The Stepfather

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Brief Synopsis: "A seemingly average man, after murdering his entire family, takes on a new identity and remarries a widow with a teenage daughter in another town and prepares to do it again."

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Minnesota Man75 - Creepy character actor takes on killer role.
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People Involved

  • Terry OQuinn (Jerry Blake)
  • Jill Schoelen (Stephanie Maine)
  • Shelley Hack (Susan)
  • Charles Lanyer (Dr. Bondurant)
  • Stephen Shellen (Jim Ogilvie)
  • Stephen E. Miller (Al Brennan)
  • Robyn Stevan (Karen)
  • Jeff Schultz (Paul Baker)
  • Lindsay Bourne (Art Teacher)
  • Anna Hagan (Mrs. Leitner)
  • Gillian Barber (Anne Barnes)
  • Blu Mankuma (Lt. Jack Wall)
  • Jackson Davies (Mr. Chesterton)
  • Sandra Head (Receptionist)
  • Gabrielle Rose (Dorothy Rinehard)
  • Richard Sargent (Mr. Anderson)
  • Margot Pinvidic (Mrs. Anderson)
  • Rochelle Greenwood (Cindy Anderson)
  • Don S. Williams (Mr. Stark)
  • Don MacKay (Joe)
  • Dale Wilson (Frank)
  • Gary Hetherington (Herb)
  • Andrew Snider (Mr. Grace)
  • Marie Stillin (Mrs. Fairfax)
  • Paul Batten (Mr. Fairfax)
  • Sheila Paterson (Dr. Barbara Faraday)
  • Joseph Ruben (Director)