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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Boyhood2014991(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The2012991(full review)
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009991(full review)
Her2013991(full review)
Rush (2013)2013985(full review)
Selma2014985(full review)
Wolf of Wall Street, The2013985(full review)
Locke2014978(full review)
Nebraska2013978(full review)
Princess Bride, The1987978(full review)
American Beauty19999611(full review)
Birdman20149611(full review)
Gravity20139611(full review)
Men in Black19979611(full review)
Royal Tenenbaums, The20019611(full review)
What We Do in the Shadows20149611(full review)
James and the Giant Peach19969517(full review)
The Gift (Edgerton / Bateman)20159517(full review)
Two Days, One Night20149517(full review)
Way Way Back, The20139517(full review)
A Most Wanted Man20149421(full review)
Drive20119421(full review)
Foxcatcher20149421(full review)
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The20139421(full review)
Miracle20049421(full review)
Mud20139421(full review)
Captain Phillips20139327(full review)
LEGO Movie, The20149327(full review)
Lincoln20129327(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom20129327(full review)
Short Term 1220139327(full review)
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory19719327(full review)
Blue Ruin20149233(full review)
Office Space19999233(full review)
Place Beyond the Pines, The20139233(full review)
Fury20149136(full review)
Stories We Tell20129136(full review) - Documentary.
Under the Skin20149136(full review)
Conjuring, The20139039(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129039(full review)
Skyfall20129039(full review)
Team America: World Police20049039(full review)
Django Unchained20128943(full review)
GoldenEye19958943(full review)
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels19988943(full review)
Lost in Translation20038943(full review)
The Skeleton Twins20148943(full review)
Warrior20118943(full review)
X-Men: Days of Future Past20148943(full review)
Blue Is the Warmest Color20138850(full review)
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20148850(full review)
Looper20128850(full review)
Munich20058850(full review)
Night Moves20138850(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed20128850(full review)
The Wind Rises20138850(full review)
A Beautiful Mind20018757(full review)
A Most Violent Year20148757(full review)
Dallas Buyers Club20138757(full review)
Descendants, The20118757(full review)
In Bruges20088757(full review)
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior19818757
Mad Max: Fury Road20158757(full review)
Prisoners20138757(full review)
Punch-Drunk Love20028757(full review)
The Drop20148757(full review)
Whiplash20148757(full review)
Zero Dark Thirty20128757(full review)
AVENGERS, The20128669(full review)
Blackfish20138669(full review) - Documentary.
Dumb And Dumber19948669(full review)
Life Itself20148669(full review)
This Is The End20138669(full review)
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)19848574(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)20138574(full review)
Butler, The (2013 F Whitaker by Lee Daniels)20138574(full review)
In a World...20138574(full review)
Memento20008574(full review)
Robot and Frank20128574(full review)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The20148480(full review)
Interstellar20148480(full review)
Much Ado About Nothing (2013 Joss Whedon)20138480(full review)
Neighbors20148480(full review)
Out of the Furnace20138480(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20128480(full review)
12 Years a Slave20138386(full review)
Man of Steel20138386(full review)
Seven Psychopaths20128386(full review)
Tommy Boy19958386(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The20128290(full review)
Begin Again20148290(full review)
Don Jon20138290(full review)
Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa20138290(full review)
Spectacular Now, The20138290(full review)
The Grand Seduction20138290(full review)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice20168196(full review)
Bernie20118196(full review)
End of Watch20128196(full review)
Enemy of the State19988196(full review)
Iron Man 320138196(full review)
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome19858196
Oculus20148196(full review)
Only Lovers Left Alive20148196(full review)
Only Lovers Left Alive20148196(full review)
The Fault in Our Stars20148196(full review)
World's End, The20138196(full review)
50/50201180107(full review)
About Time201380107(full review)
Ant-Man201580107(full review)
Europa Report201380107(full review)
Frances Ha201380107(full review)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.201580107(full review)
Bad Santa200379113(full review)
I Love You Man200979113(full review)
Particle Fever201479113(full review) - Documentary.
