Café de Flore

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Brief Synopsis: "Two stories of love and responsibility separated by four decades have a common link in this drama from writer and director Jean-Marc Vallee. In 2011, Antoine has a life most people would envy -- he's a successful club DJ living in Montreal with an international following, he has a beautiful girlfriend Rose, and is raising two healthy daughters. However, Rose is not Antoine's first love, and he's still infatuated with his ex-wife Carole, the mother of his children. Carole hopes he'll someday return to her, though despite his feelings there's little evidence to suggest he will. In 1969, Jacqueline is a single mother who is raising a seven-year-old son Laurent. Laurent was born with Down's Syndrome, and is not expected to live past 25; Jacqueline is determined to do whatever she can for her boy during the time he has, but as the stress of these demands take their toll, we learn that she and Carole share a special connection."

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CinemaVisitor Erik85 - It is one of those films that you either love or hate. I loved it! A bit hard to follow sometimes but the two stories are powerful together.
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People Involved

  • Vanessa Paradis (Jacqueline)
  • HĂ©lène Florent (Carole)
  • Evelyne Brochu (Rose)
  • Marin Gerrier (Laurent)
  • Kevin Parent (Antoine Godin)
  • Alice Dubois ()
  • Jean-Marc VallĂ©e (Director)