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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Gravity20131001(full review)
Jaws19751001(full review)
Prisoners20131001(full review)
Silence of the Lambs, The19911001(full review) - Perfect
The Martian20151001(full review) - A whiz bang crowd pleaser so rarely made nowadays.
Halloween (1978)1978956(full review)
Gone Girl2014907(full review) - Wicked good fun.
Looper2012907(full review)
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)2003907(full review)
Out of the Furnace2013907(full review) - Those who warm to smoldering dramas with a hard edge will find a reason to head into Cooper’s Furnace.
Prometheus2012907(full review)
The Shape of Water2017907(full review) - del Toro reaches new heights (or depths?) with The Shape of Water.
Atomic Blonde20178513(full review) - Even if Atomic Blonde doesn’t necessarily turn the Cold War spy thriller on its head, it sure gives it a helluva decent set of stylish somersaults.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier20148513(full review) - Chris Evans is now giving The Hulk a run for his money in the muscle department...
Carrie (1976)19768513(full review) - Still bloody good...
Foxcatcher20148513(full review) - True crime dramas dont get much better than this impressive examination of personal and professional obsession.
10 Cloverfield Lane20168017(full review) - A nice jolt of giddy old-fashioned movie-going fun.
A Most Violent Year20148017(full review) - Fans of those 70s and 80s potboiler crime dramas should take note...
Argo20128017(full review)
Cold in July20148017(full review) - The grim noir cousin to Blood Simple...
Enemy20138017(full review) - The enemy of Enemy is impatience...
Green Room20168017(full review) - A squirm inducing spectacle.
John Wick20148017(full review) - Way, WAY better than it has any right to be.
The Killing of a Sacred Deer20178017(full review) - Filled with arresting images and ideas that demand your attention.
East, The (2013)20137525(full review)
I Saw The Devil (Akmareul boatda)20107026(full review)
Miss Sloane20167026(full review) - A nice movie for a nasty woman.
Suburbicon20177026(full review) - With the icy cold heart of the Coens and Clooney's tendency toward warmth, there's an odd balance here but at least it's better than it's dreadful trailer.
The Accountant20167026(full review) - It’s not even tax season yet, but take some time to audit The Accountant.
Call, The20136530(full review)
Goodnight Mommy20156530(full review) - Occasionaly good, rarely great.
Oldboy (2013 Spike Lee)20136530(full review)
Split20176530(full review) - Less of a thrill ride and more like an uncomfortable Sunday drive.
Company You Keep, The20136034(full review) - There's a level of sophisticated maturity that should prove interesting to the more astute viewer.
Disconnect20136034(full review)
The Mummy20176034(full review) - The potential was there to take a fun step forward but the studio is too, uh, wrapped up in their quest for a new franchise.
Carrie (2013)20135537(full review)
Hitchcock20125537(full review)
Purge, The20135537(full review)
The Purge: Anarchy20145537(full review) - More like a violent twist on the plot for Adventures in Babysitting
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle20175041(full review) - A fun but forgettable roll of the dice...
Passengers20165041(full review) - In space, no one can hear you snore.
The Commuter20184543(full review) - Harmless ride on the rails that's ultimately too Hitchcock-ian and Agatha Christie-ish for its own good.
Blackhat20154044(full review) - Might as well just re-watch The Net and save some money.
Roman J. Israel, Esq.20173045(full review) - A film best to be buried in paperwork and forgotten.
The Neon Demon20163045(full review) - Ick.
Boy Next Door, The20152047(full review) - Ishy erotic thriller...
Into the Storm20142047(full review) - The cinematic equivalent of cocking your head to the side and shrugging your shoulders.

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