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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Whirlybird2020851(full review) - Yoka’s sensitive examination of a family and a culture that hinges on the precipice of breaking news is well worth making time for.
Death Drop Gorgeous2020802(full review) - You’ll probably never look at a meat grinder the same again.
Finding Kendrick Johnson2021802(full review) - Kendrick Johnson deserves justice. His family demands it. Maybe this documentary will help them get it.
What She Said2021802(full review) - Written by Lester, and directed by Amy Northup, What She Said takes a hard look at the far-reaching devastation of rape.
YouthMin: A Mockumentary2018802(full review) - O’Connell’s writing is reminiscent of some of Christopher Guest’s funnier films.
Buckley's Chance2021756(full review) - If you need a movie to enjoy with your kids, this one is good enough for all ages.
Downeast2021756(full review) - The film boasts compelling characters and wonderful attention to detail that help keep us invested.
It Takes Three2021756(full review) - Today’s world, where people painstakingly craft the perfect online persona, lends itself well to the story of a man (in this case, teen) who uses the words of another to woo his lady love.
Lansky2021709(full review) - Lansky runs itself ragged trying to cover as many bases as possible, and we’re left with a messy film about one of the most notorious men in Mafia history.
Antidote20215010(full review) - Antidote has the elements to be intriguing, but doesn’t effectively deliver them.
Echoes of Violence20214511(full review) - A weak script will nearly always tank a film, and this one is no exception.
Deadly Illusions20214012(full review) - This movie wants to keep us guessing, but it’s never enticing enough to make much of an impact.
This World Alone 4012(full review) - The film’s dialogue is often embarrassing, and it never lets us experience things naturally.