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Title Year Rating Rank Review
All About Eve19501001(full review) - If you have not seen it, you need to make time to learn all about Eve.
An Education20091001(full review) - An Education is one of the best!
Anatomy of a Murder19591001(full review) - Anatomy of a Murder represents Preminger at his best.
Annie Hall19771001(full review) - A classic
Black Swan20101001(full review)
Casablanca19421001(full review) - It's as good as you've been told.
Godfather, The19721001(full review) - One of the best movies of all time.
Guardians of the Galaxy20141001(full review) - The best of 2014
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington19391001(full review) - One of the greats.
No Country for Old Men20071001(full review) - This is the Coen Brothers at their best. Javier Bardem won the Oscar but the film's best performance came from Kelly McDonald as Josh Brolin's poor girlfriend.
Once20061001 - One of the best musicals ever made.
Once Upon a Time in America19841001(full review) - One of the greatest films ever made.
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans19271001(full review) - One of the best films ever.
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly20071001 - An incredibly touching film from Julian Schnabel.
Upstream Color20131001(full review)
Wall-E20081001 - One of the best animated films of all time.
Winters Bone20101001(full review)
12 Angry Men (original)19579518(full review)
A Face in the Crowd19579518(full review)
A Room with a View19859518(full review) - A wonderfully romantic film
Babel20069518 - One of the best.
Bonnie and Clyde19679518(full review) - A classic!
Boogie Nights19979518(full review) - It is not about porn. It is about community.
Boyhood20149518(full review) - Boyhood is not an easy film. But it is a great one.
Calvary20149518(full review) - One of the best Catholic films ever made.
Carol20159518(full review) - The best of 2015
Dazed And Confused19939518(full review)
Ed Wood19949518(full review) - Close to perfect
From Russia With Love19639518(full review)
Godfather: Part II, The19749518(full review) - One of the greatest gangster films ever.
Hanna20119518(full review)
In Bruges20089518 - A violent comedy that, in the end, is surprisingly touching.
Rushmore19989518(full review)
The Best Years of Our Lives19469518(full review) - One of the best of all the films to win best picture.
To Kill A Mockingbird19629518(full review) - A true classic
Under the Skin20149518(full review) - A dream of dark and disturbing things
Vicky Cristina Barcelona20089518 - One of Woody Allen's best movies, featuring excellent performances from Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem, and Penelope Cruz.
Wild20149518(full review) - Incredibly empowering.
127 Hours20109040(full review)
3:10 to Yuma (remake)20079040 - An exciting western, with great performances from Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, and especially Ben Foster.
A Ghost Story20179040(full review) - Brilliant, though not for everyone.
A Trip to the Moon19029040(full review) - Charmingly innocent and ahead of its time.
Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry20129040(full review) - A great and inspiring documentary
All the Presidents Men19769040(full review)
American Honey20169040(full review) - A gem of a film
American Hustle20139040(full review) - One of my favorite films of 2013.
Anna Karenina20129040(full review) - Needless to say, the extreme stylization is not for everyone. That is actually one of the reasons that I love this version of Anna Karenina so much.
Arrival20169040(full review) - Brilliant and wonderful science fiction
Artist, The20119040(full review)
Avengers: Endgame20199040(full review) - A fitting conclusion to one of the greatest cinematic sagas of all time.
Baby Driver20179040(full review) - Awesome!
Beasts of No Nation20159040(full review) - An important and powerful film.
Birdman20149040 - The film is occasionally pretentious but, in the end, it's still a triumph of pure cinema.
Bloody Sunday20029040(full review) - However, the power of Bloody Sunday does not come from political ideology. Instead, the movie serves as a disturbing but powerful reminder of what can happen when people surrender their free will to groupthink.
Brooklyn20159040(full review) - A great and wonderfully romantic film!
Burn After Reading20089040(full review) - A wonderfully satiric look at greed, lust, espionage, paranoia, and stupidity.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier20149040(full review) - One of the best of the Marvel movies.
Cold in July20149040(full review) - It is a film that you, as a lover of cinema, owe it to yourself to see.
Dark Knight, The20089040
Easy A20109040(full review) - One of the best high school films ever made.
Ex Machina20159040 - Intelligent and thought-provoking science fiction. Great work from Oscar Isaac and Alicia Vikander.
Fast Times at Ridgemont High19829040(full review) - Not your typical teen comedy.
For Your Eyes Only19819040
Foxcatcher20149040(full review) - Technically brilliant but emotionally cold
Gone Girl20149040 - Excellent adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel.
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20149040(full review) - Flawed by fascinating
In the Bedroom20019040(full review)
Inside Out20159040(full review) - One of Pixar's best.
Into the Wild20079040 - A great film about an occasionally off-putting lead character.
It20179040(full review) - One of the best horror movies ever.
Jaws19759040(full review) - One of the best.
Joe20149040(full review) - Nicolas Cage redeems himself.
Juno20079040(full review) - When future historians are watching movies for clues as to what it was like to be alive during the first decade of the 21st Century, Juno is one of the films that they will watch.
Kubo and the Two Strings20169040(full review) - A magical film in more ways than one.
LEGO Movie, The20149040(full review) - Everything is awesome!
Logan20179040(full review) - The first great movie of 2017.
Mad Max: Fury Road20159040 - One of the year's greatest surprises. An exciting and thought-provoking film.
Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, The19629040(full review) - John Wayne, James Stewart, Lee Marvin, and Vera Miles at their best.
Mean Girls20049040(full review) - Thanks for the memories, Mean Girls!
Million Dollar Baby20049040(full review) - Great film but so very depressing.
Moonlight20169040(full review) - One of the best of 2016
Nashville19759040(full review) - One of Altman's best.
Never Let Me Go20109040(full review) - Powerful and heart-breaking.
Nightcrawler20149040(full review) - A thought provoking look at the worst of society, featuring an excellent performance from Jake Gyllenhaal.
Palo Alto20139040(full review) - A minor existential masterpiece.
