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Exorcist, The1973991 - Quite possibly the scariest movie of all-time because of the storyline dealing with demons & how realistic this subject is.
Godfather: Part II, The1974991
Casablanca1942983 - A classic. Everyone should watch this movie at some point in their life. It's not funny, it's not action-packed, but it's deep & a classic.
Dumb And Dumber1994983
Forrest Gump1994983 - A classic movie with an all-time classic actor about one of the all-time classic characters in any movie.
Godfather, The1972983
Hangover, The2009983
Step Brothers2008983
3002006979 - Phenominal movie! It's not just a guy's movie, but it's not for kids. I was instantly impressed with this movie & over the years still love this movie.
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)2004979 - One of the most classic comedies ever!! Very few movies are better with more laughs than this one.
CaddyShack1980979 - CaddyShack was one of the best comedy/sports movies ever. CaddyShack 2 was like going through what the Jews went through while I watched Schindler's List.
Cool Hand Luke1967979 - Possibly the crown jewel for one of the all-time great actors. Paul Newman was brilliant in this movie. There's no way that anyone should try to remake this. It would fall short by a long shot, even if you found the perfect person to play
Departed, The2006979 - Scorsese nailed it with this Boston gangster movie about Billy Costigan who grew up in a crooked family & he becomes a cop, while Colin Sullivan grows up in a good family and becomes a cop, but works for the local mob boss Frank Costello. Costigan goes undercover to take down Costello, while Sullivan is in IA working secretively for Costello. It's a grossly intense game of cat & mouse on both sides. It is brilliantly written, superbly acted by a superstar cast & the man that made the film a classic is Martin Scorsese. One of my all-time favorites.
Fight Club1999979 - If you haven't seen this, turn the rock over that you're living under & watch. A cult classic that HAS to be seen. Absolutely brilliant!
Heat1995979(full review)
Usual Suspects1995979
Wedding Crashers2005979
Animal House19789618 - One of the movies that was a foundation to the crazy, raunchy comedies.
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)20139520
Avatar20099520 - I'm so glad James Cameron didn't try making this film until film technology made it to the point to be able to do this film justice. Brilliant graphics, great storyline & wonderful film.
Braveheart19959520 - One of the best acting/directing jobs ever. Mel Gibson put everything into this film and it shows. The story of William Wallace isn't one that you walk smiling about, but you respect and love. Superb film.
Dark Knight Rises, The20129520 - I can't wait til the next one. After having Scarecrow, The Joker, Two Face & Bane...Riddler, The Penguin, Poison Ivy & more are still left and you have the emergence of Robin & Catwoman coming out in full force for the next one. This was great, but it's only going to get long as Joel Schumacher has nothing to do with it.
Dark Knight, The20089520 - The best acting job ever by Heath Ledger playing The Joker. You can never look at The Joker the same way ever again. This series of Batman movies keep getting better and will be untouchable by any other comic book movie series.
Halloween (1978)19789520
Taxi Driver19769520
40 Year Old Virgin, The20059429 - One of the funniest movies I've ever seen & I don't get tired of it.
Apocalypse Now19799330 - A deep, dark view of a dangerous mission during Vietnam to kill a Green Beret who has gone rogue. Written & directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Brilliant acting jobs by Martin Sheen, Marlon Brando & Robert Duvall...supported by Lawrence Fishburne, Harrison Ford, Dennis Hopper & Scott Glenn. You have to see this movie at some point in your life.
Few Good Men, A19929330 - Tom Cruise did a terrific job as a cocky lawyer who plea bargains most of his cases, but finally decides to work a case of two Marines that claim they were obeying orders from their superiors (Jack Nicholson & Kiefer Sutherland). There are two movies were one character stole the show while only being in the movie for less than half an hour...Jack steals the show in this movie while being in it for approx 15 mins.
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)20119330
Chinatown19749234 - Classic Jack being Jack as Jake Gittes, a private eye that gets mixed up in an affluent families' problems...leading to major problems of his own. Great writing, great directing by the late, great John Huston. You want to see this classic.
Color Purple, The19859234
Field of Dreams19899234 - Some consider this the greatest sports movie of all time. Ray Kinsella hears a voice to tell him to build a baseball field in the middle of a cornfield in Iowa in order to bring back the departed all-time great baseball players.
Full Metal Jacket19879234
Gangs of New York20029234
Tommy Boy19959234
Top Gun19869234
Apollo 1319959142 - Historical movie that can't have a sequel. Great acting job by all the guys. Tom Hanks led the way.
