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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Apocalypse Now19791001
North By Northwest19591001
Pulp Fiction19941001
Big Lebowski, The1998955(full review)
Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's1989955(full review)
Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)1962955(full review)
Nightmare Before Christmas1993955(full review)
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)2003955(full review)
Wild Bunch, The (1969)1969955(full review)
A Christmas Story19838511(full review)
Battle Royale20008511(full review)
Donnie Darko20018511(full review)
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai19998511(full review)
Incredibles, The (Pixar)20048511(full review)
Last of The Mohicans19928511(full review)
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The20048511(full review)
Thin Red Line, The19988511(full review)
Wild Things19988511(full review)
X-Men: First Class20118020(full review)
American, The20107021(full review)
Edward Scissorhands19907021(full review)
Killer Inside Me, The20107021(full review)
Rollerball (1975)19757021(full review)
Running Man, The19877021(full review)
Thor20117021(full review)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil20107021(full review)
Evil Dead (2013)20135028(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful20135028(full review)
Punisher (Thomas Jane)20045028(full review)
Red Dawn (1984)19845028(full review)
Total Recall (2012)20121532(full review) - Somehow this film achieved the near impossible, they managed to make Arnold Schwarzenegger look like a master thespian. This film is overly long, with inane dialogue and a dumbed-down plot this film will make you wish you could have the memory of it erased at Total Rekall.