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129040(full review) - If you do not love The Perks of Being A Wallflower, then I am worried.
Queen, The20069040(full review) - A great film for intelligent audiences
Rachel Getting Married20089040 - A great look at family dysfunction.
Rebel Without a Cause19559040(full review) - One of the best movies ever made about teenagers.
Room20159040(full review) - The movie made my cry and cry and I mean that in a good way.
Sicario20159040(full review) - One of the best films of 2015.
Snowpiercer20139040(full review) - A thought-provoking and exciting look at a frozen future.
Somewhere20109040(full review) - An excellent and often misunderstood film
Spectacular Now, The20139040(full review) - The Spectacular Now is a Say Anything for my generation.
Spy Who Loved Me19779040(full review)
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens20159040 - A great adventure!
Sucker Punch20119040(full review)
Sully20169040(full review) - One of the best of the year so far.
Take Shelter20119040(full review) - Wonderful performance from Michael Shannon.
Taxi Driver19769040(full review) - Disturbing and powerful.
The Fault in Our Stars20149040(full review) - In the end, the tears are earned. In the end, the film works.
The Tribe20159040(full review) - Brilliant!
The Witch20159040(full review) - An excellent horror film that will stick with you.
Venus in Fur20149040(full review) - A fascinating power struggle
Wonder Woman20179040(full review) - An empowering and entertaining blast!
10 Things I Hate About You199989107(full review)
Argo201286108(full review)
Unfriended201586108(full review) - The best horror film of 2015 so far.
Whiplash201486108(full review) - J.K. Simmons kicks ass.
Winter's Tale201486108(full review) - I liked it and I am not ashamed.
88201585112(full review) - A pulp masterpiece.
A Quiet Place201885112(full review) - An excellent horror film that is also a celebration of family bonds.
All Is Lost201385112(full review) - I expected that I would hate All Is Lost but instead I loved it.
All The King's Men194985112(full review) - It remains just as relevant today as when it was first released.
Amy201585112(full review) - Great documentary about a great artist,
Annihilation201885112 - Powerful and challenging.
Avengers: Infinity War201885112(full review) - A big, sprawling pop art masterpiece.
Aviator200485112(full review)
Begin Again201485112(full review) - Thoroughly charming with a great soundtrack
Black Panther201885112 - One of the best Marvel films so far.
Blue Ruin201485112(full review)
Captain America: Civil War201685112(full review) - A thrilling and fun film, one of the best MCU films to date.
Casino Royale200685112
Chicago200285112(full review) - The show that predicted the Kardashians.
Clouds of Sils Maria201485112(full review) - Fascinating and thought-provoking
Creed201585112 - Wonderfully entertaining, with great performances from Sylvester Stallone and Michael B. Jordan.
Crimson Peak201585112(full review) - A gothic masterpiece.
Dangerous Liaisons (1988)198885112(full review) - If you are like me and you love seeing how the rich and famous lived in past centuries, you will find a lot to enjoy in Dangerous Liaisons.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes201485112 - A surprisingly intelligent epic.
Death Proof200785112 - Underrated. Kurt Russell makes for a good villain and Zoe Bell kicks ass.
Departed, The200685112(full review) - Like all worthwhile films, The Departed is one that grows better with subsequent viewings
Drag Me to Hell200985112(full review) - Am I saying that the film would have been better is Lohman had murdered a cute puppy instead? Yes, I am.
Drinking Buddies201385112(full review)
Edge of Tomorrow201485112 - An exciting and intelligent science fiction epic.
Everybody Wants Some201685112(full review) - Not Linklater's best but still pretty good.
Fame198085112(full review) - The film is dated but a lot of it still rings true.
Faults201585112(full review) - A dark and disturbing comedy.
Fighter, The201085112(full review)
French Connection, The197185112(full review) - The film's power has been diluted by imitation but it's still an exciting film and Gene Hackman's performance continues to impress.
Friday the 13th (1980)198085112(full review)
Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter198485112(full review)
Fruitvale Station201385112(full review)
Furious 7201585112(full review) - Exciting, fun, stylish, and poignant.
Gone Baby Gone200785112 - Excellent detective film. Ben Affleck's directorial debut is superior to both The Town and Argo.
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2201785112(full review) - A wonderfully entertaining sequel
Hacksaw Ridge201685112(full review) - An anti-war masterpiece
Hell or High Water201685112(full review) - Foster, Bridges, and Pine -- oh my!
How to Train Your Dragon 2201485112 - Its nice to return to Berk.
If....196885112(full review) - Seen today, If remains a surprisingly potent celebration of rebellion and a harsh condemnation of conformist society. Occasionally pretentious in that wonderful way that only a British film made in 1968 could be, If is also a surprisingly stinging satire that does not leave anyone — even the its heroes — untouched.
Inherent Vice201485112(full review) - Frustrating but brilliant
Iron Man200885112 - A blast of pure enjoyment.
Life Itself201485112 - Touching and thought-provoking
Little Shop of Horrors, The (1960)196085112(full review) - One of Corman's best!
Live and Let Die197385112(full review)
Lookout, The200785112 - An unusual heist film, featuring award-worthy performances from Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jeff Daniels.
Love & Mercy201585112(full review) - Great performances from Elizabeth Banks, John Cusack, and especially Paul Dano
Megan Leavey201785112(full review) - Sweet without being sentimental, Megan Leavey features a great lead performance from Kate Mara.
Mystic River200385112(full review)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service196985112
On The Waterfront195485112(full review) - The performances are still amazing.
One False Move199285112(full review) - An excellent thriller with a great performance from Bill Paxton
Only Lovers Left Alive201485112(full review) - Only Lovers Left Alive is one of the most Rollinesque films to have ever been made by a director other than Jean Rollin.
Philadelphia Story (1940)194085112(full review) - A true delight of a film.
Place Beyond the Pines, The201385112(full review)
Raw201785112(full review) - A powerful coming-of-age tale disguised as a movie about cannibalism
Shaun the Sheep Movie201585112(full review) - A delightful and fun movie!
