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Title Year Rating Rank Review
American Beauty19991001
Fight Club19991001
Godfather: Part II, The19741001
Star Trek: First Contact19961001
Baby Driver2017957
Blade Runner1982957
Drugstore Cowboy1989957 - Matt Dillon turns in a great performance as a drug dealer that scores his goods by robbing pharmacies and hospitals. Eventually heat from the authorities convinces him to change his ways but even sober he can't quite get away from his past. Great movie, extremely well-acted.
Stand by Me1986957
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back1980957
Back to the Future19859012
Cabin in the Woods, The20119012
Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's19899012
Cloud Atlas20129012
Everything Is Illuminated20059012
Godfather, The19729012
Goonies, The19859012
Grosse Pointe Blank19979012
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The20139012
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade19899012
Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World20169012
Outsiders, The (1983)19839012
Pulp Fiction19949012
Pump Up the Volume19909012 - Cult classic from the early 90s. Christian Slater is a high school senior whose parents move him from New York to Arizona. This makes him an outcast and he starts broadcasting a show on a short wave radio out of boredom, but eventually the entire school starts listening. In the process he uncovers corruption among the faculty and becomes a target. Fun, but also a serious commentary on our educational system.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country19919012
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan19829012
There Will Be Blood20079012
War for the Planet of the Apes20179012
40 Year Old Virgin, The20058540
A Fork in the Road20108540 - More of a dark comedy. Convict escapes from police transport in the middle of nowhere. As he tries to hide from the authorities he ends up getting involved in a crazy scenario with some locals.
Bad Santa20038540
Good Will Hunting19978540
Mean Girls20048540
Princess Bride, The19878540
Raiders of the Lost Ark19818540
Remember the Titans20008540
Saving Private Ryan19988540
Seven Psychopaths20128540
Shakespeare in Love19988540
Time Lapse20148540
Untouchables, The19878540
Very Bad Things19988540
Vicky Cristina Barcelona20088540
American Pie19998059
Army of Darkness19928059
Departed, The20068059
Dumb And Dumber19948059
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind20048059
Get Shorty19958059
Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle20048059
Inglourious Basterds20098059
Insider, The19998059
Killing Them Softly20128059
Kings Speech, The20108059
Lion King, The 19948059
Punch-Drunk Love20028059
Rum Diary, The20118059 - From the mind of Hunter S. Thompson who also wrote Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas. Johnny Depp plays a similar role. He's a recently-arrived reporter in Puerto Rico and gets himself mixed up with some seedy expatriates. Fun movie. Amber Heard does nice work as the eye candy.
Shogun Assassin19808059
Star Trek (2009)20098059
Star Trek Beyond20168059
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home19868059
Star Trek: Generations19948059
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith 20058059
Star Wars IV: A New Hope19778059
Temple of Doom19848059
Upstream Color20138059
Wind River20178059
Easy A20107584
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang20057584
Mighty Ducks, The19927584
Pineapple Express20087584
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi 19837584
Stranger, The20107584 - Steve Austin plays a man of action who can't remember who he is, though many important people want some information that's supposedly buried in his memory. A smoking hot psychiatrist tracks him down to help him but they have to go on the run from the authorities. Excellent action, Stone Cold, and a hot chick. Goes great with case of Steveweisers.
Uncertainty20097584 - Follows the days a couple would have depending on which choice they make. In one they go to Long Island to visit family, in the other they go to Manhattan for the day. The stories run concurrently with the movie jumping back and forth. Different but enjoyable.
A Knights Tale20017093
Buffy the Vampire Slayer19927093
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind20027093
Fast And Furious20097093
Karate Kid19847093
Star Trek: Nemesis20027093
Star Trek: The Motion Picture19797093
Tape20017093 - Two guys re-unite in a hotel room 10 years after high school and discuss their recollection of certain events. Eventually a girl they both had a history with is inserted into the mix with quite a bit of drama unfolding. The entire movie takes place in the hotel room with those three actors. Worth a watch if you're ok with extremely dialogue-driven movies.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?198865102
Godfather Part III, The199060104
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock198460104
Star Trek: Insurrection199860104
Star Wars I: Phantom Menace 199960104
The Replacements200060104
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull200855110
Master and Commander200355110
Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones200250112
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier198920113