Trollhunter (Trolljegeren)

Lists: Sci-Fi, Adventure

Brief Synopsis: "A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter."

Overall Ranking: 1195 (Rank from 2010: # 39)

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Ratings Breakdown
(The Mixed Bag)

Buttery 23.53%
Regular 58.82%
Half-Popped 11.76%
Stale 5.88%
Burnt 0%


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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Darren of Movie Reviews 10193(full review)
CinemaVisitor Erik90
Tom Parry85(full review)
Rob from GuysFilmQuest84Comedy: 2
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 4
Rewatch: 7
BTS Brian80
Tim The Film Guy80(full review)
Colin Flanagan80 - An almost ignored found footage film that has great fantasy and adds to the mythology.
Comedy: 1
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 7
GuiltyFilm Scott W80(full review)
GuiltyFilm Mark M80(full review)
Dan Fogarty - Fogs Movie Reviews78(full review)
Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick75(full review)Comedy: 4
Sex Appeal: 0
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 6
GuiltyFilm Andrew N75(full review)
David Baruffi70(full review)
GuiltyFilm Kevin M70(full review)
General Disdain from Critical Movie Critics61(full review)
Thomas Pollock60
GuiltyFilm Renee K35(full review)

People Involved

  • Otto Jespersen (Trolljegeren)
  • Hans Morten Hansen (Finn)
  • Tomas Alf Larsen (Kalle)
  • Johanna Mørck (Johanna)
  • Knut Nærum (E-verkssjef)
  • Robert Stoltenberg (Polsk bjørnejeger)
  • Glenn Erland Tosterud (Thomas)
  • André Øvredal (Director)