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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Avengers: Infinity War2018901(full review) - Avengers: Infinity War may be the first toll of a bell signaling the end of an era but there’s still a few clangs yet to ring out.
Black Panther2018901(full review) - Black Panther roars but it's the ladies that soar.
Call Me by Your Name2017901(full review) - It’s a beautiful life, to be sure, but there’s an unseen struggle that’s captured here and it makes for one of the most tantalizing movies of 2017.
Incredibles 22018901(full review) - Slightly outpacing it's clever original, Incredibles 2 is a fast and furious entertainment rocket.
Phantom Thread2017901(full review) - Excellent construction, masterful execution.
Atomic Blonde2017856(full review) - Even if Atomic Blonde doesn’t necessarily turn the Cold War spy thriller on its head, it sure gives it a helluva decent set of stylish somersaults.
Darkest Hour2017856(full review) - DarkestHour turns out to be Oscar-ready Gary Oldman's finest.
Philomena2013856(full review) - This is one of those films that creeps up on you in ways you least expect it.
Big Hero 62014809(full review) - The start of a beautiful friendship...
I, Tonya2017809(full review) - Margot Robbie will triple-axel into your heart...
Murder on the Orient Express2017809(full review)
Paddington2014809(full review) - An unexpected charmer...
Peter Rabbit2018809(full review) - Hip Hop Hooray
The Disaster Artist2017809(full review) - The more meta, the betta.
Deadpool 220187515(full review) - If you can forgive a rocky start, this is one sequel that feels like an equal.
The Florida Project20177515(full review) - Thrives on pure instinct.
Ant-Man and the Wasp20187017(full review) - Perfectly fine summer popcorn entertainment...but pales in comparison to the other two Marvel movies on 2018
Aquaman20187017(full review)
Game Night20187017(full review) - Worth a roll of the dice...
Molly's Game20177017(full review) - Created by a one-eyed Jack, ruled by a commanding Queen.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales20176521(full review) - Yo-Ho-Ho or Yo-Ho-OK?
Solo: A Star Wars Story20186022(full review) - The same problems of storytelling and purpose exist while watching Solo, yet it is a marked improvement in pace and plot over Rogue One.
The Mummy20176022(full review) - The potential was there to take a fun step forward but the studio is too, uh, wrapped up in their quest for a new franchise.
Tomb Raider20185524(full review) - Sporadically entertaining but doesn't dig deep enou
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle20175025(full review) - A fun but forgettable roll of the dice...
Pitch Perfect 320174026(full review) - Plug your ears...
Bad Moms20163027(full review) - Like the recent Ghostbusters reboot, here is a movie that doesnt know what to do with its perfectly capable but script stymied stars.
Roman J. Israel, Esq.20173027(full review) - A film best to be buried in paperwork and forgotten.
Tag20183027(full review) - One immature round of Tag is more than enough.
Table 1920171030 - Terrible - don't RSVP for this one.

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