The Virgin Spring

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Brief Synopsis: "Set in beautiful 14th century Sweden, it is the somber, powerful fable of peasant parents whose daughter, a young virgin, is brutally raped and murdered by goat herders. By a bizarre twist of fate, the murderers ask for food and shelter from the dead girl's parents, who, discovering the truth about their erstwhile lodgers, exact a chilling revenge."

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David Baruffi97(full review)

People Involved

  • Max von Sydow (Töre)
  • Birgitta Valberg (Märeta)
  • Gunnel Lindblom (Ingeri)
  • Birgitta Pettersson (Karin)
  • Axel Düberg (Thin Herdsman)
  • Allan Edwall (Beggar)
  • Tor Isedal (Mute Herdsman)
  • Ove Porath (Boy)
  • Axel Slangus (Bridge Keeper)
  • Gudrun Brost (Frida)
  • Oscar Ljung (Simon)
  • Tor Borong (Farm-hand)
  • Leif Forstenberg (Farm-hand)
  • Ingmar Bergman (Director)