Batman Forever

Lists: Action, DC Comics

Brief Synopsis: "The Dark Knight of Gotham City confronts a dastardly duo: Two-Face and the Riddler. Formerly District Attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face believes Batman caused the courtroom accident which left him disfigured on one side. And Edward Nygma, computer-genius and former employee of millionaire Bruce Wayne, is out to get the philanthropist; as The Riddler. Former circus acrobat Dick Grayson, his family killed by Two-Face, becomes Wayne's ward and Batman's new partner Robin."

Overall Ranking: 2784 (Rank from 1995: # 32)

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Buttery 9.09%
Regular 18.18%
Half-Popped 63.64%
Stale 9.09%
Burnt 0%


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  • Reviewer Rating Review
    Today I Watched A Movie85(full review)
    Dave Examines Movies77(full review)
    Jordan K70
    Wayne of Man I Love Films61(full review)
    Sober Film Critic James Brown61(full review)
    Rob from GuysFilmQuest60
    Hypersonic55 Curt60(full review)
    Thomas Pollock50
    CinemaVisitor Erik45
    J Patterson40
    Steve Habrat35 - It overwhelms you with eye candy in the hopes that you don't notice the horrible plot. The scary part is that it almost succeeds.
    (full review)

    People Involved

  • Val Kilmer (Batman)
  • Jim Carrey (Riddler/Edward Nygma)
  • Nicole Kidman (Dr. Chase Meridian)
  • Tommy Lee Jones (Two-Face/Harvey Dent)
  • Chris ODonnell (Robin/Dick Grayson)
  • Michael Gough (Alfred Pennyworth)
  • Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon)
  • Drew Barrymore (Sugar)
  • Debi Mazar (Spice)
  • Elizabeth Sanders (Gossip Gerty)
  • Rene Auberjonois (Dr. Burton)
  • Joe Grifasi (Bank Guard)
  • Philip Moon (Male Newscaster)
  • Jessica Tuck (Female Newscaster)
  • Dennis Paladino (Crime Boss Moroni)
  • Joel Schumacher (Director)