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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Odd Thomas2013851(full review) - It's Dead Like Me meets Ghost Whisperer. Occasionally stilted acting, cringe-worthy dialogue, and generous exposition..but it all works somehow in this quirky movie with manic energy that hardly lets up.
Snowpiercer2013851(full review)
Rosemary's Baby1968803(full review)
Brother from Another Planet, The1984754(full review)
The Station Agent2003754(full review)
Adventureland2009656(full review)
Finding Forrester2000656(full review)
Last Days on Mars, The2013656(full review)
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The1920609(full review)
Giant Mechanical Man, The2012609(full review)
Stuck in Love2012609(full review)
The Lady Vanishes1938609(full review) - A decent mystery-thriller with a good dose of dry British humor to boot. It managed to keep me entertained but the ending felt rather abrupt.
Armour of God II: Operation Condor19915513(full review)
Girl Most Likely20135513(full review)
Escape from Alcatraz19795015(full review)
Goodbye World20135015(full review)
World's Greatest Dad20095015(full review)
Sleepwalk With Me20124018(full review)
The Core20034018(full review)
The Kentucky Fried Movie19773520(full review)
God Bless America20113021(full review) - The social commentary is spot on and the film was well done overall. But I just can't stomach a movie that involves shooting a bunch of innocent people - even if they are the epitome of what's wrong with (insert social ill here).

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