Rambo: First Blood Part II

Lists: Action, Adventure, Thriller, War

Brief Synopsis: "Col. Troutman recruits ex-Green Beret John Rambo for a highly secret and dangerous mission. Teamed with freedom fighter Co Bao, Rambo goes deep into Vietnam to rescue POWs. Deserted by his own team, he's left in a hostile jungle to fight for his life, avenge the death of a woman and bring corrupt officials to justice."

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People Involved

  • Sylvester Stallone (John J. Rambo)
  • Richard Crenna (Col. Samuel Trautman)
  • Charles Napier (Marshall Murdock)
  • Steven Berkoff (Lt. Col. Podovsky)
  • Julia Nickson (Co Bao)
  • George Cheung (Capt Vinh)
  • Andy Wood (Banks)
  • William Ghent (Capt. Vinh)
  • Voyo Goric (Sgt. Yushin)
  • Dana Lee (Gunboat captain)
  • Baoan Coleman (Gunboat captain II)
  • Steve Williams (Lifer)
  • Don Collins (POW #1)
  • Christopher Grant (POW #2)
  • Martin Kove (Ericson)
  • George P. Cosmatos (Director)

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