Sinister201285112(full review)
Sixth Sense, The199985112(full review) - Say what you will about M. Night Shyamalan, The Sixth Sense holds up well.
Slumdog Millionaire200885112(full review) - An excellent and exuberant film from Danny Boyle.
Straight Outta Compton201585112(full review) - Incendiary and powerful.
The Apartment196085112(full review) - The film's satire still feels relevant.
The Conjuring 2201685112(full review) - This movie will scare the Hell out of you.
The End of the Tour201585112(full review) - A fascinating and low-key meditation of talent, genius, and depression
The Final Girls201585112(full review) - One of the best of 2015.
The Gift (Edgerton / Bateman)201585112(full review) - An excellent and thought-provoking thriller
The One I Love201485112(full review) - Thought-provoking and challenging.
The Purge: Anarchy201485112(full review) - A powerful and subversive political film disguised as an exercise is genre.
The Walk201585112(full review) - An exhilarating film.
There Will Be Blood200785112(full review) - Slightly overrated but still an outstanding film. Paul Dano deserved more attention for his performance than he got.
Trainwreck201585112(full review) - Best comedy of 2015
Virgin Suicides, The199985112(full review)
Warm Bodies201385112(full review)
Wild Things199885112(full review) - A clever and witty satire disguised as an over-the-top melodrama.
Win Win201185112(full review) - An excellent human comedy from director Thomas McCarthy. Great performances from the entire cast.
Witness for the Prosecution195785112(full review) - Witness for the Prosecution is a lot of fun!
Wrestler, The200885112(full review) - Great Mickey Rourke performance
You're Next201185112(full review)
Young Adult201185112(full review) - Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt both give great performances in this darkly humorous film.
Zodiac200785112 - Jake Gyllenhaal is miscast but otherwise, this is a haunting and disturbing film. Excellent work from Mark Ruffalo, Robert Downey, Jr. ,and Chloe Sevigny.
22 Jump Street201484192 - A genuinely funny satire on both action films and sequels.
Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief201584192(full review) - One of the creepiest documentaries that I've ever seen.
Maggie201583194(full review) - Ignore the critics, Maggie is great.
21 Jump Street201282195(full review) - The true pleasure of the film comes from the comedic chemistry between Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.
10 Cloverfield Lane201680196(full review) - Exciting thriller with great performances and an uneven ending.
21 Grams200380196(full review) - Devastating film
31201680196(full review) - One of Rob Zombie's better efforts.
A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence201480196(full review) - An odd but unforgettable exercise in surrealism
A Simple Plan199880196(full review) - Chilling
Alpha Dog200680196 - A stylish and well-acted true crime melodrama.
Atonement200780196(full review) - Good film about how a mistake ruins three lives.
Barry Lyndon197580196(full review) - The pace is deliberately slow but the film is gorgeous to look at.
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead200780196 - A good heist film. Overlong but features great performances from Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ethan Hawke, Albert Finney, and Marisa Tomei.
Bling Ring, The201380196(full review) - A divisive film but one that I very much like.
Borgman201380196(full review) - Disturbingly brilliant
Chef201480196 - Touching, funny, and heartfelt
Cinderella201580196(full review) - A gorgeous live action fairy tale.
Deadpool201680196 - Entertaining meta-comic book film. Ryan Reynolds finally gets a chance to show what he can do with a decent role.
Deadpool 2201880196(full review) - Enjoyably ribald sequel
Diamonds Are Forever197180196
Election199980196(full review) - A great satire of high school politics.
Friday the 13th Part 2198180196(full review)
Fury201480196 - Predictable but effective.
Godzilla vs. Destroyah199580196(full review) - One of the best of the Godzilla films
Gran Torino200880196(full review) - One of Clint Eastwood's best performances
Hail, Caesar!201680196(full review) - It's totally self-indulgent and doesn't add up to much but I still liked it.
Hustler, The196180196(full review) - One of Paul Newman's best performances.
Keanu201680196(full review) - Key and Peele are hilarious and the cat is beyond adorable
King of Comedy, The198380196(full review) - One of the most prophetic films ever made.
Kong: Skull Island201780196(full review) - Wonderfully entertaining and self-aware.
Lars and the Real Girl200780196 - A deceptively simple film that is surprisingly touching.
Living Daylights198780196
Mechanic, The201180196(full review) - A minor triumph of the pulp imagination.
Michael Clayton200780196 - Well-made and entertaining but predictable as well.
Moana201680196(full review) - A wonderful animated adventure!
Pompeii201480196(full review) - A lot of fun. Kiefer Sutherland was born to play a villain in a film like this.
Raid 2: Berandal, The201480196 - An exciting action sequel
Rebecca194080196(full review) - Good, gothic fun
Remains of the Day, The199380196(full review) - A nicely done look at repression and politics in pre-WWII Britain.
Rosemary's Baby196880196(full review) - "This is no dream! This is really happening!"
Safety Not Guaranteed201280196(full review) - One of my favorite films of 2012. Sweet, low-key, and featuring a great ending.
Sharknado 2: The Second One201480196(full review)
Shutter Island201080196(full review) - Scorsese in a playful mood.
Split201780196(full review) - Good work from McAvoy and Shyamalan
Spring201480196(full review) - Interesting hybird of Linklaterish talky romance and Conenbergian body horror
Spy201580196(full review) - Better (and funnier) than Spectre.
Superbad200780196(full review) - Superbad is supergood, supercool, superfun, supersweet, and just plain super.
The Belko Experiment201780196(full review) - Subversive and violent satire
The Dead Zone198380196(full review) - Aided by a great performance from Christopher Walken, David Cronenberg makes the material his own.
The Diary of a Teenage Girl201580196(full review) - Straight-forward and nonjudgemental coming-of-age story, very well done
The Girl with All the Gifts201680196(full review) - Perhaps a bit too predictable but still a very good movie.
The Green Inferno201580196(full review) - This is a film that delivers exactly what it promises.
