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Dark Knight Rises, The2012901 - The only thing holding me back from giving this movie a ten, is the acting. Marion Cotillard who played "Miranda" was pretty sub par in this flick. I also am hesitant of giving it a 10 because of the ending, great suspense leading up and then Marion Cotillard ruined it... Excited for the next one though! Crossing fingers.
Looper2012901 - Time and time again I heard that this was a "Mess of a movie". I thought it kept me engaged and full of anxiety throughout the movie. Overall a great movie/acting. I thought they did a great job explaining on how Bruce Willis's character (The older Joe) was able to go to back in time. Overall, a great plot, great writing. The end of the movie left me wanting more.
AVENGERS, The2012803 - Great take on one of the most popular comic book series of all time. Stand out performance from this movie still has to be Robert Downey Jr. He was able to control complete crowd focus and really got me excited for the next Iron Man movie. The other characters roles were downplayed I thought and not as engaged as I would have liked.

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