Hills Have Eyes II (2007)

Lists: Horror

Brief Synopsis: "A group of National Guard trainees find themselves battling against a vicious group of mutants on their last day of training in the desert."

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Bryan Lienesch75 - It's not nearly as bad as the original sequel, but it's far from being groundbreaking, either.
Comedy: 3
Sex Appeal: 5
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 4
Darren of Movie Reviews 10110(full review)

People Involved

  • C├ęcile Breccia (Pregnant Woman)
  • Michael Bailey Smith (Papa Hades)
  • Archie Kao (Han)
  • Jay Acovone (Wilson)
  • Jeff Kober (Redding)
  • Philip Pavel (Foster)
  • David Reynolds (Hansel)
  • Tyrell Kemlo (Stabber)
  • Lee Thompson Young (Delmar)
  • Daniella Alonso (Missy)
  • Eric Edelstein (Spitter)
  • Jessica Stroup (Amber)
  • Joseph Beddelem (Insurgent)
  • Jacob Vargas (Crank)
  • Ben Crowley (Stump)
  • Martin Weisz (Director)

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