Bull Durham19889142 - Classic!! Excellent choice in choosing the cast, well-written by a former Minor Leaguer who experienced a lot of the action in the movie & superb work by the actors. Some consider the best sports movie ever.
Con Air19979142
Dodgeball20049142 - The first really noticeable movie where Vince Vaughn has had the lead & is able to show off his genuinely sarcastic sense of humor. One of my favorite Ben Stiller movies. He is at his best when he acts like White Goodman. We need more of that. Very quoteable & you have to watch it more than once.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind20049142 - Brilliantly written by Charlie Kaufman & Michael Gondry (who also directed it) & a great job by Jim Carrey & Kate Winslet to lead this cast on a trip that seems to come from the genre of Lewis Carroll. When I heard the short Cliff Notes of the storyline, I was drawn in & couldn't wait to see it. It was all I expected it to be. Great job from beginning to end.
Game, The19979142 - If you've never seen it, you'll never know how good it is. You have to watch it. Michael Douglas was terrific.
Good Will Hunting19979142
Green Mile, The19999142
A Christmas Story19839051
Amadeus19849051 - It's a historic look at the greatest musical mind of all-time and the dark forces trying to sabotage the great Mozart.
Boondock Saints, The19999051 - Cult classic. Loved the storyline and how well it was written. Brilliant job by all.
Dances with Wolves19909051
Deja Vu20069051 - Great storyline, very intense & you couldn't do better than Denzel in the lead role. A one of a kind movie.
Elf20039051 - This movie is proof that Will Ferrell is a comedic genius. He doesn't have to drop four letter words to have his crowd rolling in the floor laughing. He has always been the guy that stole the camera while on SNL or any other movie he's been in because he's willing to say or do something outside the box, but in this he acts so goofy & crazy that you can't help but like this fact, I don't know anyone that doesn't like this movie. A holiday classic.
Gran Torino20089051(full review)
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story20079051
Austin Powers (1997)19978960
Blind Side, The20098960 - Great job by the cast to bring the story of Michael Oher & the Tuohy family. Loved it.
Dog Day Afternoon19758960 - If someone else played Sonny, this movie easily could've been a flop. Because this true story of Sonny Wortzik was played by the great Al Pacino he made this movie a classic. Pacino's ability to hide the secrets of the movie until the right moments, this movie boomed in 1975 & continues to be talked about almost 40 years later.
3:10 to Yuma (remake)20078864
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)19848864
Armageddon19988864 - It would just be stupid to make a sequel, but great idea and the mixture of cast was very good. Everyone did a great job in it. I have always liked this movie...& always will.
Ferris Beuller's Day Off19868864 - Out of all of the 1980's John Hughes movies, this was my favorite & might have been the best all-around. It's about high school senior Ferris Beuller who is has senioritis & decides to fake being sick to enjoy the day while getting his girlfriend out of school & hanging with his best friend who really is sick in the big city of Chicago. Non-stop fun.
Fugitive, The19938864
A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge19858770
Army of Darkness19928770 - This is a cult classic that is underrated. I loved this movie the first time I saw it as a teenager & still love it. Bruce Campbell is awesome.
Big Trouble in Little China19868770 - One of my favorite roles that Kurt Russell ever did. He's so goofy, cocky & enjoyable. No one could've done that role better. If someone else would've been Jack Burton, I wouldn't be giving a review. If you haven't seen, watch it. It's well worth your time.
Casino19958770 - When you put Bobby & Joe together in a gangster movie, it's going to be gold. This isn't the purest gold you can find, but it's still cinematic gold.
Hangover Part II, The20118770(full review)
American Gangster20078675
Basic Instinct19928675
Batman Begins20058675 - A great cornerstone to start a chapel of brilliance about one of the most recognizable figures in movie, TV or comics.
Buried20108675 - Excellent acting job by Ryan Reynolds. He's the only actor visible in the movie & I was never bored. He reels you in and it's an emotional roller coaster. A must watch...especially if you love cinema and great acting.
Clash of the Titans (2010)20108675
Coach Carter20058675 - Excellent sports movie. It's actually one of my favorites. Sam did a phenominal job as a coach that takes over an inner-city basketball team that nobody believes in.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The20088675
Any Given Sunday19998583 - One of the great sports movies that I think shows the bright & dark side of professional football.
Backdraft19918583 - Great movie, with a great cast. Everything was well done. It was the forerunner for another great movie Ladder 49.
Days of Thunder19908583 - For the time the movie was made, it helped propel NASCAR into a spotlight and bring attention to a sport that wouldn't be as big now without a movie like this to help it. It didn't just help a sport get noticed, but it was a good movie with great talent.
