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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Coco2017901(full review) - Another original winner from PIXAR, surprisingly deep with dazzling animation.
Inside Out2015901(full review)
Zootopia2016901(full review) - Worth multiple trips.
Frankenweenie2012854(full review)
How to Train Your Dragon 22014854(full review) - Has a heart...and knows how to use it.
Monsters University2013854(full review)
Big Hero 62014807(full review) - The start of a beautiful friendship...
Croods, The2013807(full review)
The Good Dinosaur2015807(full review) - A good dino indeed.
Frozen20137510(full review) - As pleasing as the voices are and as soothing as the snowflake heavy animation is, it all feels vaguely familiar...
Sausage Party20167510(full review) - Surreally filthy...and mighty tasy.
The Wind Rises20137510(full review) - One you may appreciate more than you will like.
Despicable Me 220137013(full review)
Hotel Transylvania 220157013(full review) - An upgrade from the original stay.
Rio 220147013(full review) - works a kind of magic that turns an entire cast of usually obnoxious performers into an appealing band of colorful characters
LEGO Movie, The20146516(full review) - Have aspirin ready after this brain stem rattler.
Rio20116017(full review)
The Boxtrolls20146017(full review) - Finds Laika coasting rather than accelerating...still, not bad.
Minions20154019(full review) - Sometimes its better to support than lead...
Nut Job, The20144019(full review)

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