Hunter Killer

Lists: Action, Thriller

Brief Synopsis: "Captain Glass of the USS Arkansas discovers that a coup d'état is taking place in Russia, so he and his crew join an elite group working on the ground to prevent a war."

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People Involved

  • Gerard Butler (Captain Joe Glass)
  • Gary Oldman (CJCS Charles Donnegan)
  • Toby Stephens (Bill Beaman)
  • Common (RA John Fisk)
  • Michael Nyqvist (Captain Andropov)
  • Linda Cardellini (Jane Norquist)
  • David Gyasi (Cob Wallach)
  • Gabriel Chavarria (Jimenez)
  • Ryan McPartlin (Matt Johnstone)
  • Carter MacIntyre (XO Brian Edwards)
  • Zane Holtz (Paul Martinelli)
  • Taylor John Smith (Belford)
  • Michael Trucco (Devin Hall)
  • Mikhail Gorevoy (Admiral Dmitri Durov)
  • Aleksandr Dyachenko (President Zakarin)
  • Igor Jijikine (Tretiak)
  • Yuri Kolokolnikov (Oleg)
  • Ilia Volok (Captain Vlade Sutrev)
  • Caroline Goodall (President Dover)
  • Corey Johnson (Captain)
  • Adam James (Captain Forbes)
  • Will Attenborough (Kaplan)
  • Sarah Middleton (Liddy)
  • Christopher Goh (Park)
  • Shane Taylor (TMC Turner)
  • Henry Goodman (Senator from Illinois)
  • Colin Stinton (Senator from Iowa)