Dog Eat Dog

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Brief Synopsis: "Carved from a lifetime of experience that runs the gamut from incarceration to liberation, Dog Eat Dog is the story of three men who are all out of prison and now have the task of adapting themselves to civilian life."

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People Involved

  • Nicolas Cage (Troy)
  • Willem Dafoe (Mad Dog)
  • Christopher Matthew Cook (Diesel)
  • Omar J. Dorsey (Moon Man)
  • Louisa Krause (Zoe)
  • Reynaldo Gallegos (Chepe)
  • Kayla Perkins ()
  • Paul Schrader (Grecco The Greek)
  • Magi Avila (Nanny Carmen)
  • Johanna McGinley (50s Diner Waitress)
  • Melissa Bolona (Lina)
  • John Patrick Jordan (Jack Cates)
  • Chelsea Mee (Madeleine)
  • Jessica Sonneborn (Judge)
  • Logan Fry (Ten Dollar Tipper)
  • Richard Fike (Deputy Dawg)
  • Tevis R Marcum (White Power Inmate)
  • Tora Kim (Yolanda)
  • Lauren Ashley Berry (Officer Strunk)
  • Ali Wasdovich (Melissa)
  • Louis Perez (Mike Brennan)
  • Theresa Wylie (Prosecutor)
  • Susan Cashdollar (Sexy Girl)
  • Chelcie Melton (Sheila)
  • Joe Gallipoli (Deputy #2)
  • Shawn Mattox (Teen boy)
  • Robert Maples (Jimmy The Face)
  • Steve Mayberry (300 lbs)
  • Ali Amin Carter (Duece Man)
  • Todd Emmett (Prison Skin Head)
  • DeAndre Bush (Pomaded Skinny Jean Guy)
  • Jonathan Gaietto (Manager)
  • Bruce Reizen (Maurie)
  • Phillip Shaun DeVone (Officer Reggie)
  • Rex Alba (Bar Patron (uncredited))
  • Melissa Rae Bender (Supermarket Customer (uncredited))
  • Jay J. Bidwell (Customer #1 (uncredited))
  • Megan Brautigam (Waitress (uncredited))
  • Christopher Butler (Cop #1 (uncredited))
  • Peter Chiamardas (Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Lou Consolo (Bouncer (uncredited))
  • Jessica Daley (Woman in Neighborhood (uncredited))
  • Donavan Darius (Cop #2 (uncredited))
  • Benjamin Donlow (Bar Patron (uncredited))
  • David Downie (Prison Guard (uncredited))
  • Kim Evans (Bar Patron (uncredited))
  • Rod Fielder (Supermarket Customer (uncredited))
  • Rick Fike Jr. (Bailiff (uncredited))
  • Joe Fishel (Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Eric Frank (Casino Patron 1 (uncredited))
  • David Gragg (Club Patron (uncredited))
  • Jeff Hilliard (Gun Enthusiast (uncredited))
  • John W. Iwanonkiw (Apple Grocer Shopper (uncredited))
  • Gary Jones (Bar Patron (uncredited))
  • Jack Norman (White power inmate (uncredited))
  • Edward Pfeifer (Apple grocery store shopper (uncredited))
  • Whitney Romito-Mason (Upscale Restaurant Patron (uncredited))
  • Allen Roth (Pakistani Chap (uncredited))
  • Mark Salas (Public Defender Lawyer (uncredited))
  • Debbie Scaletta (Supermarket Customer (uncredited))
  • David Spencer (Prison Guard (uncredited))
  • Michael Vehar (Prison Skin Head (uncredited))
  • (Director)