Lord of War

Lists: Drama, Thriller, Crime / Heist

Brief Synopsis: "Yuri Orlov is a globetrotting arms dealer. Through some of the deadliest war zones, Yuri struggles to stay one step ahead of a relentless Interpol agent, his business rivals, even some of his customers who include many of the world's most notorious dictators. Finally, Yuri must also face his own conscience."

Overall Ranking: 479 (Rank from 2005: # 8)

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Today I Watched A Movie90(full review)
David Baruffi88
Bryan Lienesch76 - It was fun and exciting right up until the point it tried to grow a conscience.

People Involved

  • Nicolas Cage (Yuri Orlov)
  • Bridget Moynahan (Ava Fontaine Orlov)
  • Jared Leto (Vitaly Orlov)
  • Ethan Hawke (Jack Valentine)
  • Eamonn Walker (Andre Baptiste Sr.)
  • Ian Holm (Simeon Weisz)
  • Sammi Rotibi (Andre Baptiste Jr.)
  • Yevgeni Lazarev (General Dmitri Orlov)
  • Tanit Phoenix (Candy)
  • Andrew Niccol (Director)
  • magbo system