Star Trek: Generations

Lists: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Space journey, Star Trek films, Time travel

Brief Synopsis: "Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-D find themselves at odds with the renegade scientist Soren who is destroying entire star systems. Only one man can help Picard stop Soren's scheme...and he's been dead for seventy-eight years."

Overall Ranking: 1696 (Rank from 1994: # 22)

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People Involved

  • Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard)
  • Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker)
  • Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data)
  • LeVar Burton (Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge)
  • Michael Dorn (Lt. Commander Worf)
  • Gates McFadden (Dr. Beverly Crusher)
  • Marina Sirtis (Commander Deanna Troi)
  • William Shatner (james)
  • James Doohan ()
  • Walter Koenig ()
  • Malcolm McDowell (Dr. Tolian Soran)
  • Alan Ruck (Capt. John Harriman)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (Guinan)
  • David Carson (Director)

  • Other Movies in the Series

  • Star Trek: First Contact
  • Star Trek: Insurrection
  • Star Trek: Nemesis