Pickup on South Street

Lists: Thriller, Crime / Heist, Romance

Brief Synopsis: "In New York City, an insolent pickpocket, Skip McCoy, inadvertently sets off a chain of events when he targets ex-prostitute Candy and steals her wallet. Unaware that she has been making deliveries of highly classified information to the communists, Candy, who has been trailed by FBI agents for months in hopes of nabbing the spy ringleader, is sent by her ex-boyfriend, Joey, to find Skip and retrieve the valuable microfilm he now holds."

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People Involved

  • Richard Widmark (Skip McCoy)
  • Jean Peters (Candy)
  • Thelma Ritter (Moe Williams)
  • Murvyn Vye (Captain Dan Tiger)
  • Richard Kiley (Joey)
  • Willis Bouchey (Zara)
  • Parley Baer (Headquarters Communist in Chair)
  • Chet Brandenburg (Fight Spectator)
  • Frank Kumagai (Lum)
  • Virginia Carroll (Nurse)
  • Milburn Stone (Detective Winoki)
  • Harry Carter (Detective Dietrich)
  • Clancy Cooper (Detective Eddie)
  • Henry Slate (Detective MacGregor)
  • Heinie Conklin (Subway Passenger)
  • George Eldredge (Fenton)
  • John Gallaudet (Detective Lieutenant Campion)
  • Alan Reed (Detective)
  • Robert Haines (Library Worker)
  • Jay Loft-Lyn (Microfilm Library Clerk)
  • Ray Montgomery (Ray, FBI Agent)
  • Jerry OSullivan (Enyart, FBI Agent)
  • Ray Stevens (FBI Agent)
  • Ralph Moody (Coffin Boat Captain)
  • Roger Moore (Mr. Victor)
  • Vic Perry (Lightning Louie)
  • George E. Stone (Willie, Police Desk Clerk)
  • King Mojave (Elevator Passenger)
  • Harry Tenbrook (Elevator Passenger)
  • Stuart Randall (Police Commissioner)
  • Wilson Wood (Police Driver)
  • Maurice Samuels (Peddler)
  • magbo system