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Title Year Rating Rank Review
All the Presidents Men1976951(full review)
Benedetta2021902(full review)
Crimes of the Future2022902(full review)
Eraserhead1977902(full review)
Everything Everywhere All at Once2022902(full review)
My Man Godfrey1936902
RRR2022902(full review)
Spirited Away2001902(full review)
Three Thousand Years of Longing2022902(full review)
Barbarian20228510(full review)
Emily the Criminal20228510(full review)
Grand Hotel19328510(full review)
The Northman20228510(full review)
The Woman King20228510(full review)
Turning Red20228510(full review)
Vengeance20228510(full review)
Elvis20228017(full review)
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown19898017(full review)
Nope20228017(full review)
Beast20227520(full review)
Bullet Train20227520(full review)
Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.20227520(full review)
101 Dalmatians (animated)19617023(full review)
Bodies Bodies Bodies20227023(full review)
CaddyShack19807023(full review)
Marooned19697023(full review)
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris20227023(full review)
Prey20227023(full review)
Thor: Love and Thunder20227023(full review)
Jungle Cruise20216530(full review)
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On20226530(full review)
Prizzis Honor19856530(full review)
The Greatest Show on Earth19526530(full review)
Deep Water20226034(full review)
Men20226034(full review)
Toys19925536(full review)
The Phynx19703537(full review)
Me You Madness2021838(full review)