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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Barry Lyndon19751001(full review) - By What Means Redmond Barry Acquired the Style and Title of Barry Lyndon
Come and See19851001(full review) - It replicates the endless void of human nature
Biutiful2010903(full review) - This movie certainly embodies ideas, the metaphysical, and beyond
Bridge of Spies2015854(full review) - Everything is so patient, gifted with great writing, casting, music, and of course cinematography
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens2015805(full review) - Abrams has left the audience with such subtle, prudent, cliffhangers
Straight Outta Compton2015805(full review) - With its powerful and enthralling soundtrack, F. Gary Gray rigorously delivers an attire of impression with his directing capabilities
Macbeth2015757(full review) - Macbeth conclusively feeds an admiration of darkness, hopelessness, and seclusion
The Hateful Eight2016757(full review) - Its intricacies form the whole Tarantino package, from a welling lore to the innovation of using a 70mm format
The Martian2015757(full review) - The Martian takes on a entourage of spectacle visuals, credible acting, and various quips and gags
Bone Tomahawk20156010(full review) - Bone Tomahawk grants itself vigorously on subject matter, music, acting, and locations
Legend20155511(full review) - I knew when violence ensued because the rather rambunctious fella sitting next to me would shout BOOM! or wahey! every time a punch was thrown
Black Mass20155012(full review) - Black Mass evidently highlights itself a fitting story that needed to be told, accompanying itself with a warm aesthetic, strong performances and audacious music
The Liberator20145012(full review) - A mindful politically-driven drama which staggers on its potential
Everest20154014(full review) - Everest plummets itself into a state of mediocrity despite itís well respected and outperforming cast
Showgirls19953515(full review) - Showgirls provides an abundance of female nudity, sloppy and bizarre attitudes, and a flirtation with drugs and violence

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