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Title Year Rating Rank Review
50/502011971(full review) - A film about cancer that presents a real version, with tears and laughs included. One of the best films of last year.
Alien1979971(full review) - A tense, quiet horror film that deserves its place in pop culture.
Argo2012971(full review) - One of the best films of the year. A tense thriller that manages to walk a fine tightrope between drama and comedy.
Captain Phillips2013971(full review) - A tense and engaging emotional punch of a film, which doesn’t allow you to paint people as good or evil.
127 Hours2010805(full review) - A powerful story that plays heavily on our empathy with some stunning camera work and great acting.
500 Days of Summer2009805(full review) - An inventive and energetic film that accurately portrays the life and death of a relationship.
About Time2013805(full review) - An almost-perfect portrayal of love, life and family, with a little bit of time travel thrown in.
Attack the Block2011805(full review) - Filled with energy and inventiveness, this début is too rough around the edges to be perfect. Still a strong film, showcasing a director that has better work ahead of him.
Byzantium2012805(full review) - A beautiful, melodic piece that explores women, death and sexuality. This isn’t your usual vampire film, but it’s a welcome change.
Chasing Amy1997805(full review) - Kevin Smith’s best film: an examination of sexuality and pop culture from a script that’s alive with a passion of a filmmaker burning his own path in Hollywood.
Dead Poets Society1989805(full review) - An incredibly charismatic film, that wins you over with charming characters and a sentimental theme.
Django Unchained2012805(full review) - An undisciplined film, like many of Tarantino’s movies, but hugely entertaining. Charismatic characters and silver-tongued dialogue hide many of the flaws.
Easy A2010805(full review) - A very funny high school comedy, which manages to reference classic films and brings a fresh energy to the genre.
Charlie Bartlett20076114(full review) - Touches on the greatness of some John Hughes classics, but is too fluffy and light to become a film worth remembering.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 220136114(full review) - This is still as zany as the first film, and even cuter, but it lacks the smarts that the first one had hidden behind all the laughs. A good film, but a lesser sequel.
Despicable Me20106114(full review) - Not a bad film, but stifled because it’s too afraid to take risks. Should have been better.
Despicable Me 220136114(full review) - While funnier than the original and more sure of itself, Despicable Me 2 doesn’t have the great story of the first and doesn’t manage to tie up all its loose ends by the finale.
Elysium20136114(full review) - This is a great premise and some wonderful world-building, but ultimately not much more than a solid action sci-fi.
Enough Said20136114(full review) - A tender and charming romantic story, that doesn’t fall back on Hollywood endings or grand gestures. Sadly, not strong enough to rise above the circumstances in which it was made.
Epic20136114(full review) - It’s too cheap to say that Epic wasn’t epic, but time and again it fails to live up to the great ideas that hang around, unseen, in the background.
Blue Jasmine20134321(full review) - A very fine performance of somebody that I hated spending time with, with nothing else to distract from the vapid personality.
Battlefield Earth2000122

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