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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Cow2022951(full review) - Luma may not have a voice, but Arnold’s masterful direction makes her as complex and compelling as any Arnold protagonist.
Cryptozoo2021902(full review) - This is a bestiary with real bite
I Didn't See You There2022902(full review) - But it also feels impossible to view one’s own environment the same way afterward.
INU-OH2021902(full review) - And harder still to resist when delivered in the form of Yuasa’s brilliantly conceived stage performances that blend traditional, modern and downright trippy into something wholly new.
The Big Scary “S” Word2020902(full review) - Bridge provides a much-needed counterbalance to the corporate vision of liberalism, and she makes the case without the vitriol of Twitter fights.
The Iron Claw2023902(full review) - Durkin’s deft handling of these events turns public tragedy into a searing meditation on familial bonds and the limits of a certain type of masculinity.
7 Days2022857(full review) - But to also get an incisive look at love and dating, thoughtful cultural commentary and genuine laughs is a pandemic miracle.
For Madmen Only2020857(full review) - or Madmen Only turns the history of a comedic form into a fully engaging suspense tale.
No Future2020857(full review) - It’s raw and bracing to watch it all unfold, but if nothing else the impact lingers well into the future.
Our Father, the Devil2021857(full review) - Escaping a cycle of trauma and abuse is hard. But not as hard as forgiveness.
Riddle of Fire2024857(full review) - The film captures the spirit of adventure for weird kids in a grown-up world. And how sometimes it’s worth risking everything to play a cool video game.
Riders of Justice2020857(full review) - Men will single-handedly gun down an entire biker gang rather than go to therapy.
Saturn Bowling2022857(full review) - Mazuy and co-writer Yves Thomas construct a seamy world where predators are constantly on the hunt, driven by almost supernatural forces that are beyond their grasp to understand, let alone stop and imagine what a less hateful existence may look like.
The Monk and the Gun2023857(full review) - But along the way, his film pokes both inward at itself and outward at the west, suggesting that nobody has a monopoly on the best way forward for a community.
Monkey King Reborn20217515(full review) - Sure, it’s entertainment with a heavy-handed message. But it’s entertaining enough.
The Rumperbutts20157515(full review) - The winsome earworms don’t go very deep, but just try and get through the movie without nodding along.
Mob Land20233017(full review) - It’s all thrown together too haphazardly, and with little room left for Mob Land to have something to say of its own that we haven’t already heard before.