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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Adventures of Tintin, The2011971(full review)
Alien1979971(full review)
AVENGERS, The2012971(full review)
Batman (Adam West)1966971(full review)
Batman Begins2005971(full review)
Blues Brothers, The (1980)1980971(full review)
Boyz N The Hood1991971(full review)
Brave2012971(full review)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969971(full review)
Captain America: The First Avenger2011971(full review)
Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's1989971(full review)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind1977971(full review)
Cool Hand Luke1967971(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The2012971(full review)
Dark Knight, The2008971(full review)
Dog Day Afternoon1975971(full review)
Excalibur1981971(full review)
Fight Club1999971(full review)
Finding Nemo2003971(full review)
Gangs of New York2002971(full review)
Ghostbusters1984971(full review)
Great Mouse Detective, The1986971(full review)
Groundhog Day1993971(full review)
Halloween (1978)1978971(full review)
Heat1995971(full review)
Illusionist, The (animated 2010)2010971(full review)
Inception2010971(full review)
John Carter2012971(full review)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005971(full review)
Lawrence of Arabia1962971(full review)
Layer Cake2004971(full review)
Matrix, The1999971(full review)
Memento2000971(full review)
Muppet Movie, The1979971(full review)
Muppets2011971(full review)
North By Northwest1959971
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl2003971(full review)
Planes, Trains And Automobiles1987971(full review)
Psycho1960971(full review)
Rango2011971(full review)
Rocky1976971(full review)
Rocky II1979971(full review)
SALT2010971(full review)
Serpico1973971(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The1994971(full review)
Sherlock, Jr.1924971(full review)
Sneakers1992971(full review)
St Elmo's Fire1985971(full review)
Star Wars IV: A New Hope1977971(full review)
Sting, The1973971(full review)
Stir Crazy1980971(full review)
Sunset Blvd1950971(full review)
The Third Man1949971(full review)
Thing, The1982971(full review)
Three Amigos!1986971(full review)
Vacation, National Lampoon's1983971(full review)
Wall-E2008971(full review)
Wreck-It Ralph2012971(full review)
District 9200983.660(full review)
Dr. No196283.660(full review)
Equilibrium200283.660(full review)
From Russia With Love196383.660(full review)
Gattaca199783.660(full review)
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms200683.660(full review)
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)201283.660(full review)
Hunger Games, The201283.660(full review)
Man of Steel201383.660(full review)
Manhattan Murder Mystery199383.660(full review)
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)200383.660(full review)
Please Murder Me195683.660(full review)
Run Lola Run199883.660(full review)
Serenity200583.660(full review)
The Lonely Guy198483.660(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The20128375(full review)
Annie Hall19778076(full review)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High19828076(full review)
Flash Gordon19808076(full review)
French Connection, The19718076(full review)
Jaws19758076(full review)
Kung Fu Panda20088076(full review)
Risky Business19838076(full review)
Scarface19838076(full review)
Silence of the Lambs, The19918076(full review)
One Body Too Many194465.685(full review)
Renaissance200665.685(full review)
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock198465.685(full review)
Super Hero Party Clown201265.685(full review)
The Gods Must Be Crazy198065.685(full review)
Rock of Ages20126190(full review)
Snow White and the Huntsman20126190(full review)
Blow20014392(full review)
Darkman19904392(full review)
Earth Girls Are Easy19894392(full review)
Edison20054392(full review)
Friday the 13th Part 219814392(full review)
Mr. Destiny19904392(full review)
Nice Dreams19814392(full review)
Sin City20054392(full review)
Sorcerers Apprentice, The20104392(full review)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)19744392(full review)
Underworld: Evolution20064392(full review)
Burn Hollywood, Burn199825103(full review)
Cool As Ice199125103(full review)
Jingle All the Way199625103(full review)
Never Been Kissed199925103(full review)
Paranormal Activity200725103(full review)
Pay It Forward200025103(full review)
Tim and Erics Billion Dollar Movie201225103(full review)
Valentine's Day201025103(full review)

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