The Guns of Navarone196180196(full review) - Enjoyably old-fashioned adventure film
The Omen197680196(full review) - By the time the film ends, you are convinced that anyone can die.
The Revenant201580196(full review) - Intense
The Shallows201680196(full review) - A great film, featuring a menacing shark, a breakthrough performance from Blake Lively, and a truly talented seagull.
The Stanford Prison Experiment201580196(full review) - Disturbing, intense, and thought-provoking.
Traffic200080196(full review) - One of Soderbergh's better films.
Tropic Thunder200880196 - Hilarious.
True Grit (2010)201080196(full review) - Probably the most straight-forward movie ever made by the Coen Brothers.
Verdict, The198280196(full review) - Great performance from Paul Newman.
Veronica Mars201480196(full review) - How you will react to the film will probably depend on how you feel about the series.
Wag the Dog199780196(full review)
Woodstock197080196(full review) - Occasionally, the film is an endurance test but it's still an important record of the time in which it was made.
Zombeavers201480196(full review) - This is the best zombie beaver film ever made.
Devil's Due201479258(full review) - It works because it manages to get at the heart of a very real and very primal fear.
Avengers: Age of Ultron201578259(full review) - It has its flaws but it's still a lot of fun.
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation201578259(full review) - After seeing this film, I now have a girl crush on Rebecca Ferguson.
Kingsman: The Secret Service201577261 - An enjoyable action film. Colin Firth is always fun when he gets to be a badass.
47 Meters Down201775262(full review) - Uneven but still enjoyable.
Allied201675262(full review) - Uneven but entertaining
American Assassin201775262(full review) - Dylan O'Brien comes of age as an actor.
American Gigolo198075262(full review) - An exercise in pure, sleek, cocaine-fueled style
Ant-Man201575262(full review) - Hardly the best of Marvel's many films but Paul Rudd makes for a likable hero.
April Fool's Day198675262(full review) - An enjoyable slasher parody
Ashby201575262(full review) - Uneven but likable.
At Any Price201275262(full review)
Awakenings199075262(full review) - Sentimental and sweet. It's impossible not to cheer a little for Awakenings.
Beyond the Valley of the Dolls197075262(full review) - An insanely memorable satire.
Black Mass201575262(full review) - Johnny Depp is the main reason to see this well-made gangster film.
Bridge of Spies201575262(full review) - Good but very conventional. By this point, Steven Spielberg doesn't have a subversive bone in his body.
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid196975262(full review) - The film is uneven but saved by the chemistry between Paul Newman and Robert Redford.
Chariots of Fire198175262(full review) - The film may not be great but it's still effective.
Clueless199575262(full review)
Cop Car201575262(full review) - Kevin Bacon continues to prove himself to be a national treasure.
Don't Breathe201675262(full review) - A nicely done suspense film
Dr. No196275262(full review)
Eddie the Eagle201675262(full review) - Predictable but very sweet
Elizabeth199875262(full review) - Great performance from Cate Blanchett.
Everest201575262(full review) - The narrative may be predictable but the visuals are stunning. Be sure it see it in 3D!
Friday Night Lights (movie)200475262(full review) - Perhaps the best thing that I can say about Friday Night Lights is that I understand why so many people who do love football also happen to love this film.
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning198575262(full review)
Game Night201875262(full review) - It made me laugh.
Gangster Squad201375262(full review)
Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster196475262(full review) - Silly and a lot of fun.
Ghostbusters201675262(full review) - It's definitely uneven and nowhere as good as the original but it's still an entertaining comedy, featuring great work from Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon.
Gloria201475262(full review) - Interesting biopic with good performances
Godfather Part III, The199075262(full review) - It can't compare to the other two movies but it's not quite as bad as you may have heard.
Godzilla vs. Kong202175262(full review)
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla197475262(full review) - This is a seriously strange Godzilla film.
Happy Death Day 2U201975262(full review) - A worthy sequel
Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, The201475262(full review) - A fitting conclusion
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, The201575262(full review) - A worthy conclusion to a great saga
If I Stay201475262(full review) - If I Stay contains yet another strong performance from Chloe Grace Moretz, one that elevates the entire film.
Ingrid Goes West201775262(full review) - A Taxi Driver for the age of social media
It Comes at Night201775262(full review) - Depressing but effective apocalyptic horror.
It Follows201475262(full review) - Overrated but effective.
Karate Kid198475262(full review) - LaRusso's alright!
Kung Fu Panda 3201675262 - Cute movie. Can't go wrong with kung fu and pandas.
Man with the Golden Gun197475262(full review)
Mrs. Miniver194275262(full review) - Effective World War II melodrama
Nerve201675262(full review) - An entertaining cautionary tale
Phone Booth200275262(full review) - A good film, especially considering that it was directed by Joel Schumacher
Piranha (2010)201075262(full review) - The story moves so quickly and the mayhem is so over-the-top and excessive that the brain never gets a chance to relax enough to zone out.
Pitch Perfect 2201575262(full review) - A worthy and enjoyable sequel
Planet Terror200775262 - Definitely uneven but still enjoyably over the top.
SALT201075262(full review) - It was fun to not only see a woman in a movie do stuff that usually only a man is allowed to do but also manage to do all of it a lot more convincingly than most contemporary male action heroes.
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi 198375262(full review) - Uneven but entertaining.
Suffragette201575262(full review) - Cinematically, it feels like it belongs more on TV than on a big screen. But the story it tells is inspiring and important.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street200775262 - One of Tim Burton's better films.
Team America: World Police200475262(full review) - Merica!
The Autopsy of Jane Doe201675262(full review) - Atmospheric horror that sneaks up on you
The Book of Life201475262(full review) - A gorgeously animated tribute to Mexican culture and mythology.
The Good Dinosaur201575262(full review) - Predictable but likable.
The Hero201775262(full review) - Not a perfect film but it does feature a perfect lead performance from Sam Elliott.
The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part201975262(full review) - It doesn't quite reach the heights of the original but it's still a lot of fun.