Deer Hunter, The19788583 - A great acting job by DeNiro, Chris Walken & Meryl Streep in one of the most depressing movies of all-time.
Desperado19958583 - Robert Rodriguez wrote and directed this action-packed flick with Antonio Banderas shooting everything in sight while hardly ever reloading & Salma Hayek looking scorching hot. Cameos by Cheech Marin, Steve Buscemi, Quentin Tarantino & Danny Trejo make this movie more fun & exciting. It's a classic guy movie.
Fargo19968583 - From the brilliant minds of Joel & Ethan Coen, this keys in on a good guy, who is an idiot husband that can't stand his wife who comes from a wealthy family. He's miserable & wants to get rid of her. He hires two idiot henchmen & who were bigger idiots than he was & everything unravels as he tries to get rid of his wife while police officer Marge Gunderson tries to get to the bottom of it. Great movie.
A Beautiful Mind20018489
Bad Boys II20038489
Balls of Fury20078489
48 Hours19828392
As Good as It Gets19978392 - A good performance by all, but a great performance by one of the best actors of all-time being an unlikable, wealthy, rude writer with OCD.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid19698392 - Newman & Redford...need I say more. Newman plays the nice, wants to be a bad guy, funny, smart, mouthy Butch Cassidy, while Redford plays cold, short-fused gunman Sundance. Excellent movie.
Cruel Intentions19998392
Big Chill, The19838296 - Top 5 80's drama. Great actors, they all messed well, storyline was very well thought out...overall a great movie.
American Beauty19998198
Awakenings19908198 - DeNiro & Robin Williams made a good duo in this movie about patients that have been catatonic for years & are given a new persciption drug that is supposed to bring them out of it. One of DeNiro's most underrated roles.
Blade II20028198
Cowboys & Aliens20118198 - Daniel Craig & Harrison Ford combine for good duo in this film. It's not realistic, but I like the concept. Solid movie...definitely for guys.
Crank20068198 - I liked the idea with this movie, the action was great, it had some nice sexy parts to it....a typical guy movie. I haven't watched the sequeal because I can't see how you make a sequel to that. I don't have any desire. Think it's stupid to stretch the storyline after that.
Crimson Tide19958198
12 Angry Men (original)195780104
Alpha Dog200680104
American Psycho200080104
Bad Boys199580104
Happy Gilmore199680104
I Am Chris Farley201580104
21 Jump Street201279111 - I wasn't expecting much from this movie...I got a lot more than I expected. I actually was pretty impressed with this. I thought Channing Tatum was funnier than I thought he could be. Watch the movie and be ready for cameos.
28 Days Later200279111
American Graffiti197379111
Billy Madison199579111 - Sandler's first big movie. This is what started it all. He had a funny storyline to go by, with some classic moments & great dialogue.
From Dusk Till Dawn199679111
50 First Dates200478116
Blades of Glory200778116 - Not the best duo of Ferrell & Heder, but they made it work and the dialogue was funny. Heder had some funny moments, but Ferrell carried the movie with some solid back-up from Nick Swardson, Amy Poehler & Will Arnett
Back to the Future198577119
History of Violence, A200577119
Capote200576121 - Brilliant acting job by Phillip Seymour Hoffman playing Truman Capote. It's not an easy part to play, Hoffman WAS Capote. His ability to be Capote made the film worth watching.
Crazy, Stupid, Love201176121
Casa De Mi Padre201275123 - Will Ferrell makes a movie that is obvious that he was making fun of low-budget films. He speaks Spanish the whole time. It's funny because he tried to be cheap & chessy. If you know this, you'll think this movie is funny.
Cop Out201075123
Aviator200474127 - DiCaprio did a brilliant job as Howard Hughes. Cate Blanchett & Kate Beckinsale did a great job as Hepburn & Gardner. It was a good historic film, but I just didn't care for it because as intelligent as Hughes was, I just don't care enough about it all to be draw in again.
Couples Retreat200974127
10 Things I Hate About You199973129
Cat Ballou196570130
Coyote Ugly200070130
Back to the Future III199068132
Back to the Future II198965133
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind200265133
Air America199058136
Friends with Kids201250137
A Clockwork Orange197138138
Batman And Robin19972139 - Give it to Joel Schumacher for screwing up something with so many stars. Looking at the cast, you would think this would've been the best film of the series. Schumacher made it too 1960's goofy Batman. Clooney, Arnold & Uma should've sued Schumacher for slandering their acting ability in such a crappy movie as that. Stick to producing Joel, because this was freaking horrible!!
CaddyShack II19881140

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