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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Parasite20191001(full review)
Poltergeist19821001(full review) - Accept no substitutes...or remakes
Cabin in the Woods, The2011953(full review)
Suspiria2018953(full review)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)1984905(full review)
A Quiet Place2018905(full review) - Hold on to your popcorn...this one will scare ya.
A Quiet Place Part II2020905(full review)
Annihilation2018905(full review) - You may walk out of Annihilation or you may crawl…either way, you’re in for a hell of a ride.
Black Panther2018905(full review) - Black Panther roars but it's the ladies that soar.
Candyman1992905(full review) - Still a sweet (and scary) Halloween treat.
Exorcist, The1973905(full review) - If it’s been a while since you’ve taken it in or if you’ve somehow never seen the film you owe it to yourself to give it a look…just throw away all your cans of pea soup first.
Guardians of the Galaxy2014905(full review) - If the previous Marvel superhero films equate to a stretch limo with your cool aunts and uncles, then Guardians of the Galaxy is the party bus transporting your crazy cousins.
Prometheus2012905(full review)
The Favourite2018905(full review)
The Shape of Water2017905(full review) - del Toro reaches new heights (or depths?) with The Shape of Water.
Thor: Ragnarok2017905(full review) - The rock concert fun these movies should always be. Puts the previous two films to absolute shame.
Avengers: Age of Ultron20158517(full review) - A buffet of riches...but consume it slowly.
Captain America: Civil War20168517(full review) - Overstuffed but mighty filling.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier20148517(full review) - Chris Evans is now giving The Hulk a run for his money in the muscle department...
Spider-Man: Homecoming20178517(full review) - Just the reenergizing kick in the pants Marvel was needing.
Suspiria19778517(full review)
10 Cloverfield Lane20168022(full review) - A nice jolt of giddy old-fashioned movie-going fun.
Captain America: The First Avenger20118022(full review)
Deadpool20168022(full review) - Bloody, violent, vulgar, and go-for-broke...just the shot in the arm the sagging super-hero genre needed.
Green Room20168022(full review) - A squirm inducing spectacle.
I Care a Lot20218022(full review)
Iron Man 320138022(full review)
Lady Bird20178022(full review) - When it flies, it soars. Metcalf and Ronan are award ready/worthy.
Moxie20218022(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20128022(full review)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil20108022(full review)
Deadpool 220187532(full review) - If you can forgive a rocky start, this is one sequel that feels like an equal.
Interstellar20147532(full review) - Some cracks in this rocket ship...
Iron Man 220107532(full review)
Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)20207035(full review)
Iron Man20087035(full review)
Molly's Game20177035(full review) - Created by a one-eyed Jack, ruled by a commanding Queen.
Rebecca20207035(full review)
Thor: The Dark World20137035(full review)
An American Werewolf in London19816540(full review) - Still howls...but the first 1/3 is better than all the rest.
Captain Marvel20196540(full review)
Ant-Man20156042(full review)
Hail, Caesar!20166042(full review) - Not a Cohen best, but it's fun to goof off every now and then.
Happy Death Day20176042(full review) - Aimed squarely at the sleepover crowd, it's better than it should be but won't please gorehouds out for blood.
Raw20176042(full review) - See it on an empty stomach.
Thor20116042(full review)
Tusk20146042(full review)
Doctor Strange20164048(full review) - Destined to be the movie you beg to skip in a Marvel marathon.

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