The Parallax View197475262(full review) - A classic of paranoia.
The Peanuts Movie201575262(full review) - For the most part, it stays true to the source material.
The Secret Life of Pets201675262(full review) - It's cute. You really can't go wrong with talking pets.
The Theory of Everything201475262(full review) - A good film but the true story is far more complex and challenging.
True Confessions198175262(full review) - An intriguing mystery featuring a great performance from Robert Duvall
Unsane201875262(full review) - Occasionally pretentious but it features good performances from Claire Foy and Joshua Leonard
Used Cars198075262(full review) - A celebration of small businesses everywhere.
Valley of the Dolls196775262(full review) - A classic of its kind.
Visitor, The (2008)200875262 - Good but heavy-handed.
Vow, The201275262(full review)
War on Everyone201675262(full review) - An entertaining and violent ramble of a film.
Warrior201175262(full review) - This film works surprisingly well. Great performance from Tom Hardy.
Water for Elephants201175262(full review) - Silly, over-the-top, campy, and totally entertaining.
Weiner201675262(full review) - Fascinating documentary about a creepy guy
Where the Truth Lies200575262(full review)
Wings192775262(full review) - The first best picture winner is predictable but enjoyable. Plus, it features Clara Bow!
World Is Not Enough, The199975262
12 Strong201870336(full review) - Predictable but well-done.
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi201670336(full review) - Overlong but better than the typical Michael Bay film.
A View to a Kill198570336(full review)
About Last Night201470336(full review) - Surprisingly sweet and funny.
Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies201270336(full review) - You have to appreciate any film that combines Lincoln with zombies.
Adult World201370336(full review) - The story is flawed but a great cast redeems the film.
All Good Things201070336(full review) - Enjoyable because the real-life case was so bizarre but you are never emotionally invested in the characters.
All the Right Moves198370336(full review) - All The Right Movies is actually pretty good for a high school football movie.
Amazing Spider-Man, The201270336(full review) - The villain is forgettable but this film is redeemed by the chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.
Being There197970336(full review) - A little dated but still enjoyable.
Changeling, The (1980)198070336(full review) - A creepy and effective Canadian horror film.
Coach Carter200570336(full review) - Perhaps the best thing about Coach Carter is that it gives Jackson a chance to show what he is truly capable of doing as an actor.
Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The200870336(full review) - Has some good moments but overall, it's strangely impersonal.
Dave199370336(full review) - A likable film with a good performance from Kevin Kline.
Death Wish201770336(full review) - A movie that delivers exactly what it promises
Die Another Day200270336
Dolphin Tale 2201470336(full review) - Likable sequel.
Eastern Promises200770336 - Sometimes fascinating, sometimes frustrating look at the Russian mafia.
Endless Love198170336(full review) - Enjoyably bad.
Faculty, The199870336(full review)
Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives198670336
Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood198870336(full review)
Funny Games200770336 - It's impossible to enjoy but it's still a thought-provoking look at media violence.
Ghost199070336(full review) - Silly but effective.
Godzilla vs. Hedorah197170336(full review) - One of the strangest Godzilla films ever made.
Good Kill201570336(full review) - Heavy-handed but elevated by Ethan Hawke's lead performance.
Great Expectations (1998 Hawke Paltrow DeNiro)199870336(full review) - Pip is now Finn.
Green Hornet, The201170336(full review) - It has enough funny moments to be enjoyable.
Halloween (2007 Rob Zombie remake)200770336(full review) - It doesn't equal Carpenter's original but Zombie's version is definitely effective.
Happy Birthday to Me198170336(full review) - You'll never eat shish kebab again.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The201470336(full review) - The weakest for the Hunger Games films so far. Still worth seeing for Jennifer Lawrence's iconic performance.
In Secret201470336(full review) - Trashy fun
Interstellar201470336 - Uneven. The film has some great moments but it has a lot of other moments that essentially feel like Christopher Nolan on autopilot.
Into the Woods201470336(full review) - I liked it but I never loved it.
Jurassic World201570336(full review) - Weak script but you can't dislike a film with Chris Pratt and dinosaurs.
Legends of the Fall199470336(full review) - Visually gorgeous, thematically shallow
Life201770336(full review) - Space is a dangerous and messy place.
Locke201470336(full review) - The film doesn't really work but Tom Hardy gives a great performance.
Magic Mike XXL201570336(full review) - A fun crowd pleaser. Matthew McConaughey is missed but it's always great to see Channing Tatum having fun.
Maleficent201470336(full review) - A great performance from Angelina Jolie
Maps to the Stars201470336(full review) - Messy film, partially redeemed by Julianne Moore and Mia Wasikowska
McFarland USA201570336(full review) - It's well-acted and likable but there's not a surprising moment in the entire film.
Moonraker197970336(full review)
Never Been Kissed199970336(full review)
Never Say Never Again198370336
Noah201470336(full review) - Flawed but visually impressive.
Paper Towns201570336(full review) - Likable, if predictable
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen201170336(full review) - Underrated and likable.
Spectre201570336(full review) - Uneven but enjoyable.
Spotlight201570336(full review) - Well-made but a bit too conventional.
Take Me Home Tonight201170336(full review) - Predictable but likable and consistently amusing.
The Boxtrolls201470336(full review) - A film that proves even the ugliest animated monsters deserve happiness.
The Lincoln Lawyer201170336(full review) - Standard legal melodrama that features great performances, especially from Matthew McConaughey.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.201570336(full review) - Stylish but empty. It never escapes the shadow of Kingsman and Rouge Nation.
The Principal198770336(full review) - Jim Belushi inspires students and beats up drug dealers. Just as silly and entertaining as it sounds.
True Story201570336(full review) - It's good but it should have been great.
Unstoppable201070336(full review) - Predictable by exciting. Denzel Washington is always good.
Walk of Shame201470336(full review) - A guilty pleasure
Xanadu198070336(full review) - Xanadu’s a big mess of a movie but it’ll make you dance and it’ll make you sing.
