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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Amour2012971(full review)
Beasts of the Southern Wild2012971(full review)
Duck Soup (1933)1933971(full review)
Inception2010971(full review)
No Country for Old Men2007971(full review)
Once Upon a Time in the West1968971(full review)
Rear Window1954971(full review)
Spotlight2015971(full review)
About Elly2009889(full review)
Argo2012889(full review)
Creed2015889(full review)
Impossible, The2012889(full review)
Intouchables2011889(full review)
Lincoln2012889(full review)
Mud2013889(full review)
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe)2010889(full review)
Roman Holiday1953889(full review)
Singin' In The Rain1952889(full review)
Slow West2015889(full review)
Star Trek Into Darkness2013889(full review)
Star Trek: First Contact1996889(full review)
The Gift (Edgerton / Bateman)2015889(full review)
To the Wonder2013889(full review)
Zero Dark Thirty2012889(full review)
Bridge of Spies20158025(full review)
Cop Car20158025(full review)
Evil Dead (2013)20138025(full review)
Great Gatsby, The (2013)20138025(full review)
Hitchcock20128025(full review)
Les Miserables20128025(full review)
Oblivion20138025(full review)
Olympus Has Fallen20138025(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful20138025(full review)
Ruby Sparks20128025(full review)
Say Anything...19898025(full review)
Seven Year Itch, The19558025(full review)
Stoker20138025(full review)
Terminator: Salvation20098025(full review)
Vertigo19588025(full review)
West of Memphis20128025(full review)
4220137041(full review)
Apollo 1820117041(full review)
Brave20127041(full review)
Fast And Furious 620137041(full review)
Iron Man 320137041(full review)
Life of Pi20127041(full review)
Master, The20127041(full review)
Rust and Bone20127041(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed20127041(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20127041(full review)
Star Trek (2009)20097041(full review)
Chocolat20006152(full review)
Flight20126152(full review)
Jack The Giant Slayer20136152(full review)
Network19766152(full review)
Room 23720136152(full review)
Safe Haven20136152(full review)
Side Effects (2013)20136152(full review)
Warm Bodies20136152(full review)
Wreck-It Ralph20126152(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)20045261(full review)
G.I. Joe: Retaliation20135261(full review)
House at the End of the Street20125261(full review)
Alex Cross20124364(full review)
Good Day To Die Hard, A20134364(full review)
Holy Motors20124364(full review)
Raven, The20124364(full review)
V for Vendetta20054364(full review)
Chernobyl Diaries20123469(full review)
Fantastic Four20153469(full review)
This Means War20123469(full review)
Da Vinci Code, The200629.672(full review)
Red Dawn (2012)20122573(full review)