Zee)
  • Monica Bellucci (Persephone)
  • Andy Wachowski (Director)

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