Godzilla201469396 - The humans are boring but Godzilla saves the film.
Anna201368397(full review) - It's a bit too derivative of Inception but it still works.
The Maze Runner201468397(full review) - The Maze Runner was well-made but there really was not anything about it that distinguished it from the pack.
30 Minutes Or Less201165399(full review) - Uneven but it scores enough laughs to justify it's 82-minute run time.
A Better Life201165399(full review) - A well-made film that struggles underneath the weight of its own good intentions.
American Gangster200765399 - Denzel Washington gives a great performance but the film itself is nothing special.
Animals201465399(full review) - Well-made but there's not much going on underneath the film's grimy surface.
Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The200765399 - Long and ponderous, this is a good film that tries too hard to be a great one.
Bound for Glory197665399(full review) - Visually impressive but slow.
Casino Royale196765399(full review)
Cut Bank201465399(full review) - It never escapes the shadow of Fargo and No Country For Old Men.
Cyrus201065399(full review) - Cyrus is an odd film, an uneasy mix of independent and mainstream sensibilities.
Elvis & Nixon201665399(full review) - Uneven but Michael Shannon makes for a surprisingly effective Elvis.
Few Good Men, A199265399(full review) - Entertaining without ever being especially memorable.
Freddy vs. Jason200365399
Free Fire201765399(full review) - It's an experiment that doesn't really work but it's watchable nonetheless.
Gangs of New York200265399(full review) - Not as bad as some say but still one of Scorsese's lesser films.
Godzilla vs. Gigan197265399(full review) - Silly and predictable but it wins points for a scene where Godzilla has a conversation with a surly armadillo.
Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster196665399(full review) - This is not Godzilla at his best but the film still has enough odd moments to be entertaining.
Heaven Is for Real201465399(full review) - Better than average faith-based film. Probably will not convince you one way or the other as far as heaven's existence is concerned but it's still well-done in a made-for-tv sort of way.
J. Edgar201165399(full review) - Interesting but frustratingly uneven.
Licence to Kill198965399(full review)
Loft, The201565399(full review) - An enjoyably over-the-top melodrama that's not as terrible as you may have heard.
Losers, The201065399(full review) - In the end, The Loser is the perfect definition of stupid fun. I’ll take stupidly fun over funny stupidity any day.
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising201665399(full review) - Funny and predictable.
Road House198965399(full review) - So bad that it is good...kinda.
School Ties199265399(full review)
She's All That199965399(full review)
Terminator Genisys201565399(full review) - I could barely follow the story but, as far as action films are concerned, this one is fairly well-done.
The Great Wall201665399(full review) - Dumb but fun.
The Martian201565399(full review) - Entertaining but definitely overrated.
The Wall201765399(full review) - Well-made and acted but thematically muddled.
Tomorrow Never Dies199765399
Trouble with the Curve201265399(full review)
Trust Me201365399(full review) - A compelling mess
Welcome to the Punch201365399(full review) - Stylish and entertaining but ultimately, empty.
You Only Live Twice196765399(full review)
Gift, The200063433
Annabelle201460434(full review) - Annabelle is a film that exists solely to scare you and how you react to it will largely depend on whether you like horror films in the first place.
Cape Fear (1991)199160434(full review) - One of Scorsese's lesser efforts.
Captain Marvel201960434(full review) - It has its moments but it's ultimately rather forgettable.
Darjeeling Limited200760434 - A likable misfire of a film.
Descendants, The201160434(full review)
Divergent201460434(full review) - Good, but it never escape the shadow of The Hunger Games.
Expendables, The201060434(full review) - The Expendables is a fun movie and sometimes, that is more than enough.
Flashdance198360434(full review) - Incredibly silly but undeniably entertaining
Flatliners199060434(full review) - Silly, stupid, and rather fun.
Focus201560434(full review) - Entertaining and forgettable.
Gimme Shelter201460434(full review) - Heavy-handed but featuring a good performance from Vanessa Hudgens.
Godzilla vs. Mothra (1992)199260434(full review) - One of the more uneven of the Godzilla films, this one is redeemed by the ass-kicking power of Mothra.
Grassroots201260434(full review) - Ultimately, it's likable and sincere.
Kids Are All Right, The201060434(full review) - Glib and overrated.
Lovelace201360434(full review) - Incredibly uneven but worth watching
Race201660434(full review) - Though the film tries to take on a bit too much, it's redeemed by Stephan James's performance as Jesse Owens.
RED201060434(full review) - Enjoyable, likable, but forgettable.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter201760434(full review) - The action is nonstop but it's for fans of the franchise only.
Sarah's Key201060434(full review) - A very uneven film that attempts to tell two stories: a poignant one set in the past and a forgettable one set in the present.
Sarah's Key201060434(full review) - A very uneven film that attempts to tell two stories: a poignant one set in the past and a forgettable one set in the present.
Song to Song201760434(full review) - Malick is always an intriguing director but this is his weakest film.
The 15:17 to Paris201860434(full review) - Not as bad you've been told.
The Bronze201560434(full review) - It's not great but, at the same time, it's not as bad as you've probably heard.
The Commuter201860434(full review) - Operatically silly
The Hateful Eight201660434(full review) - Definitely not Tarantino's best but not quite his worst either.
Transsiberian200860434 - Atmospheric thriller that is never quite as good as you want it to be.
Unbroken201460434(full review) - The story is inspiring but the film's approach is too conventional.
We Are Your Friends201560434(full review) - Great music, so-so story.
Woman in Black, The201260434(full review) - Creepy, yet oddly bland.
Adjustment Bureau201155464(full review) - The Adjustment Bureau is like Inception without that spinning dreidel.
Big Chill, The198355464(full review) - Meh.
Boy Next Door, The201555464(full review) - Occasionally fun but ultimately forgettable.
Forever My Girl201855464(full review) - Sweet but forgettable.
Insidious: The Last Key201855464(full review) - It's not terrible for a January horror movie.
