Spy Game

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Brief Synopsis: "Veteran spy Nathan Muir is on the verge of retiring from the CIA when he learns that his one-time protégé and close friend, Tom Bishop, is a political prisoner sentenced to die in Beijing. Although their friendship has been marred by bad blood and resentment, Muir agrees to take on the most dangerous mission of his career and rescue Bishop."

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Bryan Lienesch96 - 'Spy Game' is that rare big stakes, behind-the-curtain government thriller that does not come off as cheesy. As far as spy thrillers go, this is the gold standard.
Comedy: 4
Sex Appeal: 5
Scary: 6
Rewatch: 8

People Involved

  • Robert Redford (Nathan D. Muir)
  • Brad Pitt (Tom Bishop)
  • Catherine McCormack (Elizabeth Hadley)
  • Stephen Dillane (Charles Harker)
  • Larry Bryggman (Troy Folger)
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste (Gladys Jennip)
  • Matthew Marsh (Dr. William Byars)
  • Todd Boyce (Robert Aiken)
  • Michael Paul Chan (Vincent Vy Ngo)
  • Garrick Hagon (CIA Director Cy Wilson)
  • Andrew Grainger (Andrew Unger)
  • Tony Scott (Director)