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Nothing here yet but I hope to soon.


Title Year Rating Rank Review
A Clockwork Orange1971901(full review)
Django Unchained2012901(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)2011883(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish - Män som hatar kvinnor)2009883(full review)
Impossible, The2012875(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The2012856(full review)
Frankenweenie2012856(full review)
Life of Pi2012856(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom2012856(full review)
Kids Are All Right, The20108310(full review)
Lawless20128011(full review)
Les Miserables20128011(full review)
Rust and Bone20128011(full review)
Argo20127814(full review)
Brave20127715(full review)
Ides of March20117715(full review)
Wreck-It Ralph20127715(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The20127518(full review)
Stoker20137518(full review)
Looper20127020(full review)
Prometheus20127020(full review)
Gangster Squad20136822(full review)
I Give It A Year20136822(full review)
Mama20136822(full review)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil20106822(full review)
Dictator, The20126526(full review)
Hitchcock20126526(full review)
Rock of Ages20126526(full review)
Cowboys & Aliens20116029(full review)
Saturday Night Fever19776029(full review)
Snow White and the Huntsman20126029(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The20126029(full review)
Taken 220125733(full review)
Project X20125034(full review)
Return of the Living Dead, The19855034(full review)
Human Centipede (First Sequence), The20094536(full review)

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