Titanic199779113(full review)
Ruby Sparks201278117(full review)
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The201378117(full review)
500 Days of Summer200977119(full review)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall200877119(full review)
Side Effects (2013)201377119(full review)
Speed199477119(full review)
Flight201276123(full review)
Kill Your Darlings201376123(full review)
Mean Girls200476123(full review)
Ted201276123(full review)
The Imitation Game201476123(full review)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil201076123(full review)
Zodiac200776123(full review)
Creep201475130(full review)
Elysium201375130(full review)
Ender's Game201375130(full review)
Enough Said201375130(full review)
He Got Game199875130(full review)
Iceman, The201275130(full review)
Kings of Summer, The201375130(full review)
Mad Max197975130
My Week with Marilyn201175130(full review)
Noah201475130(full review)
There Will Be Blood200775130(full review)
You're Next201175130(full review)
Gimme Shelter201474142(full review)
Italian Job (2003)200374142(full review)
Jeff, Who Lives At Home201174142(full review)
Last Vegas201374142(full review)
Pacific Rim201374142(full review)
Prince Avalanche201374142(full review)
To the Wonder201374142(full review)
Fast And Furious 6201373149(full review)
Spring Breakers201373149(full review)
Star Trek Into Darkness201373149(full review)
Trainwreck201573149(full review)
Big Eyes201472153(full review)
Filth201372153(full review)
Saw200472153(full review)
Trance201372153(full review)
American Hustle201371157(full review)
Home Alone199071157(full review)
Kids Are All Right, The201071157(full review)
Kill the Messenger201471157(full review)
2 Guns201370161(full review)
A Walk Among the Tombstones201470161(full review)
Big Daddy199970161(full review)
Last Stand, The201370161(full review)
Santa Clause, The199470161(full review)
21 Jump Street201269166(full review)
Campaign, The201269166(full review)
Escape Plan201369166(full review)
Independence Day199669166(full review)
Saving Mr. Banks201369166(full review)
Starsky & Hutch200469166(full review)
The Rover201469166(full review)
Days of Thunder199068173(full review)
Drinking Buddies201368173(full review)
Lawless201268173(full review)
Twister199668173(full review)
50 First Dates200467177(full review)
Billy Madison199567177(full review)
Internship, The201367177(full review)
Others, The200167177(full review)
All Is Lost201366181(full review)
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York199266181(full review)
Jingle All the Way199666181(full review)
Happy Gilmore199665184(full review)
Non-Stop201465184(full review)
Hall Pass201164186(full review)
God Bless America201163187(full review)
Hope Springs201263187(full review)
Rubber201063187(full review)
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World201263187(full review)
To Do List, The201363187(full review)
To Rome with Love201263187(full review)
World War Z201363187(full review)
Best Man Holiday, The201362194(full review)
Killing Them Softly201262194(full review)
Machete Kills201362194(full review)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman201461197(full review)
Oblivion201361197(full review)
Spare Parts201561197(full review)
RoboCop201460200(full review)
Rum Diary, The201160200(full review)
3 Days to Kill201458202(full review)
Kingsman: The Secret Service201557203(full review)
Behind Enemy Lines200156204(full review)
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The201356204(full review)
Lone Survivor201456204(full review)
Lucy201456204(full review)
Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom201356204(full review)
Primer200456204(full review)
Calvary201455210(full review)
I Origins201455210(full review)
Ride Along201454212(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The201453213(full review)
Book Thief, The201352214(full review)
Lars and the Real Girl200752214(full review)
300: Rise of an Empire201451216(full review)
Amityville Horror, The (2005)200551216(full review)
Comet201451216(full review)
Breathe In201350219(full review)
Everly201550219(full review)
Great Gatsby, The (2013)201350219(full review)
Hateship Loveship201450219(full review)
I Know What You Did Last Summer199750219(full review)
This Is 40201250219(full review)
Thor: The Dark World201350219(full review)
Wolverine, The201350219(full review)
Lone Ranger, The201349227(full review)
Not Fade Away201249227(full review)
Pompeii201449227(full review)
Promised Land201249227(full review)
Now You See Me201348231(full review)
Thanks for Sharing201348231(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful201347233(full review)
The Gambler201446234(full review)
Blue Jasmine201345235(full review)
Jupiter Ascending201545235(full review)
Deliver Us from Evil201444237(full review)
Unfriended201544237(full review)
Labor Day201443239(full review)
Margaret201143239(full review)
Olympus Has Fallen201343239(full review)
Upside Down201243239(full review)
We're The Millers201343239(full review)
Exodus: Gods and Kings201442244(full review)
A Million Ways to Die in the West201440245(full review)
Bad Teacher201139246(full review)
Closed Circuit201338247(full review)
Family, The201337248(full review)
Gangster Squad201337248(full review)
Only God Forgives201337248(full review)
Safe201237248(full review)
Hangover Part III, The201336252(full review)
Need for Speed201436252(full review)
A.C.O.D.201335254(full review)
Fifth Estate, The201335254(full review)
jOBS201335254(full review)
Chappie201534257(full review)
Counselor, The201334257(full review)
Brick Mansions201432259(full review)
Blades of Glory200731260(full review)
Bullet To The Head201331260(full review)
Hot Tub Time Machine 2201531260(full review)
Tusk201431260(full review)
Wanderlust201230264(full review)
Escape from Tomorrow201328265(full review)
Bling Ring, The201327266(full review)
Act of Killing, The201326267(full review) - Documentary.
A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III201325268(full review)
In the Land of Blood and Honey201125268(full review)
Rapture Palooza201325268(full review)
Watch, The (2012)201225268(full review)
Transcendence201424272(full review)
47 Ronin201323273(full review)
Crystal Fairy And The Magical Cactus201322274(full review)
Babymakers, The201221275(full review)
Purge, The201320276(full review)
Mortdecai201519277(full review)
Words, The201217278(full review)
Paranoia201315279(full review)
21 and Over20139280(full review)
Project X20128281(full review)
Movie 4320135282(full review)

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