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Title Year Rating Rank Review
12 Years a Slave20131001(full review) - Worthy of your time and your tears
Boyhood20141001(full review) - The most satisfying film of 2014. Patricia Arquette is amazing.
Gravity20131001(full review)
Mad Max: Fury Road20151001(full review) - A giant juggernaut of a summer blockbuster. All other summer films should bow down.
The Martian20151001(full review) - A whiz bang crowd pleaser so rarely made nowadays.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20171001(full review) - A gift from Martin McDonagh to us all.
Brooklyn2015957(full review) - Sensitive tale with no villain in sight...a lovely film.
Grand Budapest Hotel, The2014957(full review) - A film of numerous superlatives, The Grand Budapest Hotel is, for my money, the finest film to date from Wes Anderson
Amour2012909(full review)
Black Panther2018909(full review) - Black Panther roars but it's the ladies that soar.
Call Me by Your Name2017909(full review) - It’s a beautiful life, to be sure, but there’s an unseen struggle that’s captured here and it makes for one of the most tantalizing movies of 2017.
Captain Phillips2013909(full review) - Not to be missed.
Dunkirk2017909(full review) - A lean, mean, Nolan machine.
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close2011909(full review) - The movie is ultimately about healing and the setting adds to that impact within a city that is mending itself, Oskar seeks answers that might just help to heal more than his broken heart.
Her2013909(full review) - In a future world perhaps years away from our own when it is hard to make a live connection with someone, Phoenix finds a love that can never be returned but finds himself thrilled and reenergized. You will thrill right along with him.
Nebraska2013909(full review) - Hitch your wagon to this cross-country comedy and enjoy the ride.
Phantom Thread2017909(full review) - Excellent construction, masterful execution.
Room2015909(full review) - An intense important one too.
Silver Linings Playbook2012909(full review)
The Favourite2018909(full review)
The Imitation Game2014909(full review) - While maybe not an edge-of-your-seat thriller, it is absolutely one that will command you to lean forward and look harder at whats underneath it all
The Shape of Water2017909(full review) - del Toro reaches new heights (or depths?) with The Shape of Water.
American Sniper20148523(full review) - A powerfully moving tale of service and sacrifice
Dallas Buyers Club20138523(full review) - There is no Hollywood ending to be had but a real-life ending that provides a strong impact and lasting message.
Darkest Hour20178523(full review) - DarkestHour turns out to be Oscar-ready Gary Oldman's finest.
Django Unchained20128523(full review)
Les Miserables20128523(full review)
Life of Pi20128523(full review)
Philomena20138523(full review) - This is one of those films that creeps up on you in ways you least expect it.
Zero Dark Thirty20128523(full review)
Argo20128031(full review)
Lady Bird20178031(full review) - When it flies, it soars. Metcalf and Ronan are award ready/worthy.
Spotlight20158031(full review) - What true journalism used to look like.
The Big Short20158031(full review) - McKay and co. burst some bubbles.
The Theory of Everything20147535(full review) - Though very Hallmark Hall of Fame-y, the two leading performance are stellar.
Wolf of Wall Street, The20136036(full review) - Removing 30 minutes would have made Scorseses film truly howl and been an even better showcase for DiCaprios well thought out performance.
American Hustle20135037(full review) - As a fan of nearly everyone involved I wanted to like this and desperately tried to latch on to something, anything, that would allow me to recommend it to others.

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