Spirited Away

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Brief Synopsis: "Spirited Away is an Oscar winning Japanese animated film about a ten year old girl who wanders away from her parents along a path that leads to a world ruled by strange and unusual monster-like animals. Her parents have been changed into pigs along with others inside a bathhouse full of these creatures. Will she ever see the world how it once was?"

Overall Ranking: 87 (Rank from 2001: # 2)

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Buttery 88.89%
Regular 0%
Half-Popped 11.11%
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People Involved

  • Rumi Hîragi (Chihiro)
  • Miyu Irino (Haku)
  • Mari Natsuki (Yubaba)
  • Takashi Naitô (Chihiros Father)
  • Yasuko Sawaguchi (Chihiros Mother)
  • Tatsuya Gashûin (Aogaeru)
  • Yumi Tamai (Lin)
  • Yô Ôizumi (Bandai-gaeru)
  • Koba Hayashi (Kawa no Kami)
  • Tsunehiko Kamijô (Chichiyaku)
  • Takehiko Ono (Aniyaku)
  • Bunta Sugawara (Kamajî)
  • Ryûnosuke Kamiki (Bôh)
  • Hayao Miyazaki (Director)