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Dark Knight, The2008971 - The best Batman movie to date. No one thought that anyone could match Jack's portrayal of the Joker and those people are right. Heath didn't match it, he exceeded it. Heath's performance alone makes this movie worth watching. Great action, great acting, and thrilling all the way through.
Natural Born Killers1994962 - This movie may have been directed by Oliver Stone, but it was written by the great Tarantino. This movie is a psychological thriller that offers comedy, brutal violence and a unique love story. Two characters that you're supposed hate become beloved as this movie unfolds.
AVENGERS, The2012943 - I don't know how anyone can not like this movie. It's got comedy, great characters, hot women, emotion and more. If you don't enjoy this movie then you don't enjoy having fun. This movie is enjoyable for all ages.
Zombieland2009914 - This was a really fun movie to watch. It was really funny with some great zombie violence. Emma Stone looked super-hot and Bill Murray's cameo was immediately legendary. This was a great spin on a zombie movie and a movie that I can watch over and over and over again and still laugh at every time.
Mean Girls2004905 - Any guy that thinks this is a stupid chick flick is missing out on a really funny comedy. Not only is this movie hilarious throughout, but there are some gorgeous women to ogle as you watch. Man up and watch this comedy because it's great.
Zoolander2001905 - Absolutely hilarious throughout. I love the chemistry that Stiller and Wilson have together and it shines in this movie. Will Ferrell and Jerry Stiller are so great in this movie. One of the funniest movies I've personally ever seen and I'll be watching over and over again.
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)2012877
Green Hornet, The2011838 - This was a really fun movie to watch. The comedy was great throughout and the action was good as well. Christoph Waltz was amazing as the villain and showed he can do comedy to. Lots of laughs and a movie the family can watch together. I hope they make a second one.
3002006829 - Visually a great movie and that alone makes this movie worth a watch. I've never seen combat scenes like the ones in this movie. The story of the Spartans is good enough to keep the movie interesting in between the fantastic and violent war scenes.
Bourne Identity20027710
Jack Reacher20127710 - For me on a personal level this movie was great because my fiancée hates Tom Cruise, but loves law. She was able to get into the story because it had a lot to do with the legal system. That reason bumped this movie from a 70 to a 77. The comedy in this movie was great and so was the action. The story grabbed my attention immediately and held it throughout. Definitely worth a watch.
Good Day To Die Hard, A20137612 - What do you honestly expect from this movie? For it to somehow be as awesome as Die Hard 1? If you decide to watch this movie don't go in with that frame of mind. This movie provides good action and comedy like all the Die Hard movies. Obviously the quality isn't like the first movie, but if you're a fan of the franchise with realistic expectations this movie will be a solid watch for you. If you expect this Die Hard to be the best one yet then don't bother.
Skyfall20127612 - This was the first ever James Bond movie I have ever seen and with that said I wasn't at all confused when watching this movie. They made this movie very easy to follow if you're a Bond fan or not. It took me 20 mins to get over the unrealistic fall that James Bond survived at the beginning, but once I realized that 007's neck is immortal I calmed down and enjoyed the movie for what it was, entertainment.
Lorax, The20127514 - Every so often I like to put on a movie I don't need to think about and just kick back and watch it while I fold the laundry and tidy up the living room. This movie offered me some comedy and an overall fun experience while I did house work.
Dictator, The20127115 - Not the best comedy, but also not the worst. Borat and Bruno are his better characters, but this movie offered enough laughs to make it worth a watch in my books.