Ill Manors

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Brief Synopsis: "Ensemble film revolving around characters living in Forest Gate, London. Over the course of a few days, six inter-linking stories explore issues of drug use, prostitution and urban poverty."

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CinemaVisitor Erik80 - Plan B's terrific directorial debut is a raw and brutal portrayal of the dark side of London in perfect harmony with its soundtrack.
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Comedy: 0
Sex Appeal: 1
Scary: 0
Rewatch: 7

People Involved

  • Riz Ahmed (Aaron)
  • Ed Skrein (Ed)
  • Natalie Press (Katya)
  • Anouska Mond (Michelle)
  • Lee Allen (Chris)
  • Mem Ferda (Vladimir)
  • Dannielle Brent (Jo)
  • Martin Serene (Wild Bill)
  • Jo Hartley (Carol)
  • Nick Sagar (Marcel)
  • Neil Large (Terry)
  • Tom Bacon (Policeman)
  • Chris Wilson (Police Dog Handler)
  • Mohan Randhawa (Coke Buyer)
  • Karina Diglyte (Brothel girl)
  • Ben Drew (Director)