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Once Upon a Time in Uganda2023901(full review) - Even if low-budget action movies aren’t your thing, Isaac’s enthusiasm for movie making is palpable. It makes Czubek’s documentary stand as one of the finest send ups to the joy that is movie making.
PLAN C2023901(full review) - For these women, it’s about standing up to bullies. Whether that bully is a legislature, protestors, or a group of men with guns, these women will continue the fight to ensure safe, legal abortions.
Adam the First2024853(full review) - Adam the First is a outstanding examination of the indomitable human will.
Adventures of a Mathematician2021853(full review) - a fascinating look at one of the main players behind the Manhattan Project and the building of the hydrogen bomb
All Eyes Off Me2022853(full review) - Films that keep you thinking are often the films that stay with you. This is one of those films.
Amerikatsi2022853(full review) - Goorjian delivers a heartfelt love letter to Armenia and the resilience of its people.
At the Ready2021853(full review) - Many well-done documentaries will not only hold your interest, but make you think. This one does both.
Daughter2023853(full review) - For a first feature, this is a marvelously crafted work of psychological horror.
Frida2024853(full review) - For those unfamiliar with Frida Kahlo, this is a lush and impressive introduction to her life and art.
Soft & Quiet2022853(full review) - It’s easy to imagine women like these among us. That’s the scariest part of all.
Squeal2022853(full review) - Why did the pig cross the road? To get hit by a car and lead us into a dark and comedic fairy tale.
The First Fallen2022853(full review) - The soldier metaphor is apt. For the first victims of the AIDS epidemic, many became numbers, dehumanized to understand what plagued them. De Oliveria wants us to remember those who fell.
Whirlybird2020853(full review) - Yoka’s sensitive examination of a family and a culture that hinges on the precipice of breaking news is well worth making time for.
A Sexplanation20218014(full review) - This is the kind of documentary that would be a wonderful conversation starter for parents and their teenagers
Death Drop Gorgeous20208014(full review) - You’ll probably never look at a meat grinder the same again.
Finding Kendrick Johnson20218014(full review) - Kendrick Johnson deserves justice. His family demands it. Maybe this documentary will help them get it.
Glasshouse20218014(full review) - For a film like this, it’s best to enjoy the journey rather than the destination.
Knocking20218014(full review) - It doesn’t really matter if the knocking is real; what matters is that Molly believes it – but nobody believes her. A truly terrifying concept.
My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving20228014(full review) - This is a delightful, sometimes devastating, portrait of what it means to be a family.
Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché20218014(full review) - The documentary is a lot like Poly herself: vulnerable, observant, and resilient.
Reflect20238014(full review) - It’s an interesting look at how our past infects our present and influences our future.
Snakehead20218014(full review) - Loosely based on real people and events, Snakehead is the kind of true-crime drama that tells a compelling story.
Waiting for the Light to Change20238014(full review) - Tran mines the tumultuous years after college to examine characters on the verge of their adult lives.
What She Said20218014(full review) - Written by Lester, and directed by Amy Northup, What She Said takes a hard look at the far-reaching devastation of rape.
YouthMin: A Mockumentary20188014(full review) - O’Connell’s writing is reminiscent of some of Christopher Guest’s funnier films.
A Shot Through the Wall20227526(full review)
Adventures in Success20217526(full review) - Fair warning – this film may be the most unpleasant experience you’ll ever have with the female orgasm.
American Underdog20217526(full review) - American Underdog wears its heart on its sleeve, and it’s not too hard to ignore the schmaltz.
Are You Happy Now 7526
Are You Lonesome Tonight?20217526(full review) - As a character drama, it’s intriguing. As a languidly paced mystery, Are You Lonesome Tonight is a little underwhelming.
Buckley's Chance20217526(full review) - If you need a movie to enjoy with your kids, this one is good enough for all ages.
Downeast20217526(full review) - The film boasts compelling characters and wonderful attention to detail that help keep us invested.
I Am DB Cooper20227526(full review) - Raising new questions and bringing a quaintness to the story of DB Cooper, Regan’s docudrama adds a new side to the original question: Who is DB Cooper?
It Takes Three20217526(full review) - Today’s world, where people painstakingly craft the perfect online persona, lends itself well to the story of a man (in this case, teen) who uses the words of another to woo his lady love.
Meet Me in the Bathroom20227526(full review) - If the filmmakers had whittled down the book’s focus just a bit more, they could have delivered a more interesting documentary.
Migration20237526(full review) - Migration fits the bill for lighthearted fun. But its predictability and shallow characters limit its potential to become anyone’s newest holiday favorite.
Are You Happy Now 7037(full review) - Are You Happy Now brings us a character who epitomizes a disinterest in life.
Lansky20217037(full review) - Lansky runs itself ragged trying to cover as many bases as possible, and we’re left with a messy film about one of the most notorious men in Mafia history.
Hayseed20236539(full review) - This is a movie that deserves its own consideration, and you’ll have fun if you let yourself be draw into the mystery.
Hard Luck Love Song20215540(full review) - Perhaps if more of the song’s humor had made it into the film, the result would have been more satisfying.
Antidote20215041(full review) - Antidote has the elements to be intriguing, but doesn’t effectively deliver them.
Echoes of Violence20214542(full review) - A weak script will nearly always tank a film, and this one is no exception.
Lantern's Lane20214542(full review) - Without characters – or a villain – to root for, this horror mashup becomes a floundering mess.
Six Forty Five20214542(full review) - The film does take an interesting turn, but it comes too little, too late.
Deadly Illusions20214045(full review) - This movie wants to keep us guessing, but it’s never enticing enough to make much of an impact.
Lair20214045(full review) - Though Lair is not without its flaws, it’s nonetheless an intriguing idea.
This World Alone 4045(full review) - The film’s dialogue is often embarrassing, and it never lets us experience things naturally.

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