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Title Year Rating Rank Review
A Star Is Born20181001(full review)
Arrival20161001(full review) - Not the invasion action movie people might expect, but actually one of the most thought provoking movies I've ever seen.
Hunt for the Wilderpeople20161001(full review) - The perfect balance of comedy and drama, makes you cry one minute and then laugh till it hurts the next.
La La Land20161001(full review)
Searching20181001(full review)
Tallulah2016956(full review) - A heartbreaking drama about a young woman just trying to do her best. Highly recommended!
The Nice Guys2016956(full review) - Gosling and Crowe have so much chemistry. One of the funniest movies of 2016!
12 Angry Men (original)1957908(full review) - A classic, and an absolute must watch for all movie fans
A Simple Favor2018908(full review)
Anomalisa2015908(full review) - Like no other movie I've seen before, a must watch for animation fans
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch2018908(full review)
Bridget Jones's Baby2016908(full review) - Our beloved Bridget is back in a sequel that might just be better than the original!
Doctor Strange2016908(full review) - Marvel have raised the special effects bar for every new movie, stunning!
Everybody Wants Some2016908(full review) - A near-perfect comedy about guys being guys!
Inside Llewyn Davis2013908(full review)
It Follows2014908(full review) - I can honestly say that I was terrified from start to finish, the tension just never lets up
Napoleon Dynamite2004908(full review) - A real oddball comedy. It won't suit everyone's tastes but had me laughing from start to finish.
Nocturnal Animals2016908(full review) - A dark, gritty drama with an ending that will stay on your minds for days afterwards.
Psycho1960908(full review) - Still stands strong so many years later. A fantastic, twisty story full of suspense.
Short Term 122013908(full review)
Sicario2015908(full review) - One of my favourites of the year. Benicio Del Toro is menacing!
Star Wars: The Last Jedi2017908(full review)
The Hateful Eight2016908(full review)
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping20168524(full review) - A must watch for Lonely Island fans but worth it for the cameos alone!
Swiss Army Man20168524(full review) - 2016's weirdest movie for sure, but absolutely worth a watch
The Babadook20148524(full review) - A fantastic horror with an ending that everyone will have a different take on.
Zootopia20168524(full review) - Disney are back on top form again with this fun, colourful movie with a serious message behind it
10 Cloverfield Lane20168028(full review) - A chilling movie best watched with as little knowledge about it as possible.
Bohemian Rhapsody20188028(full review)
Circle20158028(full review) - A thought-provoking low budget movie that makes you wonder what you would do in the same situation.
First Man20188028(full review)
Frances Ha20138028(full review) - A quiet and beautiful movie about break-ups and change
Frank20148028(full review) - A weird and wonderful little movie that's a must watch for Michael Fassbender's performance.
Ghostbusters20168028(full review) - Nowhere near as bad as the grumpy critics have made it out to be. Good, honest fun!
Reservoir Dogs19928028(full review)
Sing Street20168028(full review) - A must watch for any fan of 80's music and another musical hit for John Carney.
Sully20168028(full review)
Table 1920178028(full review)
The Favourite20188028(full review)
The Lego Batman Movie20178028(full review)
Tickled20168028(full review) - A documentary like no others. What starts out as innocent yet a little odd takes a sharp turn quickly into something much darker.
Venom20188028(full review)
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot20168028(full review) - Mismarketed as a comedy, this is more a drama than anything else, but a good one at that
Wonder Woman20178028(full review)
45 Years20157045(full review) - Beautiful, yet heartbreaking.
Aquaman20187045(full review)
Beautiful Boy20187045(full review)
Beautiful Boy20187045(full review)
Carol20157045(full review) - Not my usual kind of movie, but really glad I gave it a chance.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them20167045(full review) - It doesn't have the magic that the original Harry Potter series does, but it's a fun family movie nontheless.
Florence Foster Jenkins20167045(full review) - Another fantastic performance by Meryl Streep, but it was Simon Helberg that stole the show
Hail, Caesar!20167045(full review) - Would that it were so simple!
Jason Bourne20167045(full review) - Everything you want a Jason Bourne movie to be!
Life20177045(full review)
Sorry to Bother You20187045(full review) - The craziest movie of 2018 by far!
Star Trek Beyond20167045(full review) - Perhaps not as good as the previous installments, but the action scenes were fantastic!
The Fundamentals of Caring20167045(full review) - A beautiful little movie that doesn't push itself hard enough as either a comedy or drama.
The Grinch20187045(full review)
Warcraft20167045(full review) - Perhaps confusing for the uninitiated, but a good, fun watch for the fans
Suicide Squad20166560(full review) - A ridiculous and needless plot, but a wild and fun ride.
Glass20196061(full review)
Hungry Hearts20146061(full review) - A horror movie in the most unconventional sense!
Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle20186061(full review)
Central Intelligence20165064(full review) - Hart and Johnson have great chemistry, but the movie itself was very sub-par.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald20185064(full review)
Independence Day: Resurgence20165064(full review)
Sausage Party20165064(full review) - As rude an unapologetic as you expect it to be...until the zombie corn scene...
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs20185064(full review)
The House with a Clock in Its Walls20185064(full review)
The Old Man & the Gun20185064(full review)
While We're Young20145064(full review) - What started out as a heart warming romantic comedy sadly ended in a dull drama with a drastic shift in tone.
The Boss20164072(full review) - Starts off un-funny but with an okay story, and then descends into chaos
The Driftless Area20154072(full review) - A dangerous cat and mouse chase movie that has a serious struggle with tone.
Wiener-Dog20164072(full review) - Had the potential to be a beautiful a moving story, but fell flat too many times.
Mojave20153075(full review) - Totally clueless about this movie, but I at least learnt 'doppelganger' has two meanings.
Song to Song20173075(full review)
Human Centipede (First Sequence), The20092077(full review) - I'm not sure what's worse, the fact this movie was made in the first place, or the fact it got 2 sequels

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