Joy201555464(full review) - Great performances from Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper can not make up for the fact that the overall movie is a mess.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure201755464(full review) - Fans of the franchise will be happy. Everyone else will be confused.
Minions201555464(full review) - It's cute but not much else. Children will love it.
Pixels201555464(full review) - It's not terrible but it is overly busy and doesn't take advantage of a promising concept.
Quantum of Solace200855464
Sisters201555464(full review) - Tina and Amy should have switched roles.
Southpaw201555464(full review) - There's not a surprising moment to be found.
St. Vincent201455464(full review) - Terrible direction, weak script, but Bill Murray saves the film.
Stealing Beauty199655464(full review) - Beautiful scenery with vapid characters
The Little Things202155464(full review) - Typical serial killer thriller. Good performance from Denzel Washington. Jared Leto is creepy but a bit too obvious.
The Sand Pebbles196655464(full review) - Slow and ponderous. The film never seems to quite sure what it wants to say.
The Town that Dreaded Sundown201455464(full review) - A few effective moments but overall, the film is just too generic.
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets201755464(full review) - The plot is incoherent but the visuals are truly stunning.
Wall Street198755464(full review) - Predictable but vaguely redeemed by Michael Douglas's performance.
Watch, The (2012)201255464(full review) - It is not a great film but it has a few funny moments.
Wedding Ringer, The201555464(full review) - Predictable but saved by the performances of Kevin Hart and Josh Gad
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot201655464(full review) - The film has potential but tonally, it's all over the place.
Devil's Knot201452486(full review) - Not terrible but unnecessary
Anne of the Thousand Days196950487(full review) - Beautiful to look at but, on the whole, this best picture nominee never comes to life.
Big Game201450487(full review) - Sadly, this film never takes advantage of the inherent coolness of Samuel L. Jackson playing the President.
Blood Ties201450487(full review) - Some good period detail can't make up for a predictable story and a miscast Clive Owen.
Bottle Shock200850487 - Some okay performances but otherwise forgettable.
Dracula Untold201450487(full review) - Dracula deserves better.
Friday the 13th (2009)200950487(full review)
Frost/Nixon200850487(full review)
Hotel Artemis201850487(full review) - The hotel looks great but the movie is largely forgettable.
Jersey Boys201450487(full review) - Well-made but forgettable.
Lockout201250487(full review) - Guy Pearce does a good job but the film is forgettable.
Lost River201550487(full review) - Gosling shows promise as a director but Lost River is too pretentious and heavy-handed for its own good.
Non-Stop201450487(full review) - As long as Liam Neeson is around to kill people, the world will be safe.
Promotion, The200850487 - Features a typically good performance from John C. Reilly but otherwise, forgettable.
Ride Along 2201650487(full review) - Blandly inoffensive
The Boss Baby201750487(full review) - Very derivative film but the baby is cute.
The Other Woman201450487(full review) - Fun but forgettable.
Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters201450487(full review) - Remarkably forgettable
White Boy Rick201850487(full review) - Well-made but forgettable.
White House Down201350487(full review) - Typical Roland Emmerich.
300: Rise of an Empire201445506(full review) - At least Eva Green kicks ass.
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The201445506 - Spider-Man deserves better.
Atlas Shrugged Part II201245506(full review)
Beatriz at Dinner201745506(full review) - Beatriz at Dinner is very much a film of the moment It’s not very good but it does accurately reflect the way that a lot of people are feeling right now.
Deliver Us from Evil201445506(full review) - A few scary moments but forgettable overall.
Intruders201145506(full review) - Starts out strong but quickly falls apart.
Power Rangers201745506(full review) - Nothing special. Fans of the original TV show might like it.
Revolutionary Road200845506(full review) - Mess of a film with a great performance from Kate Winslet
The Cobbler201445506(full review) - Disappointing.
The Purge: Election Year201645506(full review) - A real disappointment.
The Quiet Ones201445506(full review) - A sadly forgettable film from Hammer Studios.
To the Bone201745506(full review) - Well-intentioned but too predictable to be effective
Underworld: Awakening201245506(full review) - Probably the most vapid of the Underworld films but Kate Beckinsale continues to kick ass.
Underworld: Blood Wars201645506(full review) - Another Underworld movie.
Alien: Covenant201740520(full review) - It's just not scary enough.
American Dreamz200640520(full review) - Heavy-handed satire
Fatal Attraction198740520(full review) - In Fatal Attraction, the only thing more dangerous than sex with Glenn Close is examining the film's misogynistic subtext.
Fifty Shades of Grey201540520(full review) - Not good but not as bad as it could have been.
Ghost in the Shell201740520(full review) - Visually impressive but thematically empty.
God's Not Dead 2201640520(full review) - The Reefer Madness of Christian filmmaking.
Insurgent: The Divergent Series201540520(full review) - Wait for the Hunger Games.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle201740520(full review) - Disappointing sequel.
Lucy201440520 - Good premise, disappointing execution.
Malcolm & Marie202140520(full review) - Good performance from Zendaya but the overall film is too self-indulgent to work.
Monuments Men, The201440520(full review) - Such a disappointment.
Nine Lives201640520(full review) - Not a good film but at least the cat was cute.
Paris Can Wait201740520(full review) - The French countryside looks great but the movie is largely pointless.
Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2201540520(full review) - Empty and soulless, just like a zombie.
Poltergeist201540520(full review) - It's always good to see Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt but the film is pointless.
Snatched201740520(full review) - A mess best forgotten.
Taken 3201540520(full review) - Bryan Mills is back and killing people and blah blah blah. This is but a shadow of the first Taken.
The Best Offer201340520(full review) - Disappointing.
The Circle201740520(full review) - A mess.
The Company Men201040520(full review) - Bleh.
The Dark Tower201740520(full review) - Disappointing.
The Mummy201740520(full review) - A total mess
Tomb Raider201840520(full review) - Forgettable
Warcraft201640520(full review) - Visually impressive but narratively incoherent
Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, The201540520(full review) - Inspires not horror but indifference.
