Late Night with the Devil

Lists: Horror, Thriller

Brief Synopsis: "A live broadcast of a late-night talk show in 1977 goes horribly wrong, unleashing evil into the nation’s living rooms."

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MaddWolf George85 - Ultimately, what Late Night with the Devil has in mind is more like an R-rated Twilight Zone, with a twisty moral backed up by blood.
(full review)
matthew liedke75(full review)

People Involved

  • David Dastmalchian (Jack Delroy)
  • Laura Gordon (June Ross-Mitchell)
  • Ian Bliss (Carmichael Haig)
  • Fayssal Bazzi (Christou)
  • Ingrid Torelli (Lilly DAbo)
  • Rhys Auteri (Gus McConnell)
  • Georgina Haig (Madeleine Piper)
  • Josh Quong Tart (Leo Fiske)
  • Steve Mouzakis (Szandor DAbo)
  • Paula Arundell (Diane)
  • Tamala Shelton (Carol)
  • Christopher Kirby (Phil)
  • Gaby Seow (Sammy)
  • Elise Jansen (Cavewoman)
  • John OMay (Walker Bedford)
  • Clare Chihambakwe (Stacey)
  • Amelie Mendosa (Christous Assistant)
  • Grace Cummings (Peggy Decay)
  • Michael Ironside (The Narrator (voice))
  • Andre Switzer (Lou)
  • Declan Fay (Cue Card Guy)
  • Milena Berhane (Production Assistant 1)
  • Leah Wilbraham (Production Assistant 2)
  • Chase Kauffman (Stage Hand 1)
  • Miranda Bloom (Stage Hand 2)
  • Mitchell Brotz (Stage Hand 3)
  • Caspian Dezfouli (Camera Operator 1)
  • Rod Lara (Camera Operator 2)
  • Nicole Chapman (Cleo James)
  • Steven Kwon (Skeleton Man)
  • Imaan Hadchiti (Frank Khoury)
  • Farhad Zaiwala (Spoon Bender)
  • Jarrad Pidoto (Military Officer)
  • Paddy Shiels (Vietnam Vet)
  • Aya Cairnes (Levitating Woman)
  • Gerasimos Grammenos (FBI Agent)
  • Pearl Grammenos (Infant Lilly)
  • Adam Batt (Head of Airtime)
  • Raoul Salter (Vice President of Marketing)
  • Janine Lum (Vice President of Marketings Wife)
  • Rik Brown (Annointed Grove Member)
  • Scarlett Varga (Young Lilly)
  • Sarah Lorey (Spinning Wheel Lady)
  • Tiare Skeats (High Priestess)
  • Anna van Guens (DAbos Disciple)
  • Arkie Simpson-Purdon (DAbos Disciple)
  • Daisy Anderson (DAbos Disciple)
  • Joel Anderson (DAbos Disciple)
  • Miles Brown (DAbos Disciple)
  • Scott Purdon (DAbos Disciple)
  • Quincy Simpson-Purdon (DAbos Disciple)
  • Jason Rout (Grove Member)
  • Jeff Schwisow (Grove Member)
  • Michael McArthur (Grove Member)
  • Jason Marion (Orson)
  • Morgan Moody (French Director)
  • Angus Neale (David Dastmalchian Stand In)
  • Julia Pretto (Ingrid Torelli Stand In)