After Earth201335545(full review) - When all I said and done, the only real question about After Earth is whether or not it is worse than Oblivion.
Aloha201535545(full review) - The scenery's great, the cast is attractive, but the film is a huge mess.
Den of Thieves201835545(full review) - It's like Heat, just not any good.
Endless Love201435545(full review) - Bland and not much fun.
Independence Day: Resurgence201635545(full review) - It inspires apathy. Roland Emmerich has absolutely no self-awareness as a filmmaker.
Into the Storm201435545(full review)
Jane Got a Gun201535545(full review) - The Bishop Boys are coming and who gives f*ck?
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday199335545(full review)
Larry Crowne201135545(full review) - Lazy, mediocre, bland.
Mortal Kombat202135545(full review)
New Year's Eve201135545(full review) - This ruthlessly mediocre film has defied the odds to become a holiday perennial.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies201635545(full review) - Sadly disappointing.
Ride Along201435545(full review) - Generic and forgettable
Showgirls199535545(full review) - Terrible but amusing.
The Black Waters of Echo's Pond200935545(full review) - Ultimately, the main problem with The Black Waters of Echos Pond is that it just is not a scary movie.
The Girl on the Train201635545(full review) - Disappointing
The Judge201435545(full review) - A total mess, despite good performances from Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr.
The Skulls200035545(full review) - Oh my God, so bad.
This Means War201235545(full review)
Tomorrowland201535545(full review) - Tomorrow is today and it's so boring.
Barefoot201430565(full review) - Bleh.
Choke200830565 - Sam Rockwell is always good but Choke feels pointless.
Demolition201630565(full review) - A portentous mess.
Flatliners201730565(full review) - Intensely forgettable
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan198930565(full review)
Grace of Monaco201430565(full review) - Pretty but dull.
Halloween II (2009)200930565(full review) - A total mess of a film
Hyde Park On Hudson201230565(full review) - Slow and disappointing. What a way to waste Bill Murray!
Jason X200130565(full review)
Margot at the Wedding200730565 - Unlikable film about an unlikable character.
Money Monster201630565(full review) - Uninspiring tripe
No Good Deed201430565(full review) - Idris Elba is hot. This movie sucks.
Red Sparrow201830565(full review) - Despite all of the sex and violence, it's just not that much fun.
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe)201030565(full review) - I really can not complain about the way that the movie jettisons most of what one would traditionally expect from a film called Robin Hood. However, once the movie abandons tradition, it fails to come up with anything compelling to replace it with.
Smiley201230565(full review) - Bleh!
The Curse of La Llorona201930565(full review) - Boring film about a scary legend
The Divergent Series: Allegiant201630565(full review) - Bleh. The Divergent films get worse and worse.
The Lazarus Effect201530565(full review) - Bleh
The Snowman201730565(full review) - Dull
Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps201030565(full review) - Yet another film about boys and their daddy issues. Like the first film, this one is partially redeemed by Michael Douglas.
War Room201530565(full review) - Prayer porn.
Clown201525586(full review) - Abysmal
Crash200425586(full review)
Jenny's Wedding201525586(full review) - Good intentions can only carry a film so far.
Season of the Witch201125586(full review) - A total mess.
The 5th Wave201625586(full review) - More YA dystopian crap
The Big Short201525586(full review) - Destined to be remembered as one of the worst films ever nominated for best picture.
The Book of Henry201725586(full review) - Fascinatingly bad.
The Forest201625586(full review) - Bleh. Forgettable in the extreme.
The Glass Castle 25586(full review) - Disappointing adaptation of a good memoir.
The Last Word201725586(full review) - Incredibly annoying.
Transformers: The Last Knight201725586(full review) - I have no idea what the point of this film was.
Varsity Blues199925586(full review)
Would You Rather201325586(full review) - Would you rather have a root canal or sit through this piece of crap?
Youngblood198625586(full review) - Obnoxious hyper masculinity gone crazy
Zoolander 2201625586(full review) - Terrible and bland.
American, The201020601(full review) - I am sure some will embrace this film but for me, I will pass.
Avatar200920601(full review)
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close201120601(full review)
Fifty Shades Darker201720601(full review) - The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy is the cinematic equivalent of a twitter parody account.
Get Hard201520601(full review) - Funny people in an unfunny film.
I, Frankenstein201420601(full review) - *Sigh* Not good.
Left Behind201420601(full review) - Is Left Behind the worst film of the year? The year is not over yet.
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones201420601(full review) - Pretty much as bad as you are probably expecting it to be.
The Best of Me201420601(full review) - Perhaps the most Nicholas Sparksian Nicholas Sparks film ever made.
The Gallows201520601(full review) - It's a crapfest.
Vacation201520601(full review) - Annoying and terrible.
54199815612(full review) - Terrible movie.
A Million Ways to Die in the West201415612(full review)
American Beauty199915612(full review) - Overrated and misogynistic
Branded201215612(full review)
Devil Inside, The201215612(full review) - Redefining awful, one found footage horror film at a time.
Fist Fight201715612(full review) - A considerable waste of talent
Straw Dogs (2011)201115612(full review)
The Legend of Hercules201415612(full review) - Bad and not in a fun way, either.
Transformers: Age of Extinction201415612 - Bleh. Get drunk before watching and wear earplugs.
A Thousand Words201210621(full review)
Dirty Grandpa201610621(full review) - Terrible
Friday the 13th Part 3198210621(full review)
Pay It Forward200010621(full review) - One of the worst films ever.
Rings201610621(full review) - A terrible waste of a good idea.
Ted 2201510621(full review) - Big time suckage.
The Brave One200710621(full review) - Terrible
The Emoji Movie201710621(full review) - I don't even want to talk about it.
Project X20127629(full review)
Happening, The (2008)20086630 - Amazingly bad.
Hardcore Henry20165631 - This film was so bad that it literally made me physically ill.
Pearl Harbor20015631(full review) - Bad even by the standards of Michael Bay.